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Found 30 results

  1. Hi all, next time you drive on I-95 crossing the FL/GA border stop by the Georgia Welcome Center. https://www.google.com/maps/@30.7537552,-81.6507945,18z On the east side of the building is a WWII Mark 14 Torpedo on display. NOTE: This is an inert torpedo unlike the live ones shown in some other locations :-)
  2. How come my torpedo wont 'arm' within 2 clicks but the bot subs do?
  3. Grand_Admiral_Murrel

    CV Torpedo Skills - Give 'em Hell

    Yes, this is a CV thread. I want to keep this thread productive, so please refrain from posting inflammatory comments. That out of the way, let's get to the point: I was misinformed about how to improve my torpedo bombers. I'm not a good CV player. In fact, I'm a pretty terrible CV player. I've played a fair bit of the UK CVs, and purchased the X Max Immelman with coal. I like these ships for their torpedo armaments, which are powerful against big, slow targets like battleships. Naturally, I wanted to take all of the skills and upgrades to improve the performance of the torpedo bombers to make them the best they could be, right? Well, no, not exactly. Let your Uncle Murrel explain. When you look at your CV torpedo bombers in port, you see several values: plane HP, plane speed, torpedo speed, arming distance, etc. This is good and all, but it's kinda deceptive. The key variable that is not shown is arming time. Arming time is what defines torpedo arming distance. The shorter the torpedo arming time, the shorter the torpedo arming distance, the closer they can be dropped to a target. So, let's assume that you want to play the X Malta, the newest CV to be added to the live server. Malta has a powerful torpedo bomber squadron with 35 knot torpedoes and a 470 meter arming distance. Previously, I would have wanted to take the Aerial Torpedoes Modification 1 (slot 3) upgrade and Swift Fish (2-point) skill. Both grant a +5% speed boost. Keeping in mind that the bonuses are multiplicative (not additive), the resultant torpedo speed would be 38.6 knots. So, my torpedoes should hit the target sooner, right? Yes and no; it's complicated. Assuming you want to drop your torpedoes as close to the target as possible, then the answer's no. The arming time is still the same as before, so while the torpedoes do travel through the water faster, that means they have to travel further to arm in the same amount of time. So, the target has the same time to react, but the torpedoes have to be dropped from further away in order to arm. This isn't really an issue, unless you're trying to drop torpedoes close to islands and whatnot. However, the torpedoes will hit your target sooner as you drop your torpedoes further from the target. So, it really depends on how you like to drop your fish. Let's assume you now add the superly-originally-named Torpedo Bomber skill, which reduces torpedo arming distance by 10%. What this actually does is reduce the torpedo arming time by 10%, allowing your torpedoes to be dropped - you guessed it - 10% closer to the target. So, you've equipped the Aerial Torpedoes Modification 1 upgrade, the Swift Fish skill, and the Torpedo Bomber skill. This has to mean your torps are waaaaay better than they were stock, right? LOL nope. In fact, the arming distance is a whole 0.781% better. Literally less than 1%. The thing is, the speed buffs and the torpedo arming distance buff effectively cancel each other out. Sure, the torpedoes are faster and will hit targets that are further away sooner, but the torpedo arming distance is basically unaltered. So, what does this all mean? Well, here's my opinion: the torpedo speed bonuses are not worth it. In fact, they are detrimental. Let's face it, the 35 knot torpedoes found on most CVs are too slow. 38.6 knots with both speed buffs is still too slow. Fast/maneuverable targets will be able to dodge targets with the same ease. Battleships will still get punished (sorry). However, taking the Torpedo Bomber skill alone is, in my opinion, a much better skill. As mentioned above, it allows torpedoes to be dropped 10% closer and enemy ships have 10% less time to react. Do not take the Swift Fish skill or the Aerial Torpedoes Modification 1 upgrade; any other skill and upgrade is a better investment of your skill points and/or credits.
  4. xtraBlood

    IJN torpedo drop

    Hello, When playing IJN CV's I tend to try to drop my torpedo's as close as possible to guarantee a hit while other people say to drop farther because of the speed and range of the torpedo's. Just want to know if I should start dropping at farther range to conserve planes.
  5. DWT vs SUBS: Why Deep Water Torps can't hit a sub in Deep Water? That should be quite the opposite, i.e, a DWT should be able to hit SUBMERGED submarines, at Periscope and operations depth! And a sub should be safe from DWT when surfaced or at maximum depth! Currently, DWT can't hit subs at all, subs become just like DDs, no matter its depth. RATIONALE: The DWT fish swims at ~8...10m, while subs operating at periscope depth are ~9..10m deep. That should be a VALID TARGET, "hit-able' by DWT. While the same sub, while surfaced, have a draft smaller than 8m, so should be untouchable by DWT. Similar to maximum depth, as DWT are dumb, unguided. Probably in real life a sub at "operational depth", ~30m, should also be unreachable to DWT's. But I suggest this exception to reality favoring gameplay, so DWT can hit a sub at periscope and operational depths, but not while surface or at maximum depth.
  6. If you surface and a ship is close by trps should be an upgrade option to arm instanty captain skill or something
  7. Paladin_15

    Torpedo Aiming

    I've been playing for some years. I've got 2800 games under my belt which in my view is enough to be getting on with. I've got a question about torpedos. Using the aiming system, basically 9 times out of 10 the spread will miss behind the enemy ship. 1 out of 10 times, one of the torpedos will hit. Yes, I understand that players speed up, slow down, turn right, turn left and the aiming guide only represents an instant in time. And that's why I have waited so long to post this question. I figured I'd figure it out eventually. But there are mechanics, and then there is the law of averages. Out of thousands of torpedo launches, some number of these should be full strikes. In the case of the Kagero, a full 4 torpedo spread should hit every so often. It's inconceivable that every ship is going slower than full speed when I launch torps only to have sped up by the time my torps get there. Some number out of thousands of launches should be going the same speed the whole time. And yet, 90% of my strikes miss behind the ship. They don't mist ahead of the ship, always behind. And 10% of the time, the right or left most torpedo is the one that will hit, meaning the spread only just barely hit the target. My torps are 74 knots, which is pretty dang fast all considered. I have tried every distance between 10 km and 6 km. Getting closer should definitely reduce the ability of a BB to make any kind of adjustments especially when I haven't been spotted. Yet there is no discernible difference. I'm as likely to miss behind the ship at 6 km as I am at 10. So, I could simply start aiming ahead and this seems to actually produce some results, though its not as good as one might think. But compensating by aiming ahead isn't the point of this question. The question is why do aimed shots basically always miss behind a target? Mathematically, this doesn't make any sense. Some percentage of strikes should be dead on. It's inconceivable that a ship is always going from slow to fast which is the only way I could be missing them behind after thousands of launches. Again, simply aiming ahead seems to be more effective, though I haven't worked out exactly how much further ahead I should be aiming. This may have more to do with how the enemy player is controlling their ship , but again, that's not the point. It feels and looks like the aiming guide is deliberately set by WG to guide your aim short. I don't know how else to explain the extreme consistency of missing behind a ship Any tips would be useful, but really, I'm looking for people to opine on this. I'm not looking for a magical answer,,,, or maybe even an answer of any kind at all. I'd just like to get peoples opinions on what's going on. It just can't be all down to the enemy player always speeding up after I launch. Statistically this makes no sense.
  8. CaptSpock

    Submarine Torpedo arming Distance

    Subj: what is it?
  9. hammer_1

    Soviet CVs

    I played my first battle today being attacked by the new Soviet tier 6 CV, I was shocked when a number of waves of torpedo bombers attacked me with ALL their planes at once! In other Nations fleets you have to work your way up from 2 to 3 attacking planes at once and the others just get shot by AA. How is this fair? OR I think this is Bushit! BIAS
  10. After playing Ryujo for two years now, I can definitely say that the maximum torpedo damage of 6,500 HP is totally incorrect. This needs to be fixed. The absolute maximum torpedo damage on ANY ship in the game is 6,000 HP (rounded off). The actual maximum for Ryujo is 5,97... something. The absolute maximum torpedo damage for Furious is 4,500 HP. This does not count detonations, which could be as high as 60,000 HP damage. Why would WG list Ryujo's max torp damage at 6,500 HP when it knows that it cannot go above 6k on ANY ship in the game? Is this a bug?
  11. To whom it may concern: I just played a battle in my T10 Montana and couldn't even believe my eyes. I block one side of my ship with an island so I can focus on the enemy ships that are rounding out in front of me when all a sudden I see a torpedo air squadron coming at me from the side of the ship protected by the island. At first, I don't worry about it too much as that side is protected (or so I thought as it would be in real life) by the island. But no due to either crappy programming in the game or just another flaw to make carriers better than they should be I watch to my horror as the squadron drops three torpedo's on the opposite side of the island and they magically pass under the island and become active just in time to take away over half my health!!! This is some of the very cancer in this game that makes it unbearable to play at times and forces me to walk away for several days. I have watched as this game continues to become more and more toxic to its player base by removing obstacles that used to make it challenging to play. THE TORPEDOS THROUGH THE ISLANDS NEED TO BE FIXED!!!! This makes for utter garbage play when this game is better than this or at least it should be!!!
  12. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine

    New Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine. If it builds upon the technologies of the Swedish Gotland Class Submarine, this will be a very amazing non-nuclear submarine for countries to purchase. (More info here) http://www.hisutton.com/A26.html
  13. Magnamuz

    Armor vs Torpedo Protection?

    I've been analyzing armor thickness to choose a durable punching bag of a boat, and I came across this for Torpedo Protection (TP) in tier 10 battleships: Republique: 37% TP with 32mm armor EVERYWHERE. Grober Kurfurst: 25% TP with 380mm to the sides, plus 150mm and 60mm towards the extremities, and 38mm below. WTH??? I've seen countless videos analyzing armor and curvature of shells and torpedoes but no, 37% with no armor, how is this calculated? Is there something I'm not taking into account that could explain this numbers?
  14. anonym_9qa81sg1ET3c

    High tier needs long range torpedoes

    I'm speaking of T10 here. The more I think about it the more I realize T10 sucks so bad. It's the amount of BB camping in the back of the map and the 4-5 radar cruisers a team. Sure add a CV in there too. Playing ships like the T8 Asashio is what got this on my mind. It really breaks up this stalemate of rinse and repeat frustration many of us feel. There seems to be nothing else that T10 faces with long lance torps other than the Asahio, and the useless 20km Shimakaze torpedoes. Cruiser torpedoes maybe but both those are far and few between. Edge cases of it if you will. You may be saying wouldn't 15-20km torps causes even more camping? Well absolutely not. This was what was said way back in the day in support of the 20km Shimakaze torpedo nerf. It was supposed to be the magic tonic that cured all that ails when it comes to battleships camping in the back. Nothing ever changed. We still have the same old back of the map staleness. My second point is all the short range torpedo ships constantly force you into radar range where one of about five ships end your day with the press of a single button. If you do survive somebody else is usually in range to chain the radar. Most of the torpedoes at that tier are between 10-13km. The long ones usually suffer from poor detection, and can be spotted from the moon. My last observation on this topic is the inclusion of European destroyers. It seems War Gaming is trying to test longer range torpedoes in high tier again with the Halland coming soon. I believe 15km if I am not mistaken. At the same time they are also testing higher speed torpedoes to combat the power creep. That being the proliferation of detection tools( Hydro, Vigilance, Torpedo Lookout System, special commanders) and BBs doing 40+ knots. What I will say about the European torpedoes is I'm extremely disappointed to their overly cautious approach to this by giving them T4 like damage. This is half baked, and causes issues with the line becoming hybrids of mediocrity. I would really like to see War Gaming address the marginalization of what is the easist ordinance to dodge in the game. Give destroyers their torpedoes back. Thoughts?
  15. O encouraçado Großer Kurfürst, assim como o Friedrich der Große, deveriam ter torpedos, assim como o Gneisenau e o Tirpitz, pois no Z Plan, a classe H, como o H39, H41, H42, H43, H44 tinham torpedos, de 533mm. Nada mais justo do que os grandes BB alemães hi tier terem, já que ambos são baseados na classe H.
  16. Sometimes at the beginning of the game as soon as a bot spots a enemy it will fire it's torpedo regards of it's how far the person is. A ship would be across the map and the bot would still try to torpedo it. So the problem is that when the game start and I play like a destroyer and I am close or sailing be side a friendly bot destroyer, I would get torpedo by them. This would suck alot because then I would have barely any HP at the beginning of the round. I wish wargaming would not make friendly bots to torpedo at the start of the round and not torpedo directly at a friendly.
  17. destawaits

