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Found 24 results

  1. Alright, full disclosure: I'm a massive fan of these two ships. Combined I have 450+ games between the two of them. They are responsible for some of my best memories of WOWS since Open Beta. Despite the awful things WG has done to powercreep these two ships into oblivion, I refuse to not take them out from time to time. Do these ships perform like this all the time? Of course not. Neither of these games were easy, and the Bismarck game was a top-tier game that thanks to potato teammates was a HARD carry in order to win (Tirpitz was T9), but damn when these ships work they're still some of the most fun I can have, and remind me why I've been playing this game all these years. In any case, I guess my point is that if you enjoy certain ships, just play them. You might just have a good time. The build I'm running is a 21 point maximum meme secondary build, for anyone curious.
  2. The following are a series of quick reviews of the Black Friday ships. Access to all eight of these ships was provided to me by Wargaming at no cost to myself. To the best of my knowledge, the statistics discussed here are accurate as of patch 0.9.10. Please be aware that their performance may change in the future. Happy Holidays! I am not going to be negative snark-monster this year. Okay, that's a lie. My first draft of this was chock-full of grumpy holiday resentment. But I vented. I got it all out of my system. I deleted said draft and now I'm feeling all better. I'm able to genuinely enjoy the season again, mostly thanks to being able to play super-auntie. Heck, I'm even finding myself excited for some of the upcoming releases Wargaming has announced for this holiday season.. Even with the inevitable accelerated release schedule that comes this time of year, I feel ready. 2020 has been one Hell of a ride for the game, even if you ignore the pandemic. There has been so much content, so many releases and so many events, it's been genuinely hard for me to keep track. As of Black Friday this year, there are now forty-three (43!) premium and reward ships that have been released and we know of at least two others due out before the end of the year. That's nine more ships than the previous front-runner of thirty-six releases, way back in 2016. As has been custom for Wargaming since 2018, Black Friday sees the release of four new clone ships with sexy black and chrome camouflage schemes. While I would love to use their releases as an excuse to update some of my older reviews, it's just not realistic. Still, I thought I could throw something together that's fun while also speaking to the current performance of said ships. To that end, I present to you, the Twelve [edited] of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ A Ship That's Retiring Shortly! ♫ Massachusetts Black Massachusetts is arguably one of the best premiums that Wargaming has ever made. She's not only fun and powerful, her gimmicks went on to inspire hope of seeing an entire tech tree line based on her performance. It's a shame that she's being retired with patch 0.10.1. I resent "fear of missing out" as a sales tactic and I'm not advocating that you panic buy this ship if she does not interest you, but if she was on your list of ships to get, now's the time. On the second day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Two Turtlebacks ♫ Tirpitz Black When she was released back in September of 2015, Tirpitz was a monster. It was inconceivable that a battleship could be (mostly) immune to citadel hits. On the third day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Three Not-Bensons ♫ Sims Black This isn't an easy ship to recommend precisely because there are better ships out there. For the longest time, she was compared negatively to other American destroyers owing to her smaller gun battery and lacklustre fish. On the fourth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Four Deep Water Fish ♫ Asashio Black Behold, the ship that single handed made battleships unplayable. Oh wait, that didn't happen. Asashio's torpedoes are stupid. They have a 20km range, almost zero detection and hit like trucks. Oh, but they can only hit battleships and aircraft carriers. She's so single-minded in her purpose its hilarious. On the fifth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Five American Piercing Shells! ♫ Alaska Black Like Massachusetts, Alaska is set to be pulled with patch 0.10.1. It's a shame, she's a very nice ship with great artillery. Her AP shells have improved auto-ricochet mechanics and solid penetration, allowing her to flex between ammunition types no matter what target presents themselves from moment to moment. Combine that with good durability and Surveillance Radar and perhaps you can see why she's being retired. On the sixth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Six Tribals skulking ♫ Cossack Black Tribal-class destroyers are excellent destroyer-hunters and cap-contesters. This is a high-risk, high-reward style of play that's not for everyone. On the seventh day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Seven reloads boosting ♫ Jean Bart Black Seeing this ship here is a surprise. Jean Bart was retired last year due to her popularity. This is largely owing to her Main Battery Reload Booster for her guns which allows her to punish exposed enemies like few ships can. On the eighth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Eight turrets spamming ♫ Atlanta Black I will always have a soft spot for Atlanta, ever since I watched PhlyDaily and BaronVonGames spamming her rapid-fire 127mm/38s at everything that moved in Closed Beta. On the ninth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Nein second bomb drop ♫ Graf Zeppelin Black Graf Zeppelin had a ... well, let's just say "storied" development history, including (but not limited to) bombs that required you to lead a target by nine whole seconds. No, I'm not kidding. That's gone now, thankfully. On the tenth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Ten different skins ♫ Atago Black Okay, I'm exaggerating a little. Between Atago, Atago B and her Arpeggio of Blue Steel clones she has nine permanent camouflage options -- ten if you include her default, no-camo skin. On the eleventh day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Eleven inch shells bouncing ♫ Scharnhorst Black Scharnhorst's 283mm AP shells are notorious for having very limited overmatch potential. With the increase in cruiser armour with the HE and IFHE rework earlier this year, her shells ricochet more often than they ever have previously. On the twelfth day of Christmas, Sub_Octavian sent to me... ♪ Twelve torpedo planes ♫ Kaga Black Kaga is best known for her enormous (if squishy) squadrons. Her dive bombers and torpedo bombers come in squadrons of twelve, her rocket planes in squadrons of eight. Thoughts & Feels There are some good ships here. Wargaming has generally picked winners which makes most of them a pretty safe purchase. Atago, Atlanta and Massachusetts would be my top picks for someone who doesn't already have said ships. These are all strong vessels that have aged reasonably well, but most importantly they're all fun to play. I'm glad they've made the older ships available for direct purchase through the Armory for doubloons rather than forcing you to roll the dice or pay cash. If you want the new four ships, you're going to have to either pony up for a massive bundle, buy them directly through the online store or gamble through loot boxes. I am not a fan of loot boxes at all -- it's safe to say that I abhor them almost to Jim Sterling levels of ire (thank god for him). One thing to be super-aware of with these Black ships is that though they may be clones of their parent vessels, they DO NOT COUNT as said parent vessels for the purposes of missions. So, for example, say the Strasbourg event coming up at the end of the year has a mission which you can short cut using Jean Bart. Jean Bart Black would not work for said mission unless specifically listed. This also means that any follow up camouflages or whatever that gets released for the parent ship will not be available on the Black version. So think twice about spending money on these if that's one of the reasons you wanted them. Thank you all for reading. I hope you stay safe over this holiday season. If you have any questions about the performance of any of these ships, this is the place to ask. I'm happy to wax poetic about my favourites and the rest of the community is sure to chime in too. ♥
  3. The original and best. Quick Summary: A Bismarck-class battleship that trades away Hydroacoustic Search and AA-power for deck mounted torpedoes. Cost: 12,500 doubloons Patch & Date Written: 0.6.4 to 0.6.12, April 19th, 2017 to October 27th, 2017 Closest in-Game Contemporary Bismarck, Tier 8 German Battleship Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique The differences between Bismarck and Tirpitz are distinct. While they share the same main and secondary gun battery performance, Tirpitz has access to two quad-torpedo launchers while Bismarck has Hydroacoustic Search. Bismarck has a tremendous advantage in AA power over her sister ship, while also enjoying marginal improvements in armour protection, speed, agility and aerial concealment. Finally, the position of two of their 105mm dual purpose secondaries differs slightly, with Tirpitz having better firing arcs. PROs: Excellent armour protection and nigh invulnerable to citadel hits from AP shells. Main battery has a fast, 26s reload and good gun handling characteristics with a traverse rate of 5º per second. High penetration HE shells, capable of besting 95mm of armour with a 34% fire chance per shell. Heavy secondary gun battery complement with excellent 7.5km base range and improved, 37mm penetration on her 150mm guns. Powerful torpedo armament, especially for a battleship. Fast at 30.5 knots. Awesome selection of premium camouflages for long-time veterans. CONs: Poor anti-torpedo defense. Inaccurate main battery guns with low DPM, poor HE shell damage and poor fire angles. 105mm secondaries cannot damage the hulls of tier VIII+ destroyers. Short 6km range on her torpedoes. Torpedo tubes are vulnerable and get disabled often. Weak AA power for a tier 8 Battleship and easily one-shot by AP Bomb armed carriers. Very large turning circle of 850m. Lacks Hydroacoustic Search found on high tier German Battleships It's been a long time since I last looked at Tirpitz. Heck, I've been working on this review for six months now. When patch 0.6.4 dropped and Tirpitz received a buff to its secondary gun range, I thought the timing was perfect to sit down and look at her again, especially as she seemed to be encroaching upon Bismarck's supremacy. Well, things got busy and the meta surrounding German Battleships took a huge shift. Enterprise's AP bombs were one such jolt. The Royal Navy Battleships shook things up again and it forced me to review what I had so far evaluated and elect to wait to see if things shifted further. Things appear stable now. The Hallowe'en 2017 event has introduced another (so awesome looking) camouflage pattern to Tirpitz, so I thought it best to get this one off my list while the getting was good. So here we go -- six months late but hopefully not a dollar short. My big concern is that the buffs from 0.6.4 have largely made Bismarck obsolete. Bismarck can boast a few advantages that she trades in exchange for Tirpitz's torpedoes -- the question is "did Wargaming go too far when they improved Tirpitz's secondaries?" Well, let's take a look. Lert will join me with his final thoughts on this venerable premium. The three camouflage patterns for Tirpitz. These have become available for players who have owned her for a long time and has greatly increased her value. The Tarnanstrich camouflage greatly increases the amount of free-experience Tirpitz can earn while Magnu-S provides a small (about 4,000) credit boost. Note that the Magnu-S Hallowe'en camouflage can only be seen if a player enables the filters in port. Options Tirpitz shows her age when it comes to her options. First, she does not have access to Hydroacoustic Search as other tier 8+ German Battleships do. Second, she has access to three different premium camouflages. Initially, she comes with the standard Type 10 camouflage. The second camouflage came grace of the Hunt the Graf Spee campaign over Christmas 2016 and into New Year's 2017. It has not been made available since. The third camouflage pattern became available Hallowe'en of 2017 and it's likely that this too will become a rare accessory. It remains to be seen if Wargaming will offer these options again in future events. Her consumables are standard, with her Damage Control Party having a 15s active period and a 120s/80s reset timer. Consumables: Damage Control Party Repair Party Spotter Aircraft or Float Plane Fighter Module Upgrades: Five slots, standard battleship options Premium Camouflage: There have been three Tirpitz camouflage types. When purchased, you receive the Tier 6+ Standard (Type 10). This provides 50% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. Veterans with Tirpitz may have access to Tarnanstrich - Tirpitz. This is the equivalent of the Type 11 camouflage found on Anshan. It provides 100% bonus free experience in addition to the Type 10 camouflage buffs. For Hallowe'en of 2017, the camouflage Magnu-S - Tirpitz became available. This provides the same bonuses as the Type 10 above but includes a 10% reduction to repair costs. (A special thanks to SoliDeoGloria for their help with this). These bonuses are identical to the premium camouflage you can purchase for Bismarck for 4,000 doubloons. Remember to equip as many premium consumables as you can readily afford. In order of priority these should be Damage Control Party, then Repair Party and finally her Spotter Aircraft or Float Plane Fighter. Of the two options provided, the Spotter Aircraft is (generally) more useful. This not only provides additional range (which is of limited use), but it also allows you to better triangulate the necessary range needed to bulls-eye ships hiding in smoke screens by homing in on the origin of their tracers. Her Float Plane Fighter isn't an awful choice, however, and with the right skill build, can be very useful in spotting approaching torpedoes and even detecting enemy destroyers. For upgrades, take the following: In your first slot, Main Armaments Modification 1 is essential. Your torpedo tubes will get knocked out often and your guns are going to take a lot of abuse too. In your second slot, you have a choice. Aiming Systems Modification 1 is optimal. This increases the performance of your main battery, but it comes at a cost -- the maximum range and accuracy of your secondary gun systems. If you want to use a full secondary build, take Secondary Guns Modification 2. In your third slot, take Damage Control System Modification 1. In your fourth slot, you have a choice. Damage Control System Modification 2 is optimal. Fire damage is more prevalent than ever. This module will save you 1,871hp per fire that's allowed to burn itself out (2.7% of your HP). Alternatively, you can take Steering Gears Modification 2 to assist with agility, but on its own, it will not improve manoeuvrability much without help. And finally, in your final slot, take Concealment Modification 1. Versus Bismarck There are a few difference between the two sister ships. Bismarck gets access to the Hydroacoustic Search consumable. Veterans of Bismarck may also have access to up to four different permanent camouflage patterns, though their bonuses are all identical to the permanent camouflage Bismarck can purchase. Firepower Primary Battery: Eight 380m rifles in 4x2 turrets in an A-B-X-Y superfiring configuration. Secondary Battery: Sixteen 105mm rifles in 8x2 turrets, twelve 150mm rifles in 6x2 turrets. Torpedoes: Eight tubes in 2x4 launchers, one off each side behind the funnel. Torpedoes Tirpitz's torpedoes help make her the Best Brawling Battleship in World of Warships. This is a title she's held since her introduction in September of 2015 and she hasn't surrendered it to any contenders since. Tirpitz was the first battleship in World of Warships to be given a torpedo armament and it caused a lot of fuss back in the day. Since then, Mutsu, Kii and the Scharnhorst sisters have joined her, but this hasn't diminished her prestige. Tirpitz's torpedo armament is the heaviest among battleships. However, when the stats of her torpedoes are examined on paper, they seem hardly inspiring. With a range of a mere 6km and a hitting power that seems more akin to weapons found on tier V or VI vessels, they can appear deceptively lackluster. Tirpitz's torpedoes are a brawling weapon and in this regard, they can be viewed as the equivalent of dealing a citadel penetration with her main battery per individual torpedo strike. Being able to deliver up to four of these against any target (regardless of angle) is an enormous strength and makes Tirpitz an exceedingly dangerous opponent in close quarters. Even single hits can be near catastrophic with the threat of flooding stacking upon the fires lit by her secondaries. Their lack of range is their biggest weakness. It's so short that it's a rare game that a well played Tirpitz gets to use them at all. And I do stress this "well played" part. Pushing to brawling ranges too early will only isolate Tirpitz from her support and invites to get her focused down by enemy vessels. Many a novice Tirpitz player has brazenly charged ahead to try and make use of this trump card, only to frustrate themselves with getting sent back to port for their folly. There's a reason this ship has earned the moniker "Derpitz" -- this mistake is commonplace. Don't be one of those chowderheads that helps propagate this stereotype. Another flaw of Tirpitz's torpedo launchers is their fragility. They get damaged often -- disabled both temporarily and permanently. This stems from three inherent problems with her torpedo launchers. Their hit point total. Their lack of armour protection. The amount of fire Tirpitz takes. Tirpitz's torpedo launchers have a standard 1,200 hit points -- a value common to all torpedo launchers, as is their 25% chance of being temporarily disabled per damaging hit received. They are effectively unarmoured, making them exceedingly vulnerable to high explosive shells. Taking Main Armaments Modification 1 increases their hit points to 1,800 and reduces the chance of being critically damaged down to 20% per hit, which is better, but not great. It's only by stacking the captain skill, Preventative Maintenance, that you can get their critical hit chance down to a more manageable 14% per hit taken, but this won't save them from total destruction.The volume of fire Tirpitz takes in a typical match all but guarantees your torpedoes will be temporarily disabled at least once. It's heartbreaking to lose one of these mounts permanently. There are few things worse than finally securing a chance to use them in close quarters only to find them missing. The prevalence of Royal Navy battleship high explosive fire has only increased the likelihood of Tirpitz losing her torpedoes. If you find yourself coming under fire from a British battleship, you're very likely to have your torpedoes permanently stripped after receiving a volley or three. Provided Tirpitz can survive getting into a close quarters engagement (and with her torpedo armament intact), her torpedoes give her an excellent chance of clinching the win in any brawl, even against tier X battleships. Tirpitz's main battery penetration values courtesy of World of Warships Armada. Secondaries One of the most significant changes that came to Tirpitz has been the improvement of her secondary gun battery. Tirpitz now boasts one of the most fearsome secondary gun complements in the game, with phenomenal reach and volume of fire. No other ships in the game currently put out the same wall of fire as German Battleships can. The buff Tirpitz received increased her secondary gun battery range from 4.5km when she was initially released up to Bismarck's own 7.5km reach. Fully specialized, Tirpitz's guns may reach out to a range of 11.3km between modules, skills and consumables. This is insane. Like, seriously -- I get that Wargaming was trying to be consistent, but holy meatballs on a six inch sub, did she really need this buff!? The disruption effect of these secondaries is considerable -- it's like an aura of doom that gradually sucks the life out of enemy ships that stray too close to the German behemoth. Tirpitz is veritably surrounded by a dark cloud of death and destruction. The closer enemies get, the more deadly the storm of shell and fire, leaving opponent choking for air and desperate to get away. The better of the two guns are her twelve 150mm guns are mounted between six turrets. Four enjoy favourable forward firing angles. These guns have a slower rate of fire of eight rounds per minute stock (this can be increased to 9.36rpm between Basic Fire Training and the Mike Yankee Soxisix signal and bumped up further with Adrenaline Rush). However, they have a decent base fire chance of 8% per shell. More impressively, they have improved penetration values of 37mm (as opposed to 25mm as would be expected), allowing them to damage the extremities of any warship they should encounter. This makes it easy for Tirpitz to stack damage even against other high tier battleships at medium to close range encounters. Her sixteen 105mm guns form the backbone of her secondary armament and they have more mixed performance. They have an excellent rate of fire, being able to spit out a fearsome 17.91rpm per gun (increasing up to 20.95rpm with the skills and consumable mentioned before). Their fire chance is only modest at 5% but when coupled with their rate of fire, the chance to set blazes is better (pound for pound) than Tirpitz's 150mm guns provided you can land the hits. However, unlike the 150mm guns, Tirpitz's 105mm guns do not enjoy increased penetration values. This leaves them with a paltry 18mm of penetration which is utterly insufficient to damage the hulls of tier VIII+ destroyers. Short of landing shells upon a target vessel's superstructure in high tier matches, her 105mm secondaries are not going to be stacking direct damage. The solution may seem to be to reach for the skill Inertial Fuse for HE Shells to correct this, but this damages the fire chance of all of Tirpitz's weapon systems. Still, this would provide Tirpitz with the ability to ravage all destroyers and British cruisers within her matchmaking spread. One of the drawbacks of German HE shells, to which her secondaries are not immune, is their low damage per hit. Tirpitz will do no more than 561 damage per 150mm hit and a mere 396 damage at best per 105mm hit (compare this to the 726 damage from Warspite's 152mm HE and the 495 damage from her 102mm HE). It takes a long time for Tirpitz to stack damage with her secondaries. This damage will add up, but don't expect it to win matches by themselves. Like Tirpitz's torpedoes, rushing blindly forward to make use of these weapons will only get you killed. Support your team. Don't let yourself become isolated just because you want to subject your opponents to your poo-gas stink cloud of shelly-flamey doom. Overall, Tirpitz's secondaries are a powerful tool. They can provide an alarming level of supporting fire that can surprise and intimidate your opponents. However, they are not a wunderwaffe -- they will not win matches by themselves. It takes a significant investment to make them truly formidable, often at the cost of survival skills. Used correctly, her secondaries can help tip the balance in engagements and even in matches, but they are a support-weapon, not a primary weapon. Main Battery So, Tirpitz has great secondaries and powerful torpedoes -- but what about her main battery guns? I'm very tempted to say, 'What ABOUT her guns?' and leave it at that (what are you, greedy?), but they are worth examining. Tirpitz shares the same guns as Gneisenau and Bismarck. These are high velocity 380mm rifles that compete well with comparable 15" AP rifles found on any of the Royal Navy battleships. They have high shell velocity, and decent penetration power. They aren't without their problems, however. It may sound funny to say after reviewing her heavy torpedo and secondary batteries, but Tirpitz is under-armed. Let's start with her penetration power. While Tirpitz does enjoy better penetration than Monarch, all this means is that she doesn't have the worst penetration at tier VIII. The performance of her AP shells is best considered "sufficient" and no more than that. She sits well behind Kii and Amagi and even further behind Alabama, Massachussetts and North Carolina. Her HE shells do have better penetration than normal, sharing Monarch's ability to best 95mm of armour. However, unlike the British, German HE damage is anemic. In fact, the damage off both her AP shells and HE shells isn't great for her tier. They have decent fire chances, but you'd be a fool to reach for HE in this ship with any regularity. Accuracy wise, the news isn't good. Tirpitz has the least accurate guns at her tier. They're hit with a one-two punch of German battleship dispersion levels (which are the worst in the game) and 1.8 sigma. This is further compounded by the wide spacing of her guns not only on the ship (Tirpitz is enormous) but within the turrets themselves. The last piece of the puzzle is that players so often make things worse by not installing Aiming Systems Modification 1 in order to instead boost their aforementioned secondaries. Expect some serious misbehaving where gunnery is concerned. Her biggest weakness, however, is that Tirpitz has only eight 380mm guns. Though she boasts a faster reload time, this really hurts her outgoing damage potential. This is compounded when she's forced to angle against long range fire. Her guns all suffer from a 290º fire angle which isn't terrible, but it's not great either (we'd want 300º fire angles for 'great'). While Tirpitz is largely immune to citadel hits, she's not immune to taking massive 20,000 spikes of damage when an enemy battleship catches too much of her side. This disparity in guns really hurts in bow-tanking situations. The British and American battleships can trade fire back with six guns, you're often only left with four. So Tirpitz's main battery is meh. Sure, it handles great. Sure, she's got a good rate of fire and decent range. Her AP shells are good enough, but she doesn't put enough shells downrange to compete with the other big ships at her tier (other than her sister). It's a good thing she's got her secondaries and torpedoes. But, don't let all of this negativity lull you cruiser and battleship-drivers into complacency. Tirpitz is still a battleship and she's still throwing 6.4 tonnes of death at you every twenty-six seconds. If only a third of that hits you, you're still going to have what the Chieftain describes as "a significant emotional event". Her guns are good enough. However, her overall firepower is phenomenal. Summary: Her main battery is weak. Her AP performance is okay but still miles behind the Japanese and American battleships. If that weren't enough, the gun dispersion will troll you often. This isn't a long range sniper by any stretch. Her secondaries are awesome, though they're not the be-all-end-all murder-machines they appear to be. You'll rarely get to use her torpedoes, but when you do, they will be game changers Versus Bismarck Tirpitz is better armed than Bismarck, having access to deck mounted torpedoes while Bismarck does not. In addition, Tirpitz has slightly better forward fire angles on two of her 105mm secondaries which are placed further out from the hull. The two sisters are otherwise identical here. Manoeuvrability Top Speed: 30.5 knotsTurning Radius: 850mRudder Shift: 16.0s Maximum Rotation Rate: 4.11º/s Tirpitz has speed to spare. She's not the fastest battleship at her tier (Bismarck holds that honour by a half knot), but she's pretty damn quick. A lot of apologies can be made for a ship with long legs. It facilitates much. It provides her with flexibility. It allows you to get out of (and into) trouble. It also can partially mitigate a bad turning radius as she'll come about faster than her turning circle might otherwise indicate. As far as her handling goes, it's not great. She has a long rudder shift time and an enormous turning circle. The only spot of good news is that she can throw the ship about at a respectable 4.1º/s despite these shortcomings. Adding Steering Gears Modification 2 can reduce her rudder shift time down to 12.8 seconds but this doesn't help her rate of turn significantly. In terms of manoeuvrability, Tirpitz will never be anything but average for a large battleship. She has more power than agility. Versus Bismarck Bismarck is half a knot faster than Tirpitz in a straight line. She's also slightly faster in a turn, keeping a speed of 23.4 knots when her rudder is hard over while Tirpitz lags behind at 23.0 knots. This increases Bismarck's rate of rotation to 4.2º/s. If there's one thing Tirpitz doesn't want for, it's speed. She's able to sprint at over 30 knots -- more than enough to keep up with the rest of the fleet and traverse the enormous high tier maps with haste. DurabilityHit Points: 69,300Maximum Protection: 315mm belt + 120mm turtleback + 45mm citadel wall Min Bow & Deck Armour: 32mmTorpedo Damage Reduction: 22% There's a lot to talk about here and not all of it good. There has been a significant meta shift for Tirpitz over the summer of 2017. Let's start with the really bad stuff. First of all, Tirpitz has awful torpedo protection for a high tier ship. The values at tier VIII vary from 19% up to 49% and Tirpitz definitely sits in the lower half. At least she's not the worst. Torpedoes will hit her for most of their listed damage and you can expect to take flooding criticals from most hits. She's a big target and she doesn't dodge well, so torpedoes (especially the air dropped kind) love you. Moving on... Tirpitz is horribly vulnerable to both American and German AP bombs dropped by Dive Bombers. Ironically in this game, the more armour you have on your decks, the more dangerous AP dive bombers become. Suffice to say, Tirpitz is "well protected" across her decks and the roof of her citadel. In practice this means she has enough armour to arm the fuses of any AP bombs that strike her and guarantee they won't overpenetrate. She can and will take multiple citadel hits from armour piercing bombs and it is not uncommon for her to be deleted outright from an attack wave of dive bombers from Enterprise or Graf Zeppelin, even from full health. Anytime Tirpitz faces Enterprise or Graf Zeppelin (or any future CV with AP bombs), take heed. These are your nemesis. Citadel hits are thankfully rare otherwise. While her excellent armour scheme works at cross-purposes with itself against AP bombs, it functions as designed against shell strikes. The armour design is very straight forward with a 315mm thick strip of external belt armour, an interior 45mm thick citadel wall and, between them, a 120mm angled plate to help divert or deflect incoming shells. Were these a simple sandwich of vertical plates, this would combine to a total thickness of 480mm -- proof enough against the penetration power of even the vaunted USN 406mm/45s at a range of 15km but the angle of the turtleback makes this even thicker. In practice, her opponents cannot land citadel hits against her at medium to close ranges. It's only from far out shots, with high penetration shells that she need worry and even then it's a rarity. Her short range protection gets even more impressive under close inspection. Not only can she prevent citadel penetrations, but the extended 60mm bow armour can allow her to ricochet even Yamato's 460mm AP shells aimed at her waterline (this won't hold up if she aims a little higher, though). A properly angled Tirpitz can survive a ridiculous amount of AP-shell punishment thrown at her. It doesn't hurt that Tirpitz has the highest hit point total at her tier which translates to a Repair Party consumable that heals a generous 9,702hp per charge. With much of the ship being covered by a minimum of 60mm of armour, Tirpitz enjoys significant protection against HE throwing vessels. Her amidship hull is all but immune to damage saturation from destroyer and cruiser thrown-HE shells (the notable exception being Graf Spee). However, this all falls apart when the Royal Navy battleships show up to ruin the fun. This has presented a rather pronounced shift in Tirpitz's meta. Where before the ship could build for secondary gun fire, manoeuvrability and concealment, commanders are now forced to seriously consider stocking up on survivability skills instead to mitigate fire damage. There is no solid protection against the Royal Navy high explosive shells for Tirpitz, short of finding cover or sinking the offending party. Tirpitz's Damage Control Party is often overtaxed in such encounters and skills like Fire Prevention, Basics of Survivability and High Alert as well as upgrades like Damage Control Modification 2 have increased significantly in value. The prevalence of Royal Navy Battleships is beginning to ebb somewhat, but survivability builds are still very much worth considering. The shift in meta has hurt Tirpitz's survivability in a few short months. She's still a very tough ship, but the good grades she previously earned have been marred with new developments. While she has always had to fear airstrikes, AP bombs present a new and very immediate threat to which she has no answer but to hope allies protect her. The prevalence of high explosive shells being thrown everywhere has made her great armour scheme less valuable. At least the RAF doesn't get to dump Tallboy bombs on you. There are more answers to counter Tirpitz than before. This doesn't make her durability rating poor. She's just not the be-all-end-all that she once was in this regard. Versus Bismarck Tirpitz outweighs Bismarck and enjoys a 100hp advantage over her sister ship. Bismarck has a thicker armoured belt, though, which reaches 320mm. This 5mm advantage also extends to her underwater belt protection which is 245mm versus 240mm on Tirpitz. Otherwise, the two sisters are very close in this regard. Broken in half by sustained Battleship and Cruiser fire, this cross section (though tragic) gives a beautiful interior view of the compartmentalization and different armour layers which makes the Tirpitz so tough to citadel. Concealment & Camouflage Base Surface Detection Range: 16.38km Air Detection Range: 14.79 km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 12.30km Surface Detection when Firing in Smoke: 15.05km Main Battery Range: 21.45km Surface Detection within Tier: 6th out of 9, behind Alabama & Alabama ST. Surface Detection within Matchmaking: 15th out of 33 The Bismarck-sisters used to be considered reasonably stealthy for a tier VIII battleship. The introduction of Royal Navy Monarch changed this definition, however, with a 1.8km advantage over the German leviathans. Still, Tirpitz's surface detection isn't terrible, it's just nothing to get excited about anymore. Still, it's pretty hilarious sneaking upon tier VII cruisers and magically appearing in front of them like a total creeper. Versus Bismarck The two sister ships have the exact same surface detection range. This extends to their detection range when firing their guns in smoke. Bismarck is marginally more stealthy overall, though, with an aerial detection range of 14.67km. This is really too close to matter very much, though, especially at the speeds aircraft fly. Anti-Aircraft DefenseAA Battery Calibers: 105mm / 37mm / 20mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 4.5km / 3.5km / 2.0kmAA DPS per Aura: 134 / 21 / 84 Float Plane Fighter DPS: 60 Tirpitz has the lowest AA power among Battleships of her tier. Not only does she have less overall average damage per second, but her large caliber guns are shorter ranged than those found on Amagi, Kii, North Carolina or Alabama. This puts a big ol' target overtop of Tirpitz for any enemy carrier looking to hoover up some big damage numbers. However, Tirpitz is not without redeeming qualities. The majority of her anti-aircraft strength is found within her dual purpose 105mm batteries and this provides a comparable long-range punch to the American Battleships and gives Tirpitz a bit of a saving grace. Properly specialized with anti-aircraft skills, her AA defense can be brought up to a respectable level with Basic and Advanced Fire Training and the inclusion of Manual Fire Control for AA Guns. This is a heavy investment to bring Tirpitz up from a ready victim of aircraft to make her a less appealing target, though. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that an enemy aircraft will recognize or appreciate the difference. The stakes have only gotten higher for Tirpitz with the advent of armour piercing bombs. The proliferation of these weapons has made playing German Battleships more challenging. When one of these carriers is on the enemy team list, it's imperative (more so!) that Tirpitz hug the AA umbrella of friendly vessels judiciously, preferably with a cruiser armed with Defensive Fire to scatter the bomb drop. Even a 5.0km gap between vessels can spell the end, allowing for opportunistic strikes to end the German juggernaut in ridiculously short order. If I didn't impress it upon you earlier, I will say it again: ships like Enterprise and Graf Zeppelin are fully capable of destroying a full health Tirpitz with a single sortie of their bomber complement and there's no amount of manoeuvre that will save you. You do not have the AA power to fend off these attacks and you're one of the few targets they can do this to. You are a hunted ship from the moment the game begins, so seek the cover of your allies at all times. Yeah. Tirpitz's AA power is pretty bad. This is the reason every single aircraft will divert onto you if they see you're unsupported. Versus Bismarck Here's where the big difference really counts. Bismarck doesn't have especially good anti-aircraft firepower, but it's a damn sight better than Tirpitz. This can be enough to make Bismarck look like a less inviting target if a carrier needs to choose between them, which is really all that matters when push comes to shove. How to Made in German Insert mustachioed crazy-person picture here There are two primary builds for Tirpitz -- survivability and a manual-secondary build. You could consider this the difference between specializing for defense versus specializing for offense. For the Survivability Build your first ten skill points should be the following: Start with Priority Target. Take Adrenaline Rush for your next skill. If you're going to be taking damage, you may as well capitalize upon it. Next grab Superintendent for the extra heal. Cap it off with Fire Prevention to reduce the chance of being set ablaze and the number of fires that can be burning at one time. For your next nine points, spend them on Concealment Expert, Basics of Survivability and Expert Marksman. You have a little flexibility with this build. You can take High Alert as your last skill if you struggle on managing your Damage Control Party. This build is ideally backed with flags like India Delta (+20% Repair Party healing), India Yankee (-20% to Fire duration) and November Foxtrot (-5% to consumable reload time). For the Secondary Build, your first ten skill points looks like this: Begin with Priority Target. Take Adrenaline Rush for your next skill. Improve that secondary reload time! Up next is Basic Fire Training to increase their rate of fire further still. This has the added bonus of giving your AA power a little more teeth. Take Advanced Fire Training as your next skill to throw that range out to your maximum reach. For your next nine points, Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament should be your first priority. After that, it's up to you which skills to choose. The highest value skills for Tirpitz are (in no particular order), Fire Prevention, Expert Marksman, Concealment Expert, Vigilance, and Superintendent. Special mention deserves to be placed towards Manual Fire Control for AA Guns. You can try and put it in there to give Tirpitz's AA power a little more teeth. Her dual purpose 105mm guns do put out an excellent bit of firepower (albeit at 4.5km range). This will make her a thorny prospect for some of the lower tier carriers, but it will not save you when something of equal tier or higher decides it wants your hit points. Worse, even with this upgrade, it's unlikely to dissuade enemy CVs from trying their luck anyway and you're not going to wipe out the attack craft wave so you will still end up taking damage. Still, you can at least make attacks on your vulnerable BB more costly for the carriers, but don't kid yourself in thinking this will be a tremendous help. I never thought I would say this but air dropped torpedoes aren't Tirpitz's most pressing concern these days. Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult If ever Tirpitz could have been called a premium battleship for beginners, that time has long passed. There are more threats to manage now and the use of consumables and positioning is of ever more importance. Granted, she is German and that does provide some training wheels for the novice, but she's not a simple ship to use... if she ever was. Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Knowing every trick in the book will take you far with Tirpitz. She rewards angling, proper ammunition choices, abusing concealment, micromanaging consumables and min-maxing commander skills. However, she has no answer for aircraft from same tier or higher carriers (even Kaga and Saipan are considerable threats). Similarly, torpedo armed destroyers will dominate you. In this regard, no amount of skill will allow you to carry further beyond bringing a division mate to be your permanent flak battery and sonar buoy. The Lertbox Is she worth your money? The venerable Tirpitz. Is she still relevant? There is no denying that meta shifts and power creep have not been kind to her. Despite recent-ish buffs to her secondary range she still struggles around the middle of the pack in winrate and damage per game. I still have a soft spot for her though and believe she still has a place in this game. She's still the Queen of the Brawl with a very nasty poison dagger and destroyers should still fear her secondary battery. Where she falls apart though is in long range gunnery. Unfortunately with the introduction of the British BB line this is where the meta has been shifting; raining literal fire from afar. With only eight 15" barrels with mediocre accuracy she can't compete in a pure burning contest at long range. Other than that though, I believe Tirpitz still has a place in this game. She still excels in the brawl, she's still tough as nails. Even though she's not the queen of the tier 8 battleships anymore, she's still comfortable to drive. Mouse's Summary: Tirpitz is still the brawling heavyweight champion in the game. Her main battery guns wouldn't be terrible if they were more accurate or if she had more of them. Alas she doesn't. She's not incapable of doing large amounts of damage -- she just has to work at it more if you're only using her main battery guns. Once you supplement them with her secondaries and torpedoes, the sky's the limit. The only problem there is that opportunities to use the latter two weapon systems to their full effect aren't guaranteed and you run the risk of getting yourself wrecked if you try and do so before it's time. She's horribly vulnerable against aircraft and AP armed Dive Bombers make her wet herself and not in the sexy way. While it's arguably more intelligent to rig her for survivability, it's more fun to build her to use secondaries. I am glad I didn't finish this review when I started back in the Spring of 2017. I had originally wanted to talk about her after patch 0.6.0 -- to bring her up to date with the Captain skill change. However, it was when I received word that Tirpitz would be getting the same secondary gun range as Bismarck in patch 0.6.4 that pushed Tirpitz closer towards the top of my priority pile. 