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Found 152 results

  1. We had a HUUUUGE lead, but then during cyclone our surviving ships (all cruisers with no torpedoes) have decided to man fight all of their BBs in B and all died as the result. Just as I was going to scurry away outside of camo range, cyclone ended... mfw After crunching some numbers. This was the only course of action that could result in a win:
  2. I don't know exactly when it happened, but recently there must have been a change from an update regarding the volume in the game. Roughly a few months ago I found myself having to fight with the the audio settings for the first time in years. The music at the battle results screen, explosions when my ship or a nearby ship is sunk, and torpedo hits are disproportionately loud compared to all other sounds. When I set the sound effects volume to just above zero, yet have all my other settings (other than in battle music) set much higher, the explosions, torp hits, and battle results music are still easily 4 to 5 times louder than even when firing main artillery. Despite fiddling with all possible setting combinations I no longer can find a balance that fixes this. Seasoned players have even come over to help get the settings straight and they, too, were mystified at the volume disparity and found no solution. In order to make sure my neighbors whose house is 30 feet away from mine (literally- they laugh and text me every time I blow up, take a torp hit, or a battle ends)I have to turn the sound so low I can't hear engine sounds, in-battle voice messages from my captain or other players, and ambient sounds. I've been using the same sound system for over 2 years and never once needed to adjust it until recently. I can only assume that a more recent update something was changed. Regardless of why, in the end it seems like it would be wise to add additional volume controls specifically for the battle results music, explosions, and torp hits just as there is for gunfire and voice announcements. Either that, or turn down all three volumes compared to the other sounds.
  3. Hi ! I'm kind of new to this game, I understand mostly everything so far but I dont get why my torpedo's are disappearing about an inch away from enemy's ships. Of course the target ship is far away, every time, so its possible they just hit max range and vanish but this has happened quite often so I find it unlikely I hit max range 0.1 km away every time all the time, no ? I'm confused about this mechanic, can someone help me ? thanks for your time ! :)
  4. I'll just post the replay and say nothing, except that ... it may represent the way I do business from now on. Success Asashio_Neighbors.wowsreplay Come and feast.
  5. Firstly, I haven't played all the battleships so forgive me if I treat the Missouri as a unique case. This post is a reminder to myself and anyone else, that despite the Asahi's small detectability range, you're still not invisible to radar. I recently learnt the hard way that the Missouri has radar out to 9.45k range. I can't go and test this ship myself, for instance how much can it see around islands? Does the captains reduced detection skill affect it? Regardless of the answers to those questions, two facts remain: Asashio is going to come up against this premium ship frequently due to the game matching mechanics, and Asashio's special torpedo setup. The Missouri can sit in Caps, confident that it can see the surrounding destroyers if they are in a realistic torp range. At the time I thought he was making a mistake ... lol. **The Missouri radar likely picks up torpedos at some distance, so firing from outside 9.45km is only partially a solution. (edit) Radar does not detect torpedos. Here is me, planning a nice torpedo broadside at a silly bb sitting in cap. You can see where i was planning to hide, in between the two small islands. Release smoke, Pop out, fire torps, hit reverse and be invisible, back in my cosy tunnel. Things started to unravel, when the (Premium, expensive) ship detects me well before I had in mind. I could still have charged in and got the kill; after all seeing a destroyer doesn't mean evading his torps successfully. But I hoped for smoke and rock to conceal me ... it didn't. In short order, I carried out my plan but it was rushed; Missouri evaded the torps and I end up dead very quickly. I believe he had immediate detection of my torps in the water. In future, if in the same situation I'll sacrifice myself to take out this dominant ship. It is starting to feel like USN ships are the only viable option in the game; everyone else is playing catch up, and destroyers just got nerfed. All of them.
  6. Submarines

    Lets [edited]submarines with torpedoes and have depthcharges and sonar on ships. would be nice to have new maps that are open ocean and have some underwater reefs. Sub on Sub would be a nice mode too but I want to see them in the regular battles too On a side note, what about dingies with boarding parties?
  7. Friendly fire discipline

    This company either should make the torpedo that you shoot at the enemy just able to be hit by the enemy and not by your own team. I constantly am having this problem that when I shoot a torpedo and all of a sudden for some reason my own team loves to not notice that there was a torpedo shot and they need or have to evade them so they will not get hit. But hey I swear every time there is a torpedo shoot from anywhere, I can hear this loud noise dinging noise and these flashing torpedo markers showing me that they are near me or coming towards me. Now I have to pay for these poor excuse of players that have no clue that these torpedo are heading to them and let it hit them and then I get blown up by myself because of their poor playing? Really War Gaming you need to implement some type of other way then killing yourself for these other people miss judgement on steering a ship. The torpedoes travel quite a distance so why don't they make it actually able for the torpedoes to not hit your own team? Would be nice because this has happened to me 2 times now and I am pretty positive it will happen again. Please would you war gaming change this some how or way?
  8. As the name suggests, I ran into a bug concerning a torpedo swimming in reverse and nearly hitting a teammate. I've tried to recreate it but haven't succeeded so far so I am looking for some help. I attached the replay file to the post. The incident happens near the C cap and is after 3 minutes have passed. From what I can tell, it is related to "Ctrl-X" locking your guns on a bearing but I don't know much outside of that. I was using the following mods at the time: Aslain Mod Pack: Side Panels Badopest Ship Movement Indicators v1 Default Display Target Direction Lines Tracer Contrails : Main Guns Dashes Tracer Contrails : Anti Aircraft guns : Lines Navigator Centered Smoke Counter on the left side Regen Assistant Secondary Armament Status Detailed Damage Meter Companion - Campaign Progress Compact Quick Commands Dog Tags Remover Torpedo Warning : Torpedobeat 20180323_152135_PJSD207-Shiratsuyu_40_Okinawa.wowsreplay
  9. Yes, I get that this is a joke, but in all seriousness, this is exactly how I proposed they implement subs and/or PT boats: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/dolphin-class/ Basically a Carrier for sea-borne forces, that launches a 'wolf pack' of PT boats or Subs to a target. It means you dont play as the sub, just the Sub Tender/PT boat tender, and thus can evade the issues of sub speed/PT boat range. The subs go under water and 'appear' after a pre-set amount of time within range of your target, or targeted location, and have a limited time to launch an attack, or forced to surface and return to the tender (and thus be susceptible to surface fire). For balancing, give secondary guns a huge boost in accuracy only when firing at subs, and add a new secondary type, depth charges, that fire automatically from a DD that is spotted. There's a way to make this work to add some dynamics to this game AND give DD's something other to do than just spamming torps.
  10. Destroyers (the "DD") being the most influential class of ships, second to only the current OP and badly designed CVs, are vital to any team in any match, be it pro or random pubs. But the fragile nature of the ship makes them hard to perform in the hands of less experienced players. Just like any profession, DDs have their own bag of tricks, many of you would have learned through endless trial and error. Being humans with a written language, it provides us with the ability to pass down our hard earned experiences. Now what do you think contribute to player DDs better? Start with a simple one: Know your opponents camo ratings, especially of the destroyers on the enemy team.
  11. Early torpedo boats. Motor Torpedo Boats were developed and used for "hit and run" style operations. It led to the "destroyer" that we love and hate!
  12. Can't fire all my torps

    Does anyone know why you do not get to fire all your torps. When I play USS Farragut I have two torp racks where I can fire twice from either side. Sometimes it will only allow me to fire once. When I play USS Mahan, it has 3 sets of torps. I can fire twice on one side and once on the other. Many times, it will only allow me to fire once and the torps be grayed out on both sides as if I fired all of them
  13. how 2 torpedo?

    torpedoes were never a strong skill i've had. most of the time I only hit torpedoes when firing over an area, up close to the enemy, or that the enemy is actually just sailing in a straight line at low tiers. hitting torpedoes for me is something i need to work on. I've noticed a lot things that go wrong for me, like some planes are above to spot torpedoes so i can't launch my torpedoes or some ships turn away to change direction or retreat right after I launch. I've been looking at guides and stuff on how to become better at torpedo aiming but I feel like I could use more help. is there anything important i need to consider? (my main torpedo ship i use is kamikaze)
  14. Lets talk about a few things

    Hello everyone. I'd like to see some debate on some topics that I feel are in need of discussion, hence this thread. The questions are. 1. Will Pan-Asian dds phase out Japanese dds in terms of torpedo effectiveness? (The exception being the Akizuki) 2. Should radar/hydro go through islands or not? (I feel this is a big no but i've seen lots of debate over this one elsewhere) 3. Are the smoke changes that were implemented really that debilitating to cruisers? 4. Should the US's CV loadouts really be reduced to one single loadout? (This is huge no for me and I don't even play American CV) 5. Should the HE pen on the British bb's be lowered to 1/6 pen? What do you guys think of these?
  15. Exactly as it sounds, two days ago whilst playing my Mahan, I was sailing around southeast on Estuary, off to the bottom right of the D cap. Torpedoes had been fired from northwest of the D cap, and were headed my way towards that island in the southeast that looks like a shark tooth, the biggest of those three islands in the southeast. Now, I was preparing to turn back around the side of that island since the torpedoes hit the island, but they kinda did and they didn't. One of the torpedoes went through the island, glided straight through it, and then proceeded out the other side, continuing to it's maximum range before dying out. What's up with that? No, I don't have any screenshots because I was in the middle of a battle. I use the prnt scrn application to take my screenshots, so at the time I was too busy playing to really take a screenshot. SO. I'm hoping that there are some other people who have good information on this to explain if this is a real thing or not, because I don't have any proof of my own, as you can see. Without any proof I can't file a support ticket, so...
  16. I mean, the IJN had their destroyers with the infamous Long Lance Type 93. The Germans equipped their BBs with torpedoes, and you always hear about the infamous U-Boats of the Atlantic. Like, yeah the US were good with submarine torps as well, but mostly you hear about the Axis power torpedoes. Why were they so invested in them?
  17. Good day to all reading, I have a lil scenario to present to you. Being an American CV, I am sending a torpedo squadron to broadside an Iron Duke with over 3/4 health that's being shot at from at least 11km away by a CV. I think I'm cool so I use manual drop as close as possible (I know that there is a short portion of the green engagement zone that the torpedoes don't drop in, so I aim to engage the Iron Duke in a way that the torpedo icons appear on the map as it hits him). After dropping the torpedoes I watch his health go down thrice in a row and 1/4 torpedoes drift by that had missed but don't receive any ribbons. Keep in mind that those 4 torpedo bombers made it home and that their were no citadel hits. At the end of the match I only had caused 15k damage (torps do 9k each). Unfortunately I wasn't recording and have had this happen a couple times. Anyone else have this issue?
  18. Damn bot CV hacker!!1!11!!! EDIT: I know it's a bug, it's just a joke since I was like
  19. So yeah, I'm being one of those jackhats that makes an "I'm leaving" topic, but... This is the second time this year that WG's actions have made me feel queasy at the thought of supporting them. I let it go the first time, but now? It's time for a break. I'll be back at some point, as I actually really love the game, and rather like some of you lot. Best of luck to you in whatever game that you play, and hopefully when we meet here again, circumstances will be better.
  20. Predict 101 I'll never be able to do this again lol
  21. Single torpedo bow shot

    Firing a spread of torps from a Fubuki at an oncoming Iowa battleship, I hit the BB with one torp straight on the bow and instantly destroyed it. How on earth is that possible? First enemy player I felt bad for. Should that have happened or is that a glitch?
  22. This might be what they mean by "During the battle some UI elements may disappear in some cases" in the known bugs list. But one UI element doesn't totally disappear, and that's annoying. This bug happens intermittently when planes are launching torpedoes. I'm seeing torpedoes dropped on (through?) an island turning into stealth torpedoes. Not only do they disappear but the subsequent hit animations also don't happen. It looks like the client is detecting the island collision and it kills the torpedo animation, so the torpedo is now invisible. However because it still exists on the server it hits my ship and causes damage. When this happens all I see is the damage and maybe a flooding alarm sound, but since the client has killed the torpedo there's no torpedo hit animations. This appears to be a client/server desync bug; to fix this the server needs to match the client collision detection so stealth torpedoes aren't created. I got a really good replay of this effect and it has been submitted, so hopefully they can fix this annoying little bug.
  23. Graf Zeppelin Drop Pattern

    Ever since the first stats for the Graf Zeppelin ever showed up, everyone has been asking the same thing: What will the torpedo drop pattern be for the Graf Zeppelin? Well, I'm here to tell you exactly what the drop pattern is from the information I found about it on Reddit. Also, please note that the drop pattern doesn't show how far apart they are from each other, so expect it to be less compact than what I'm showing you right now on this post, but anyway, here is the drop pattern you've all been waiting for: | | | | | Note: Those lines represent the torpedoes, and yes, they appear to all be fired in a straight line.
  24. I have no idea if someone has suggested this for the game before, but how about torpedoes that move in preset tracks or "patterns" instead of in a straight line? These actually existed during the Second World War. Seems like a decent gimmick for a new premium ship or line of destroyers. An interesting area denial weapon. I suppose the biggest concern would be that such a torpedo would be very prone to friendly fire incidents, much more so than a regular torpedo. Diagram of what I mean below. Such torpedoes may have been intended more for use by subs instead of surface boats, though.