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Found 62 results

  1. Acceptable Risk

    There presently exists a culture in the game that completely rejects the notion of acceptable team damage/team kill. Nonetheless, I have stumbled across scenarios where the risk of torping a teammate is a net win for the team. One example: in a game I just finished, on The Atlantic map, I was in Shimakaze. Drove south to the A cap with a few BBs, and immediately encountered a red Gearing and Kidd. We had enough to drive them off the cap, and I capped, while using torpedoes to support B and deny the area to the Kidd and Gearing once our BBs moved back north to assist at B. A friendly Amagi somehow got himself stuck at J1 (it's another story for another time) and was completely separated from the rest of the fleet. I spotted the Kidd, and he popped smoke. I speedboosted toward his smoke with torpedoes ready. So, the Kidd is between me and our Amagi, 14 kms away at J1. I got close enough to the smoke to spot the Kidd, and decided to release my torpedoes. Dev strike, no more Kidd. Had the Kidd survived, he would have likely sunk me and capped A, and then could have almost certainly mucked up the silly Amagi. With the Kidd gone, we had a solid ship number advantage, and we easily won on points. I was the last surviving ship, evading a Minotaur to secure the win. I believe my choice to risk hitting the Amagi was worth the trade off of taking the Kidd out. One of my torpedoes did find its way to J1, and did 17000 damage to Amagi. I don't regret it one bit. Another, more briefly: I will happily trade a half health Montana for a half health red Iowa, a nearly full health Kurf and the A cap at Okinawa late in the game. For the Monty to fight the two BBs, he would have been broadside to one of them while angled to the other. Coming up behind him in my Shimmy, I launched 2 salvoes right beside the Monty to hammer the Kurf, and another slavo to the Monty's other side to eliminate the Iowa. I did call out a warning beforehand, but realized there was a risk of nailing the Monty if he was unaware and made a bad choice to bow tank the Kurf. Without my torps, we lose, and Monty dies, so it was an easy choice. Monty still died, but we took out both enemy BBs and I was able to get the cap we needed to win. Acceptable risk. I'd rather win and be pink for 2 games than lose and stay green. Discuss.
  2. So I'm grinding my Ranger in Co-op today, and 2 battles in a row, there's this Scharnhorst driver. Didn't talk in chat. The first battle I was with him he torpedoed a friendly Minekaze for whatever reason (he turns pink at this point). The very next battle, he's dug in with a few enemy ships, including a Mogami, NOLA, and I think a BB. He's low health, he's struggling. So I ready my strike package to try and help this guy out. All of a sudden, I get a damage indicator. I'm not spotted, so I'm like "wth, who's shooting me. I check the battle messages, and the Scarnhorst is pumping 11" rounds into my backside at like 14 km. It's doing pretty much no damage, and the damage reflection mechanic kicks in, and he kills himself. So I'm curious about this guy. Is he like brand new to this game and taking his anger out on me for not helping him sooner? What's the deal. Turns out this guy has 15k battles (60% win rate in Random) and seal clubs at Tier IV most of the time. He's part of a pretty big clan (at least from what I can tell), though I hesitate to say which one, as I'm not sure if that falls under "name and shame". If it doesn't, I'll probably share it. If it is, then I leave it be. Just kinda stumped about the whole experience. Why does a hardened vet like this guy feel it's ok to TK in Co-op in consecutive games and not be banned all the time (makes me wonder if he was put in Co-op jail for similar offenses in Random ). I feel like attention should be drawn to this, because this kind of behavior from a veteran of the game part of a pretty big clan should not go unnoticed. If he actually killed me, I'd be a lot more upset, but it's kind of funny that he hit the absolute team damage limit on me and got himself killed for it.
  3. Request: Forgiveness ability

    There are a few times when I have pulled a bonehead manuever that put me in front of friendly torps that I should have dodged. Also there are times when I brushed against a pink teammate causing ram damage. In these situations, I would love to be able to "forgive" the teammate and not have them incur a tk penalty. Even if they were "careless" with the torps, if i should have be able to avoid them but didn't; I want to take ownership. Offer this at the end of battle screen as well as maybe in game at moment of damage. Update: I do think that the number of "forgiveness" may need to be limited: a player can only receive 1 forgiveness per game If a player receives multiple forgivenesses in a series of games, the player is not eligible for forgiveness. For example: 2 forgiveness for every 5 games.
  4. TKing happens. Some unicums may claim they in their history have never TK'ed by accident. This thread isn't for you but other players so please save the "i'm too awesome to make a mistake" for another thread please. This week i've been TKed twice. Both times it was torps from long range behind friendly lines. Both times the players defended their actions blaming it on the victims. Don't do that. Don't be that guy that has to blame the victim when you should be apologizing. I'm sick of watching people defend their actions when they TK. Accidents happen yes. Own your wrong doing if you kill a team mate. All i gotta say is there's some lucky people out there that they don't allow name and shame because some people deserve to be shamed.
  5. team Kill penalty

    This new system is very much crap. I never intentionally hit an ally with my guns or torps but as we all know, sometimes no matter how much you warn them an ally is gonna drive in front of torps you fired 60 seconds ago at an enemy target. that is exactly what happened to me. Fire torps at an enemy, kill him, and remaining torp hits and kills a friendly that stormed out behind the target. Then BOOM I get killed from shared damage from the torp? What in the actual hell is that garbage? stuff happens. Why the hell would you punish me like that? You (Wargaming) want us to play to win? You just killed the guy carrying the team. This is a trash system and really needs a re-work. I understand wanting/having to find a way to punish those who TK on purpose but your system is not smart enough to understand when the team mate that got hit with the stray torp doesn't read chat, doesn't pay attention to where he is going, or is just plain......not smart. Gimme a break Wargaming.
  6. Co-op penality for TK is a terrible idea. For one example, If you play with dds you have sometimes big chances to hit your own team, not even intentional (like drops torpedos is flank) Really, its a terrible ideia, 'punish' making people play co-op its S*CKs. Dont do that.
  7. Team Killer Flag...but no damage

    I played my first battle of the day a few days ago in my Arizona and did pretty well, killing 3 enemy ships. When the battle was over, I noticed I was "Pink" and "You have received the Team Killer Status". But I did NO damage to our team. NONE. ZERO. Not even an accidental bump with ships, which is the only damage I have ever given to members of my team. Something must be wrong, since I did not case even 1 HP of damage to my team. I suspect there is a bug in the latest patch, because if TK flags are being handed out to people with no damage at all, something is seriously wrong. So I submitted a ticket, with this very unhelpful reply: Thank you for contacting Wargaming support regarding your in-game pink status. Even if it's just a few shots here and there, the automated system records it all, so while a player may not turn pink for a single event if it becomes a recurring pattern they will gain that status. As for how long this will last, we cannot give you specific numbers as it is dependent on your ratio of enemy damage vs. friendly fire damage over a period of time. To reduce how much time you spend pink, get back in the game! Every point of damage and kill you successfully inflict on the opposing team will reduce your pink status rating, until it finally disappears. Hope this helps! Thank you for contacting Wargaming support. Best Regards, Emilia Mayer Wargaming America Support
  8. Today someone unloaded their RN BB into my carrier. They took like 97 to 98 percent of my health. No apology. No reason. They just did it. Next came a single shot from a red and boom. Dead meat. So... In the after match breakout, I do not see where I have been 'reimbursed' for that players actions. Are they not reimbursing a player for damaged caused by a team mate that leads to your being killed? Seems to me any shot from a fellow team mate should be reimbursed to the victim of that action as a percentage of the total operating cost for the ship. IOW, if he takes 80% of your ship's health, aside from his own penalties, the victim should be reimbursed with 80% of the mission cost. tia fyc
  9. Just now I was in a battle where a team-mate rammed into me and died. I heard the awful voice, "YOU JUST KILLED AN ALLIED CRUISER"... I expected the worst. Here are the results: Read it and don't gnash.
  10. Just curious to see the mental condition of the community.
  11. Teamkiller – That's ME.

    Most anyone who has been in this game for enough missions has been a Team Killer. The label gets handed out for all kinds of bizarre circumstances, usually never intentional. For me, the number of times has been more than 5, but less than 10 (not really sure). … Short story: Must kill 5 battleships. Went into Co-Op. CV Hosho with ARP teddy bear captain. Mission – ALL BOTS – except me. These are usually wipe-outs and it was turning out that way. Also when this happens, there are never any battleships – so a big bummer there. My bots were running into and shooting islands – no strategy. All combat was close-order. Soon, our cap was invaded by two enemy. I was being shot at. Torp Squad 3-4 on their way to reset the cap. Friendly DD is in there, but is low health, not firing, and ready to die anyway. I park the squads to the side and set up a run with squad 3. Chose a direction to avoid friendly. Hit the 'M' to zoom out to the big map. Enemy Hosho torps in-bound – set squad 2 to hit them. I'm on fire – Hit 'R'. Zoom back into the cap to see what's happening. All my auto-drop torps have been expertly evaded. Set up Squad #4 for – WAIT – they are already dropping and the drop field is yellow. Crap !!!! My friendly bot is in that field – can't abort. So I watch as the enemy bots expertly evade those while my friendly bot dives right into one.. My Teddy Bear scolds me in Japanese.. She is obviously quite ticked off... no crazy laugh this time. … End: The bots chase me and leave the cap. I sink them both with the next run. Two more runs on the Hosho – finished. I killed 3.. show two on the one page. No progress in the UK-BB thing. My Teamkill number started at 7. And here's my 'punishment': Game # Ship Damage Kills Ending TK number 1 Hosho 28276 2 5 2 Hosho 41287 0 4 3 Yamato 20799 0 3 4 Shcors 14459 0 2 5 Cleveland 9522 1 1 6 Hermelin 9454 3 removed … It's a game mechanic. Some amusement for me on a Thursday night. I got the 'Blueprint' flag in a few more missions after that. Work done.
  12. Ridiculous TK system

    This TK prevent system is not doing it's job as always... Not the first time but I become a pink because of this stupid system. As you can see from this screenshot, I hit only 1 shell on our teammate when this guy was trying to go though in front of me, then this guy (intentionally perhaps) didn't use damage control party after the ship was on fire. I know 1 fire doesn't bother Yamato, but it took my 24,690 HP out of 51,900 (almost 50%) which is NOT REPAIRABLE. (Of course, this costed me the game.) I get the point of reflection damage from pink nicknames but someti... well, most of the time, it doesn't work as it's purpose. I also ate 3 torps from my teammates today which took 90% of my DD's HP but that guy didn't even become a pink but I am pink now after I hit only 1 shell on my teammate... RIDICULOUS. Suggestion and purpose of this writing: Allied DOT DMG penalty (set on fire, flooding) should be fixed.
  13. Same as last time, the teamkill was intentional. My popcorn got so salty I couldn't eat it. On the plus side, first ever Ranked Witherer for me, so yay. \o/ Seriously though, the chat was enough to make Deadpool cover his ears. Well, back to it. If I play enough games I'll eventually reach Rank 1. --IronDuke
  14. Sigh, I was playing on my Gnevny on tier VIII battle, looking for a chance to cap and do damage, after a teammate killed a foe DD at A, I thought: so let's cap, then I watched that there was an enemy Arizona on fire, so let's set some fires on him to do some damage, so to cap and do damage I popped smoke and started to attack... Then, a TK North Carolina just nuked me.... I was really confused, he told me: DDs are not to use their smoke to themselves. Wait... what?! Does is wrong to pop smoke to capture and do some damage? This is a soviet DD, the only way to do damage is with my guns or a yolo charge, I know that I must scout, but I was not the only DD there! This guy killed me due that according with him, I don't know how to play DDs, he told me that my job is to smoke BBs or teammates, go to spot, attack with torps and destroy DDs.... I really find that this guy definitely hadn't played a soviet DD if he thinks that I can go to torp BBs, yes I can ambush but at that moment all I could do was or spot while cap or pop smoke, do some damage and cap. Even if he didn't agree with my decision, that's not a excuse to TK! Seriously, not only killed me also apparently I suck at DDs due to my play style.... just... I really have a lot of forbearance.... but that was just so much, to add pain after battle stadistics get him on top 5 players at that match and I was second worst player due to I was only able to do 8k damage and he killed me before I capped A. God, I'm not a bad DD player.... I know that I should smoke friendly BBs that are tanking but I just wanted to do some damage and cap... and I must pay for a guy that is a jerk and believes what I must do?! WG.... please just remove friendly damage... people can TK for stupid reasons occasionally without lose nothing. Also as a victim I seriously don't feel like that guy is paying for that. Reply of the incident (4 mins vid) (sorry for my potato computer): https://youtu.be/f57PtXvCgYo Pictures about post-battle stadistics (ignore my mods please)... Team score: https://puu.sh/wnjB3/ae33cd9931.png Credits and XP (Apparently I didn't receive credits for TK): https://puu.sh/wnjBO/e870964e68.png
  15. TK: Crime and Punishment

    Pink for 25 battles? Are you kidding me? For this? Is this new in or am I the worst Team Killer ever??
  16. Teamkillers are Stupid

    So there I was in my new Moskva in a Co-Op game, learning the gun lead, pen, maneuverability, etc of the ship, and I noticed a Zao off my starboard side. I noticed he was pink (no big deal, he was probably working off his sin in Co-op), and I asked him how he liked the Zao. It's my next T10 CL and I was just making small talk. The answer I got was a broadside of HE from him, setting me on fire. Says he, "feel the burn" Knowing what would happen next, I let myself burn, watching the pink numbers double up very quickly on his damaged ship. Halfway through my HP he went down, I put out the fire, and his only comment was "burned through half your HP." Is there really that much stupidity at Tier 10? If so, the gene pool is getting shallower.
  17. So you know, instead of turning pink for X amount of games and all that jazz, here's an idea. Spawn the teamkiller in a rubber dingy with 20km detection for X games in the middle of Ocean
  18. Howdy! I was out and about in my Ishizuchi with a buddy of mine, and a V-170 launched torps from behind me and there was no physical way to dodge them. Long story short, I ate 2 and then the enemy Texas was able to kill me. I know you get fined for causing damage to allies, but shouldn't you be compensated for your damage? A system such as I suggest already exists in WoT and I was wondering if such a system could be implemented here. Have a good one! - Shield
  19. My Apologies to All

    To All WOW players It has been a horrible week. I really do try to play carefully and be a good teammate, but for some reason the RNG gods seem to have been against me. Three times I have found myself in a situation where a teammate was dueling with another ship and was close to end of life. Three times I attempted to help Three times the RNGesus has sent my shells into my teammate and not the red ship That's it! I must take a break and back out of this game. I think I will return - but I must decompress first. To those I hit - i am sorry -it really was an accident See you all later
  21. I have a question for the GM/Devs of WoWs, are you guys working on a very toxic situation that is AFK/TK/Refusal to cooperate in ranked battle ? I really like ranked game but these games get more and more of a pain the way it goes. Some refuse to cooperate and just die on purpose to penalize the team, some just say ''ahaha lel im going back to port'' right before the game start, other do TK, it's a very painful situation because no matter if you win or lose the game, those kind of guys just win. They win by ruining the game and they win even more if it's a victory because they also gain a star. Is there anything you could do to solve that problem ?
  22. The current TK rules are too dumb to highlight the real team killers. 1. TKs are caused, I assume, 99% by torpedoes which are really hard to control in crowded games 2. Bumping into other ships can extend TK status for one more game, which is hard to avoid if you play aggressively and on a small map or by others ramming you 3. Punishment for TK is too little to deter "real TKers" who intentionally ruin other's gameplay, and too much for careless mistakes Overall, if we cannot really identify "real TKers" from mistakes, what good is a TK status for? It bears no meaning at the moment, frankly. Share my own TK experiences: Among over 6k games that I played, only once I did damage to one teammate on purpose over that person's selfish passive play and salty languages, which deserved punishment. All the other TKs are torpedoes, which as far as I can remember to warn teammates in chat and pins 10-20 seconds beforehand, but they ran into them all the same. Please share your thoughts on TK rules right now and your TK experience. So we can help WG to make TK status really mean something, not just temporary inconvenience at the moment.
  23. I need to know where to report the below situation and to file a dispute. Battle start 04.02.2017 12:48 PM PST NA Server my user name tgmnw offending user name moon2017_jon Dispute - moon2017_jon intentionally torpedoed me then attacked me with guns without provocation of any kind. I sank him in self defense. As such I do not believe the assessment of TK status is warranted or fair. Please let me know who or where I can send this dispute to for review. I also would like to request a permanent ban on this user given this unprovoked, egregious and intentional attack on a teammate.
  24. I was pink, for whatever reason... But a Dd lined up behind me HaHaT....... and fired several torps into my DD, sinking me.. He was not penalized for a team kill,, is this new or has that always been the case, or did he have some hack..???? after he TK'ed me he laughed about it, saying you can TK potatoes...