'What the heck is the point of Bismarck, then!?' I said to myself, groaning as yet another premium ship became arguably more powerful than her tech-tree counterpart. But I got busy -- first with Kaga, then Hood, then every other premium WG released over the summer. Tirpitz, and a hot-headed grump-fest about how she was superior to Bismarck, sat by the wayside. Then Enterprise showed up. Say what you will about this American carrier in World of Warships -- it announced a change in the meta that would be directed towards reigning in the dominance of battleships and the German battleships specifically. Tirpitz suffered especially with her poor AA rating. Wargaming followed this up by introducing Graf Zeppelin and the Royal Navy battleship line which seemed tailor made to neuter the German battleship strengths.. What made Tirpitz and Bismarck oh-so butt-kickingly powerful was punched in the throat. Their armour either mattered-for-not or it worked actively against them. So, powerful as Tirpitz is, she now faces one hard counter and a whole battleship line of soft counters. The meta has really shaken up around this premium battleship. Granted, she doesn't face this every game -- or even in most of her games. This has attacked some of the comfort level that used to exist when playing Tirpitz. In some games she can still be powerfully dominant. At other times, she's cowering on the second line until the bad airplanes and fire breathing dragons are properly neutralized. Now, I personally love this ship. It was one of the model kits that my father and I built together when I was little. Seeing her in World of Warships always touches on that small element of nostalgia for me. These rose tinted glasses are very dangerous to be wearing when trying to conduct an objective review. If I seem excessively negative about Tirpitz in this review, understand that I'm making sure I underline and stress her flaws. Tirpitz is still a great and powerful premium ship. Age may have tarnished her luster somewhat, but the buffs in 0.6.4 ensured she's able to stay not only relevant but highly competitive in the marketplace, even with AP Bombs and HE shells flying every which way. Tirpitz didn't sink the Bismarck when she received her improvements in 0.6.4, but she supplements her sister ship nicely. Any player that owns this ship should feel confident that she's still got it where it counts. Versus Bismarck Tirpitz does not make Bismarck redundant. The major difference between the two ships is the swap of AA Power and Hydroacoustic Search to equip yourself with a set of deck mounted torpedoes. That's a pretty serious quality-of-life changes for the sake of being able to shove fish up someone's nose. While it's wonderful for Tirpitz to be able to pull this off and it can be absolutely game changing when it happens, it's a rare occurence. AA power, on the other hand, is put to use far more often. So too can Bismarck's Hydrouacoustic Search any time she's being pursued by torpedo-armed destroyers. The buffs Tirpitz received didn't make her replace Bismarck -- she supplements her sister ship as any good premium sister-ship should, with her own fun strengths and weaknesses. Though things were looking up in patch 0.6.4, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows for Tirpitz since. Would I Recommend? Tirpitz used to be an easy recommendation across all categories. For PVE Battles How well does the ship maintain profitability in Co-Op modes and how does she fare against bots? Lert: Yeah. She still puts out a lot of damage at brawling range and she can still bully bots. She'll be a solid and steady earner. Mouse: Yes. Tirpitz is probably the ultimate Co-Op premium battleship so I cannot recommend her enough here.. Big guns, big secondary range and torpedoes? Combine that with speed and good armour -- those poor little bots don't stand a chance. You can forgo all pretense of subtlety and simply charge in, confident that you have the close-range damage to sink at least a pair of ships before going down. Earning 500 base experience in Co-Op is a breeze. This sort of confidence will no doubt spill over into Scenarios should they become available at her tier. Tripitz has a 39,375 credit repair cost with ammunition usually weighing and around the 7,500 to 15,000 credits to resupply. Thus, even a modest game will be self sustaining (especially with a premium account). You may have to forgo premium consumables if you have a stock account though. For Random Battle Grinding: This includes training captains, collecting free experience, earning credits and collecting signal flags from achievements. Lert: She'll still pull in the credits and the close quarters expert badges and she'll still train your german captains in comfort. She gets a recommendation of Yes here. Mouse: Yes. Though Tirpitz is harder to recommend as a Random Battle vessel, I would still say she's a good purchase overall. She no longer feels like the dominating presence she was before Enterprise and the Royal Navy battleships joined the game. Moreover, on the North American server at least, she is facing tier X battles more and more often, but this is a problem inherent to all tier VIII premiums at the moment. For Competitive Gaming: Competitive Gaming includes Ranked Battles and other skill-based tournaments. This also includes stat-padding. Lert: No. There are other alternatives that better fit the meta. Mouse: No. Tirpitz is not the best choice for Ranked Battles. Her gunnery is too unreliable and her lack of anti-aircraft firepower can be a liability depending upon team composition. If this is your primary reason for wanting a premium ship, I would give her a pass here. She can compete, but there are better and more versatile choices. For Collectors: If you enjoy ship history or possessing rare ships, this section is for you. Lert: It's Tirpitz, the ship that scared the pants off of wartime Britain without actually doing anything other than sipping martinis and swatting at RAF flies in a fjord. Plus, she's one of the most beautiful ships in the game. Very yes. Mouse: Yes. Tirpitz's history is less glamorous than her sister ship and full of what ifs, but she certainly gets the imagination going. Plus, Wargaming can't seem to stop making cool premium camouflages for her. For Fun Factor: Bottom line: Is the ship fun to play? Lert: Brawling is fun. Ships that are comfortable to drive are fun. A strong yes here. Mouse: Very yes. Tirpitz is the sort of ship where those memorable moments keep rolling in. What's the Final Verdict? How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage - Meh - Good - Overpowered?
  4. I got the last conquest skin for my Bismarck, but when I select it, it doesn't make the turrets yellow, and only adds the black and white stripes. For the battle damaged one it dosent even show any damage. any help?
