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Found 2 results

  1. I got my first kill on a sub since they were re-introduced. Sailing my USS Ranger around the corner of one of the volcanoes on Trap, alongside a Colorado. Suddenly the cap we're about to pull into starts getting flipped. HUH? The enemy DD's dead, and no cruisers are small or stealthy enough to hide from our point of view. Then I see the new versions of sonar ping. My first thought was a really, really fast torpedo. I launch some torpedo bombers, and sure enough, there's a Cachalot in the cap with us. A ping hits me and the auto DCP cancels it. I miss with the torpedoes, but the Colorado gets some shots in. The sub forces me to do some torpedobeats, not easy in something unwieldy as a Ranger.* None hit, and the submarine dives under me. But Ranger can be FAST, and the whale waited a little too long to dive...BOOM! Unfortunately the DCP turned off a few seconds before the ram so I ended up with some unhelpful flooding. 20220331_083556_PASA106-Ranger_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay *I call Ranger the Citadel Bus: it carries planes & cits like a bus, turns like a bus, and has about the same armor as your typical bus.
  2. Hey there again! This is going to be a recurring theme from now on weekends, where I ask a question of the forum goers about mundane things, such as personal favorite ships, maps, etc,etc. Today's question is: What is your favorite music to listen to when in battle? My favorite music goes as follows Sabaton: Great War Album ( in general ) Sabaton: Carolus Rex Album ( BB gameplay ) AC / DC: Razor's edge Album ( DD gameplay ) AC / DC: Black Ice Album ( Seal Clubbing ) AC / DC: Back In Black ( Cruiser Gameplay ) Torpedobeats music ( when I'm playing my Monaghan ) So then, what's your favorite set of beats? :SerB: