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Found 1 result

  1. Silver_kun

    Forum Ranks/Titles

    Okay, So I am aware there was a thread created on this particular topic approximately four years ago(which I have used as a reference) and there might be many other ones but I thought I'd just make one for the new players and for people who joined from steam or others who aren't aware about the exact forum Ranks/Titles and when they are awarded. Seaman recruit: 0 posts Seaman: 10 posts Petty Officer: 50 posts Chief Petty Officer: 100 posts Master Chief Petty Officer: 200 posts Warrant Officer: 400 posts Ensign : 800 posts Lieutenant Junior Grade: 1200 posts Lieutenant: 1600 posts Lieutenant Commander: 2000 posts Commander: 3000 posts Captain: 4000 posts Rear Admiral: 6000 posts Vice Admiral: 8000 posts Admiral: 10000 posts Fleet Admiral: 12500 posts Admiral of the Navy: 15000 posts Now, I don't believe there have been any changes implemented but I may be wrong and there might be another rank in between. I have faith though that this information is almost accurate if not completely. Courtesy: