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Found 1 result

  1. legozer

    Acceptable Risk

    There presently exists a culture in the game that completely rejects the notion of acceptable team damage/team kill. Nonetheless, I have stumbled across scenarios where the risk of torping a teammate is a net win for the team. One example: in a game I just finished, on The Atlantic map, I was in Shimakaze. Drove south to the A cap with a few BBs, and immediately encountered a red Gearing and Kidd. We had enough to drive them off the cap, and I capped, while using torpedoes to support B and deny the area to the Kidd and Gearing once our BBs moved back north to assist at B. A friendly Amagi somehow got himself stuck at J1 (it's another story for another time) and was completely separated from the rest of the fleet. I spotted the Kidd, and he popped smoke. I speedboosted toward his smoke with torpedoes ready. So, the Kidd is between me and our Amagi, 14 kms away at J1. I got close enough to the smoke to spot the Kidd, and decided to release my torpedoes. Dev strike, no more Kidd. Had the Kidd survived, he would have likely sunk me and capped A, and then could have almost certainly mucked up the silly Amagi. With the Kidd gone, we had a solid ship number advantage, and we easily won on points. I was the last surviving ship, evading a Minotaur to secure the win. I believe my choice to risk hitting the Amagi was worth the trade off of taking the Kidd out. One of my torpedoes did find its way to J1, and did 17000 damage to Amagi. I don't regret it one bit. Another, more briefly: I will happily trade a half health Montana for a half health red Iowa, a nearly full health Kurf and the A cap at Okinawa late in the game. For the Monty to fight the two BBs, he would have been broadside to one of them while angled to the other. Coming up behind him in my Shimmy, I launched 2 salvoes right beside the Monty to hammer the Kurf, and another slavo to the Monty's other side to eliminate the Iowa. I did call out a warning beforehand, but realized there was a risk of nailing the Monty if he was unaware and made a bad choice to bow tank the Kurf. Without my torps, we lose, and Monty dies, so it was an easy choice. Monty still died, but we took out both enemy BBs and I was able to get the cap we needed to win. Acceptable risk. I'd rather win and be pink for 2 games than lose and stay green. Discuss.