    Torpedo Plushie

    So, when do we actually get to buy it?
  18. NephyOne

    Torpedo Bombers

    I have no problem with the way torpedoes are in the game. However, I have a major problem with the torpedo bombers that the carriers send out. There shouldn't be a way to drop the torpedoes 1 kilometer away from your ship. As a carrier, battleship, and cruiser, you have 0 time to evade them; resulting in an immediate death. This needs fixing ASAP. File attached was a screenshot taken as the plane dropped them.
  19. Today I started playing T4 CV Langley and still trying to figure it out. After I launch one torp squad and if I press F again, they say they are returning!!? What key do I press to launch multiple torp squads (or any other squad) ? Help!
  20. Guys I encountered a really weird death today. In a Nagato, I was 1v1ing an Algerie,.I saw her wall of torps go past me, and I blew her up with my main battery. Immediately after, I dodged some torps from TB's in a 90 degree angle, taking one hit. I had sufficient HP to survive that hit, but suddenly my ship blew up, and it listed the Algerie as the killer, "killed by flooding" it said. It was confusing as I didnt ram her, and I never saw a second wave of Algerie's torps. I asked the chat, and an enemy BB responded with "detonation" and that it was shown in the chat. However I didn't see it in the chat, and I don't have a medal or a notification for it either. Those were torpedo bomber torps and I was supposed to survive them!! So, what do you think? Bug? Glitch? Hack? What is the problem? Here is the replay link https://replayswows.com/replay/37035#stats
  21. Ship Torpedo Tubes Layout Torpedo Reload (Base Value) Damage Tashkent 3 x 3 53-36 mod. 2 69s 15,100 Z-46 2 x 4 G7 Wolfsbarsch 90s 14,400 Chung Mu 2 x 5 Mk16 mod. 1 (DW) 106s 19,033 Fletcher 2 x 5 Mk16 mod. 1 106s 19,033 Yuugumo 2 x 4 Type93 mod. 3 114s 23,766 Jutland 2 x 5 533 mm Mk IX 120s 15,533 Udaloi 3 x 5 53-49M 129s 14,600 Kitakaze 1 x 6 Type93 mod. 3 171s 23,766 (The table uses the top torpedo upgrade, or the torpedo most commonly used in the case of the IJN DDs. The table only considers tech-tree DDs) The thing I've noticed with the Fletcher (and Chung Mu by extension, since Chung Mu is basically a Fletcher-class, and is almost identical to Fletcher in the game save for a couple of stat differences and deepwater variant of the torps) is that they defy WG's standard of torpedo reload. As one goes up the tech tree, it can be seen that there is a correlation between torpedo layout and torpedo reload i.e. the more torpedoes a launcher has, the longer the reload is. This trend is noticeable starting Tier 6, where DDs with three torps per launcher has a shorter cooldown (ex. Fubuki, 3x3 torp layout, 76s base cooldown) compared to DDs with five torps per launcher(ex. Icarus, 2x5 torp layout, 120s cooldown). The observed baseline for torpedo reload is that three torps per launcher has 76s cooldown, four torps per launcher has 90s cooldown, and 5 torps per launcher has 120s cooldown, with variations in cooldown depending on tier. This trend continues to be followed until Tier 10, with some exceptions. Fletcher's and Chung Mu's Mk16 mod1 torps reload too fast at 106s, considering both have five torpedoes per launcher setup. The reason why I picked these DDs is that their torpedoes are "too good". Fletcher and Chung Mu are DD platforms that has good speed, good rudder shift and turning cicles, and armed with the famous USN DD guns that has fast reload and rotation that are lethal anti-DD weapons. Both DDs also have utilities in the form of DFAA for Fletcher and Radar for Chung Mu, making them incredibly rounded DDs that will sometimes overshadow the Japanese DDs in the "torpedoboat" role, since they output more damage in a single salvo at 190,330 dmg from 10 torpedoes than the 190, 128 dmg from 8 torpedoes than the Yuugumo (Yuugumo could mount TRB and double its output, but TRB will cooldown after Yuugumo launches around two salvoes, giving the faster-reloading Fletcher and Chung Mu an edge in outputting torpedoes). There is actually one more DD that has a discrepancy, and that is Ognevoi with 2x5 torpedo