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Found 2 results

  1. This is copied from my Reddit post. I've noticed since the carrier rework has been announced that there are a few posts floating around asking if the Japanese hybrids could possibly be coming soon. The prospect of them being added using the new CV UI concerns me.. The Ships So first of all, I'd like to draw attention to the fact that these ships didn't have flight decks. They couldn't launch and retrieve planes like real CVs. The Tone-class were designed as scout cruisers and had a compliment of 6 float planes. Mogami post-refit carried 11 float planes. The Ise-class post-refit could carry 22, 11 float planes(scouts) and 11 D4Y dive bombers. In was actually surprised to find out they carried the D4Ys, because since these were not float planes, they would have to return to a real aircraft carrier or a land base to rearm, and the ship's aircraft compliment would be cut in half until they returned to port and got new planes loaded. My Concern Let me go ahead and say I would love to see these ships in the game. They are very unique ships that definitely deserve some recognition and I think people would enjoy them. However, let's not forget these are still surface ships. This game can get pretty intense at times and commanders that don't have their full attention on what is going on around them, they could suffer a "paddlin'." Therefore, coupling surface ship action with the new CV UI could lead to a few different problems. Players will focus too much on controlling the aircraft, in which their ship strays into enemy fire and is lost, thus they also lose control of the planes they were controlling(pending changes to the current effect of losing a ship with planes). Players will focus mostly on their ship, in which the planes are either used ineffectively of not at all. This would be the least of all evils as far as I can tell. Players treat the ship like a CV, sail it way out of the way of danger, where it can't contribute it's main armament to the battle and the team effectively starts a ship down. My Solution My proposal would be to create a new, "advanced" scout plane consumable, that sends out 6 or so planes in an arc of 45-60 degrees, the increments between the flights spaced evenly. As far as picking the direction the planes search, an arc similar to that of the torpedo indicator should be easy enough. To make it simpler, but less intuitive imo, would be to have them search with the centerline being the heading of the ship. Search distance could change depending on tier to make it reasonable, I feel 15 to 20 km should be a good area to start. Once they reach the limit of their searches, they return. Irl, searchers tended to avoid conflict with other planes or AA fire, so changing some stat to make them harder targets to shoot down is reasonable to me, though I don't think they should be invulnerable. To me, this is something unique that gives these ships the chance to show that they are unique without detracting from their gameplay as surface ships, which SHOULD be their primary focus. What about Ise's larger compliment? This is a bit more challenging to work around. She was intended to carry actual dive bombers, so I think in game she should be able to do that also. My idea is something similar to the scout function, but launch a single flight of 3-5 planes, with the ability to have 2-3 flights sent out successively without need for a cooldown. If the planes come within a certain distance of an enemy ship, such as a 3km radius, the planes automatically attack. Since it is an auto attack, players shouldn't be cheated by a large drop spread, so I think at least one to two hits should be guaranteed each time, with a fairly high chance to cause a fire. This can allow a player with good timing to get DoT damage on a target. I want to stress that the planes on these ships should be secondary in terms of their use. Players need to focus on causing damage with gunfire and torpedoes if carried, not worrying about juggling being a surface warship and a aircraft carrier. Please feel free to discuss this with me.