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Found 2 results

  1. I saw it on youtube that other players can i have 2 Torpedo squadrons and 4 dive bombers in the youtube video. However it doesn't seem that I can get rid of the fighters in order to have have the Torpedo squadron today. My question is simple: can Essex now carry 2 torpedo squadrons and 4 dive bomber squadrons? If so, how? Many thanks!
  2. 1. Torpedo Bomber Attacks: a. As the ship being attacked: 1. When torpedo bombers are in flight they seem to turn on a dime utilizing a type of formation flying the Blue Angels would be envious of. Make turning and maneuvering "cost" the squadron its formation tightness. 2. When torpedo bombers (currently) are about to drop their torpedoes they do so from the same cruise level they do when flying around, for a ship driver they have to look "up" as if they are tracking Dive Bombers.. imo this is nuts and easily changed. Torpedo attacks should be conducted at low level 100' or so above the water...at the altitude they currently drop at they would be falling straight down like depth charges. It breaks the sense of the attack of the game. Also if the dive bombers are low and are dropping insanely close to the ship there should be a cost in the fire power ability of AAA of nearby ships. I have personally, and have seen in CA's help defend a CV or BB been subjected to "triple: squadron attacks whereby 12 for ijn, and 18 for usn planes all drop at EXACTLY the same spot and time and you are SUNK even if maneuvering well and with friendly ship coverage. A case in point: 2 CA's + 1 lower tier CA (me) within 1.5km of friendly CV. Friendly CV gets attacked by a few decoy fighter squadrons, followed closely by the "blue Angels" in UFO's not even F-18's mind you, to drop a triple drop on our CV. Result CV dead... a few enemy planes shot down. Its not a problem of good vs bad player, its a broken mechanic of the game that is currently being exploited. I believe that a better system must be out there, one a good CV driver doesn't get bored by having the challenge be as for into "arcade land" as possible and the defending ships get a feel for being under a still deadly attack, but one where they have the power to do something about to mitigate the damage. 3. planes are still flying under water like fishing birds or something, really? please... b. As the CV driver, a less arcade and more intelligent Ai for the flights of planes. Some fall out of formation, and may receive greater DPS, or more torpedo drop deviation by angle & time relative the the flight. 2. Fire Damage: 1. The ship on fire: a. This imo is totally broken. First a simple % damage does not make sense! A destroyer or light cruiser firing small caliber shots can deliver some huge damage amounts to a BB. Do the BB's in WoWs carry thier Oil, Cordite, and Ammo above decks? Sure an internal fire is a grave thing second only to a fire on a sub or airplane, but come on, the speed of the fire damage versus the game pace seems OFF. b. How does the player quickly tell whether a fire is minor moderate or major? Is there a difference? The repair ability system is broken versus Fire damage as its pointless to use as in only a few seconds later you'll be on fire again, but within the span of 2 broadsides in response from the 'on fire' BB it can be totally burned down. This is broken not only because it seems so but more so because its causing players to get pissed off, rather than think ''crap you sank my BB ggwp" it is actively destroying a fun experience of game-play regardless of weather the ship survives the attack or not. It's NOT FUN! c. how is it that the same attack of a CL or CA catching fire to a DD has no equivalent of this frustration. when a DD gets caught on fire it loss of Hp seems ok, but a BB under the same attack by a DD or CA that could be on the DD is utterly devastated ? I'm not sure how to fix this but attention needs to be paid to this, a balance needs to be placed. 2. the Attacking HE ship. rapid fire ships can literally burn down a BB in a matter of 30seconds. supposedly there was a nerf to HE damage by cmall caliber shells...i don't see it.... what i do see is a need to "change" not nerf the fire proc. a large fire should be a big deal, a small one should by cosmetic in comparison. This and i'm guilty of it as well, lends to exploitative game play, sooner or later a player will get good enough to exploit these, you know your ship wouldn't stand a chance but you can because you know the fire damage resultant will destroy the ship. Please, lets have a constructive discussion, NOT this OP this not OP, this sucks or you suck, or the multitude of variations on this... you want a forum, debate not insult.... cheers: