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Found 1 result

  1. Aigle missions and Tokens

    After an absence of about two weeks from the game, I returned to find the Aigle "Marathon". Having lost that much time (6 missions), I can only afford to miss only 1 more before getting locked out of the grind. So is this punishment for having two pretty busy weeks and being unable to play? My suggestion, and I hope it is at least acknowledged by WG staff is pretty simple, and in fact has already been done in a very similar game. In World of Tanks, during the T-34-85M Marathon, you would get tokens for each mission completed. To unlock the tank you had to have 13 tokens for an 18 day Marathon I think. In addition to that, you could buy 5 tokens to get the number you needed for the tank unlock for a far lower price than buying the tank itself from the premium shop. Please consider this, I don't think I would mind paying 5 dollars to get "tokens" or whatever you wanna call them, and also continue my marathon much calmer. Its a win-win scenario; You get money for tokens for a ship I wouldn't really pay the full price for and you can still sell the ship in the premium shop. The only question is, why has this not been considered at all, when there is already in World of Tanks?