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Found 16 results

  1. Essex Blues

    I'll get right to it. Torpedo Blues. The Tier 8 torpedo bombers on the Essex are so [edited]bad. Even with the captain skill Aircraft Servicing Expert and the Air groups modification 3. They just melt in the face of decent AA. I've done everything to give them a chance, Auto dropping on good AA ships, planning their routes to they take as little AA fire as possible. They just [edited]melt. I would love to see WG give us a Tier 9 torpedo bomber just with more health and speed, keep the torpedo damage I'm just asking for speed and health. Economy game is just like Greece. The Essex doesn't [edited]bring in money at all. Even with clan buffs and flag buffs I'm only making about 40k to 60k credit a game. Is anyone else having these troubles or am I just doing something wrong?
  2. OK, so I usually pilot ships with crappy AA and I have learned to be alert for planes and zig, zag, turn into them when they are close to attacking and even take a course near mountain islands to prevent an assault from that direction. Well, the other night, near the end of a match,I'm not more than a few hundred feet from a tall mountain island when a torp squadron attacks and magically torps appear in front of this mountain and delete me broadside. It took me a few moments to realize this had actually happened. There's no way in the real world a plane can descend through rock and once torps are released, suddenly arm themselves. So, there's two bugs in one here... flying through obstacles, and instant torp arming. Has anyone ever experienced this? If there are a lot of affirmative replies, this is a real issue that the design team needs to correct.
  3. The Great Gorgon

    So I recently got a 5 star match on the second Halloween mission and got the really awesome Great Gorgon camo. I already have an almost max upgraded Shokaku and read somewhere that the Gorgon camo equipped all the planes with the bat skin. However, when I went to put on the camo, the planes did not have the bat camo. Is this right? Or am I wrong that the planes get the bat camo?
  4. Not sure where to put this. Looked through topics, but nothing seemed similar. Here is the situation: Was in a match on Islands of Ice map and broadside to an iceberg about 500 meters off the starboard beam. A flight of torpedo bombers dropped torpedoes in the 500 or so meters between my ship and the iceberg. How far, in game mechanics, does a TB have to be in level flight before being able to drop? 500 meters, obviously, or less; but this seems extremely unrealistic. I have seen similar comments on in match chat about the ability of TB's to 'flit' about almost as if they were UFOs and get in quite confined spaces between terrain and ships. Is this an issue with anyone else? If so, is there a plan to deal with it/fix it? GG
  5. Aircraft won't move

    So I was playing on my Bouge aircraft carrier. After I make the aircraft take off, it stops working. I click to where I want the aircraft to go but it makes this "Squishy" clicking noise and nothing happens. This happened for the past 2 battles and I had enough. I tried everything. First my torpedo bombers didn't work then my fighters didn't. So where was I, I tried everything. I made the squadrons go together, attack something, attack freestyle, but nothing happened. The aircraft would follow my commands. It would only orbit my Aircraft Carrier. It won't even land. I figured out that the only way I can make a plane move if enemy planes come nearby and my fighters would attack them until they pass a 5 km range. I also checked my controls, nothing was changed. So if anyone has an idea, please leave a comment or reply. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks
  6. Manual or Automatic?

    Hey guys! So I just unlocked my Tier V Zuiho Carrier and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I only recently discovered the ability to manually attack but whenever I try it I miss horribly. I've been doing well with automatic targeting for dive and torpedo bombers, but I've also read that you can get a lot better results from learning manual targeting. So which should I do? Is learning how to manually attack worth a dozen losses as I try to figure it out, or does automatic work just as well and I shouldn't bother with manual? Because I've found I do a lot better when I don't experiment with manual. As a side note, in dogfights, is the manual fighter attack useful? Thanks all!
  7. Why must the torpedoes on the torpedo bombers stay virtually the same as tiers increase? A tier 4 Japanese Carrier has a maximum of two torpedo bomber squads. Each torpedo does 8,567 damage. A tier 6 Japanese Carrier has a maximum of two torpedo bomber squads. Each torpedo does 8,567 damage. A tier 8 Japanese Carrier still has a maximum of two torpedo bomber squads. Each torpedo still does 8,567 damage... Yet tier 6 and tier 8 ships have substantially more health, anti-aircraft capability, and maneuverability than tier 4 ships, so your overall strength is drastically reduced. Admittedly, you also have dive bombers, but I would argue that the impact of additional dive bombers is substantially less than torpedo bombers, and does not make up for the increases in other ship class strengths. Note that even at tier 10, we have a maximum of 3 torpedo bomber squads... And each torpedo still does 8,567 damage, even though ships have over 63,000 hit points... I'd also note that torpedoes on the destroyers do more damage at higher tiers. For example, at tier 4, torpedoes do between 9900 to 14,400 damage (depending on the ship and upgrades). At tier 7 they are doing upwards of 11,000 to 17,000 damage, and at tier 10, destroyers are doing nearly 18,000 to 24,000 damage, each. I guess my point is, shouldn't we have torpedoes on the torpedo bombers that scale along with the tier as well? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  8. you can see quite clearly in the beginnig of the match when i try to drop torpedos at the side of a south carolina and then the game simply changes the direction from which my torpedos are gonna be dropped and dont let me change the course again. ended up wasting 2 drops. ive been encoutering this problem since the patch 0.3.1, never had this problem in cbt. i see this kind of bug nearly every match in a CV. cant send a replay right now because your system is telling me my replay is in an invalid format when the file is completely fine, congrats. PS: also found these bugs: *Issue with correctly manual dropping but having the plane refuse to recognize it. It will then fly to where it shows the torp spread but just spin around over the ship. *Issue for all surface attack planes: If command is given too late to a target the plane will circle, the glitch is unless manual controlled to back away then attack again the planes will just circle till they die.
  9. I've seen more than a few times that ships that are close to mountains (like the ones from Fault line) can be hit by torpedoes that were shot from planes that at the time were flying way too high to fire them. The whole idea to be close to the mountain is that the planes won't have space to lose altitude (they were at around 3000 ft - 5000 ft to fly over the mountain after all) and be able to drop the torpedoes from that side. Instead they would have to fly around, over the ship and turn in order to have the space to drop them. This would ensure some AA time and hopefully 1 or 2 planes would be shot down depending on how effective and strong that given ship AA is. Alas, that is not what I've been seeing at all, planes come as if they came THROUGH the mountain, drop torpedoes almost in distances of less then 1 km from said mountain and fly away with very little time to AA to actually fire at them. Are other folks seeing this as well? How well do you think the environment is being taken into account by the airplanes? Not very in my opinion.
  10. Fighters: *Issue with fighters being unable to engage a second target if under attack themselves unless first target is killed. Example: Fighters attack Target A (bombers), commander spots Target B (fighters) coming to defend Target A. Fighters don't have time to finish off Target A and are given a command to attack Target B. Verbal response from fighters is received, Target A is released from pursuit and continues retreating. Fighters engages Target B and are unable to inflict any damage at all but do expend ammo till empty and then return to CV and normal if survived battle. *Note this happens without fault every time. *Issue with fighters receiving a command and getting a verbal response and not moving. *Issue with fighters glitching when following enemy plane that is landing. -Fog_Destroyer_Yukikaze *Note: planes shouldn't be able to land in the first place while being attacked. *Issue with single fighter (none CV fighters) bugging CV planes, once engaged by a single fighter, planes will not be released of snare till that fighter has landed back at its ship or is destroyed. *Issue with fighters escorting torpedo bombers, if fighters get within range of any enemy fighters (including CV fighters and float fighters), the fighters will remain stuck in the air until it is destroyed by the enemy fighters if the torpedo bombers move out of escort range. -SG_Oneill Dive Bombers: *Issue with bombers getting visual hit and not doing damage. *Issue with lag effecting bombers causing them to completely miss even though the ship is in the entire outline. *Note - this seems like a client vs server issue. *Issue with bombers not dropping bombs. *Note dive bombers have a very high miss rate, you can see the misses in the water very easily. Torp. Bombers: *Issue with correctly manual dropping but having the plane refuse to recognize it. It will then fly to where it shows the torp spread but just spin around over the ship. -Inquisitioner *Issue for all surface attack planes: If command is given too late to a target the plane will circle, the glitch is unless manual controlled to back away then attack again the planes will just circle till they die. Other CV issues: *Issue with all CV planes that are set to land, if a fire begins while planes are in route, and fire is put out after they begin circling the planes will not auto land but continue to circle until manually directed to land again. *Not being able to zoom out enough forces the map use too much resulted in commands given in map not working. Planes highlighted flicker as command is given but no verbal response received and no way point being set. *Possible Fighter CVs having a lower income then none fighters. -Shadow1_Nemesis *Note: 40k avg cred /w 30 planes kills and 10k dmg to ships /w loss. 70k cred /w 50 planes killed and 20k dmg to ships /w loss. 90k cred /w 44 plane kills, 20k dmg dealt to ships /w win. #s are without 50k loss in ship price & at Tier VII. If rushed early game CVs go negative in creds, *Issue with enemy planes appearing randomly on the mini map for a second then disappearing. -Timpanus *Personally notice this to be horizontal to my ships location, and not limited to edge of map. Possible correlation between launch of enemy plane or run file. Will continue to update here as US players are still unable to utilize bug report button in login screen. Will use names at end of post so that viewers are able to scroll down to see original context of the report.
  11. I've been playing the Langley class CV for a little while, but I just cannot seem to get manual aim right. I always aim too far ahead or drop my torpedoes too far away. Battleships I can learn to deal with, but what about cruisers and DDs? I can never get just the right amount of lead so that my torps hit. I've watched several videos by (in all probablility) the best CV player in the game, (Link to his channel here -> https://www.youtube.com/user/space3233) but I just cannot do it right. Does someone have any helpful and easy-to-follow tips that will allow me to get every manual drop on target, regardless of what ship I'm facing? Thanks in advance for any helpful information.
  12. Torpedo bombers need to fly low to release a torpedo, this is one of the reasons they suffered the highest loss rates in WWII. If my ship is in next to an island, the lee side (facing the island) should be covered by the high terrain. But in this game the Torpedo bombers drop the torpedoes like a dive bomber on the beach and I suffer 4 hits. There have been occasions where the Torpedo bombers dropped their torpedoes next to me and they went under my ship, that is the mechanic I was expecting. If we cant fix the mechanic maybe we can put a 4 second delay timer on them before they are armed.
  13. Dropping torpedos within 1 kilometer of the target is game breaking. You have NO chance to evade at all. Any BB that is targeted usually gets hit for 2-6 torpedoes...and if not an out right kill, it so seriously damages a BB as to render it useless. No wonder there are fewer and fewer in every game. I've actually played three out of the dozen or so today that had 3 CV's and no BB's on either side... WG, you have to give a BB driver a reasonable chance else, no one will play them any more. Discuss...
  14. title sais it all.. it seems a third the time i use my torpedo bombers they just cirlce targets instead of droping torps. i dont know if this is some sort of aiming bug. but it happens both with the auto aim and the manual aim about 10%-30% of the time i play my carriar witch im only tier 7 atm.. so its not often.
  15. Carrier balance Issues

    First off let me just say I LOVE the game so far and it could easily become a game i sink a lot of time into. It seems to be fairly balanced and most of the times That I have been totally obliterated by some thing (torpedoes) it was because of my own tactical error. one thing however does seem a little off balance to me and that is Torpedo/Dive bombers. While I do not command a carrier (not sure i like the whole top down RTS like thing), I have played numerous matches against them. In these matches i noticed that I almost never see any dive bombers.The reason mostly because Torpedo bombers are extremely effective and dive bombers are seem kind of pointless in comparison. Ive been hit by a dive bomber squadron in Phoenix and took less than 400 damage and only lost a single gun turret. Mean while a single torpedo squadron will launch 2 km away from my battleship and I will die since i cant dodge at that point. One of the biggest issues i have with torpedo bombers is that their attack run is very short and its hard to tell if there just maneuvering above or attacking you (i do play on mid to low settings so maybe I am missing some different effects). Also at lower tiers where most ships have little to no AA capability its really hard to fight against them i tend to just try to maneuver and pray they don't hit. So in order to try and help come up with a solution ill list some possible torpedo bomber Nerfs and dive bomber buffs Torpedo Bomber Nerfs: -extend the length and/or time of their attack run -add a HUD warning when they are on their attack run -decrease number of bombers in squadron at low tiers where AA is almost non-existent - make Wave of torpedoes less uniform instead of a perfect spread (maybe have the bombers not launch all at the same time in formation) Dive bomber Buffs -increased damage -increased chance for critical (i.e. Fires, Gun turrets, ect. This is just a quick list of things i thought off if you have any suggestions to add feel free to post.
  16. Main Aircraft to be Fielded

    Hello All, If there is a topic or post mainly about this, please point it my way, typing in aircraft or plane into the search generates over 100 posts and most of those I read are not focused on the aircrafts. First this topic will be about the planes that could or should be fielded in WoWS on the Aircraft Carrier Class ships. We should define each plane type by country and role/s they would carry out in a battle. This means like: IJN - Zero and all variants would be under the Fighters role in a Battle USN - SBS Dauntless is a dive bomber, would mainly carry bombs instead of torpedoes, and is a small plane that can be piloted by 2 men. So therefore I can think of the main roles would be Fighter/Escort, Heavy Bomber, Dive Bombers, Torpedo Bombers, and Reconnaissance.