layout that deals 15,100dmg and reloads at 92s, which is even faster than the Fletcher and Chung Mu. But this is balanced due to the fact that unlike all the other Russian DDs that emphasize on guns and speed, Ognevoi has few guns (only 2x2 layout compared to the 3x2 or 4x2 layout of the other Russian DDs) and slower speed (only 37knots compared to the usual base 40knot speed of the Russian DDs). In exchange, Ognevoi has the faster torpedo reload along with better stealth (7.74km base stealth compared to the usual 9km stealth of the other Russian tech-tree DDs). Considering that the American DDs (along with the Russian and Japanese DDs) are the first DD lines in the game, these values could have been the result of balancing between these three DD lines with regards to torps. But with the introduction of newer DD lines, and the line splits for the Japanese and Russian DD lines, WG has been adhering to its "torpedo reload standard". As a result, Fletcher and Chung Mu torpedo reload sticks out like sore thumb. So how do we bring these DDs in line with the "torpedo reload standard"? This is my idea: Change Fletcher's and Chung Mu's base torpedo reload from 106s to 116 seconds (or 112 seconds at most). The baseline for five-torps-per-launcher reload is 120 seconds starting Tier 6 with Icarus. Since Fletcher and Chung Mu mounts submarine torpedoes, cutting a few seconds off the baseline reload is considered. Also, the new reload is only plus-minus 2 seconds difference to the Japanese mainline DD Yuugumo's torpedo reload, giving the Japanese the edge in torpedoboating more while still making a torpedo-focused build viable. What are your thoughts on this?
  22. Just reporting that torpedoes on the Icarus won't always launch. Sometimes I launch one salvo, but not the other. Or i launch them individually, but not all of them, nor will the reload "F" key work. On one occasion, switching between armaments helped. Was able to reload them.
  23. The book on Japanese torpedoes is for this ship is to take the slower long range torpedoes and do not even research the the short range, high speed version. I think this is a mistake. I switched over to these torps and have seen my damage rates and kill rates almost double. Got my first ever Kracken this last game. Basically you have an excellent early game gun boat that morphs into a late game beast killer. Once radar becomes less of a issue this boat becomes a bb [edited] killer in open waters. They just don't have time to dodge. (We are talking almost 90MPH speed). The torp is also great for killing lingering ships in smoke or in a cap duel. Anyone else have yet to experience this? I thought I would just switch back and forth between mounts but have yet to go back to the slower torps. It does not hurt that they have a slightly better reload time too but I do not recommend any sort of torp captain build. It is still a gunboat first.
  24. Compare a Shimakaze to a Khabarovsk. The latter has fast, stealthy, short range torps that will only be used in yolo situations. As such, the hit rate will be higher. That doesn't mean the Khab is a better torpedo boat than the Shima. Or compare the playstyle of two Shima players. The first one routinely charges BBs in the first 5 minutes of the game and unloads all their torps, thus yielding high hit rates but dying almost immediately. The second player scouts, contests caps, falls back when necessary, and spams torpedoes consistently throughout the 20 minute duration of the game. The second player will have a lower hit rate, but will be more influential over the course of a game and will likely accrue more damage. Torping is like fishing. You can't force a fish to bite, but the more casts you can make the higher your chances of catching something. Also worth noting... People decry the Shima's low torp hit % compared to other DDs. Please understand that the Shima has the HIGHEST torpedo DPM of any T10 DD in the game. If the detection of Shima torps was reduced, the ship would be unquestionable OP. Shima (Type 93 mod 3) torpedo DPM is: 77% higher than Gearing and YY 82% higher than Z-52 106% higher than Groz Omitted Khab and Harugumo for obvious reasons.