  5. anonym_bleJN7gXeLqd

    I citadeled a Tirpitz

    I I could not believe my eyes when I saw this....but while I was in my MS Bismarck, I citadeled an enemy KM Tirpitz with my main 15-inch guns. This screenshot I took seconds after it happened: I suppose this means that you COULD manage to penetrate the turtleback-armor scheme of German battleships.
  6. hughjass07

    Tirpitz Still Has It

    Howdy folks! Why is it that we have ships in our ports that we often leave neglected, taking them out rarely? I have quite a few ships in port that rarely see the light of day, and Tirpitz is one of them. Why, I don't know, but I'll choose Bismarck over Tirpitz 9.9 times out of ten. After this battle though, I'll be sailing Tirpitz more often.
  7. HuTao_prpr

    Close Quarters Cinematic

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq7HHcaeKao Another short cinematic I made. For some reason, the free camera in the replays doesn't allow zooming in, so have fun viewing this fully zoomed out footages lmbo
  8. O encouraçado Großer Kurfürst, assim como o Friedrich der Große, deveriam ter torpedos, assim como o Gneisenau e o Tirpitz, pois no Z Plan, a classe H, como o H39, H41, H42, H43, H44 tinham torpedos, de 533mm. Nada mais justo do que os grandes BB alemães hi tier terem, já que ambos são baseados na classe H.
  9. O jogo poderia colocar camuflagem "black" para os barcos tier X, assim como a camuflagem INFERNAL, foi adquirida uma, e possível comprar mais caso fosse desejado. As camuflagens black assim como tirpitz são belíssimas, no entanto ser limitadas a alguns barcos tier mais baixos é uma pena, camuflagem permanente black, seria ótimo.
  10. I'm not sure where in the forum to ask this question, but I would like to know from anyone who might know if the Tirpitz B will be offered for sale again this Halloween? I could not afford it last year and has just started playing, so I really would like to have this ship because I really like the design of it. If anyone knows or knows who I should ask, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know. (While I'm at it, how do you make the title of a new topic in bold instead of plain text?) Thanks!
  11. Big thing: I’m not saying that Tirpitz is underpowered, I just think her once razor sharp edge has dulled and it wouldn’t hurt to sharpen it again. I am not a great Tirpitz player. I don’t know why, I mean I’ve grinded all the way to Kurfürst and understand how to play the German BB’s I guess the ship just doesn’t suit me. So take everything I say here with some salt. Tirpitz is the oldest of the German BB’s in the game and she’s incredibly strong in the right circumstances. However, with the current gameplay those circumstances are rare and the majority of time is spent at long range where the Tirpitz couldn’t hit the ocean if it tried. At close range the main battery is perfectly fine and it has torpedoes along with 10km secondaries. However the current gameplay the Tirpitz rarely sees those close in engagements, often being forced to retreat from a Worcester or DM hiding behind an island. Not to mention slingshotting Hakuryus doing 30k salvos without losing a single plane. In the current gameplay close range engagements between ships happens most often at the end of games, meaning Tirpitz has to spend most of the battle in the one area she’s terrible at long range. I think that by giving Tirpitz better performance at long range will improve the gameplay experience. And on top of all this the Tirpitz main guns aren’t strong at T8. They’re decent but 380mm is the same caliber as Bayern, Warspite and QE which are T6. To sum up the punching power of a 15” gun is pretty bad at T8 on top of how in accurate they are and how few of them means that at long range the Tirpitz is really underwhelming. I think that by giving the Tirpitz slightly better dispersion or by decreasing the reload the Tirpitz will be slightly more competitive in the current gameplay.
  12. Tirpitz or the Atlanta for credit farmer/captain building. I'm looking for a really good boat that can make some decent credits but also build up some captains in the process. My play style is mainly playing with destroyers and Battleships. I recently got the Massachusetts and love it's secondary but I'm also looking for another great credit farmer and captain builder. So i can swap by and forth between the two. Would like to spend 60$ or below on a new ship. Any opinions?
  13. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Tirpitz - Upgrade Choices

    Heyo, looking for opinions. Running my German BB skipper in my tirpitz and specced for secondaries because that's fun. But for that purpose of close range brawling, what upgrades should i take? Slot 1: main armaments mod 1 to try and keep my torpedoes from getting sniped 2 km from the haymaker to another BB, or keep on aux. armaments mod 1 for double secondary gun HP. currently have secondary mod. Slot 4: Damage control for lower fire duration, or rudder shift to wiggle better? Some might even argue for propulsion mod for better stop n go but I'd probably disagree. Currently have damage control. Slot 5: Target acquisition or concealment. I'm not running concealment on my commander, so I figure it won't help much and went for target acquisition to help spot torps a little better and push smoke a little better since tirp has no hydro. Ruynning target acq. Suggestions, thoughts, concerns?
  14. _RC1138

    Tirpitz B Question

    Can anyone who bought/got a Tirpitz B answer this question: Do past event Permanent Camos for the normal Tirpitz also work on the Tirpitz B? For example the Halloween or the 2016 New Years Perm camo? I assume that it doesn't, but I am curious.
  15. TheGreatBlasto

    WOWS' Red-Headed Step-Child

    Poor Bismarck and Tirpitz are the forgotten red-headed step-children of WOWS. Poor thangs are the victims of huge power creep by newer BBs and even cruisers. The secondary build was a cool fad for a bit which served to compensate for the fact that neither ship can hit anything past 15Kms. However, now it's time to give some love to the sisters.
  16. hi So got up this morning jumped on the computer got a few games in and then decided to head over to the forum to see what is up, and low and behold I find that word from up high about this whole West Virginia scandal had arrived, but we will get to that later. Lets talk about the old girl first and WG idea to create her in this model, the way I see it The Pre Pearl Harbour version is not the problem here to its those crazy kids at Lesta, why on earth they came to the conclusion to design the 41 version is beyond me, maybe they thought because Arizona went so well they could repeat it or maybe they use you some sought of lucky dip draw system where by they pick a name and year model out of hat, who knows with those kids. Anyway things are getting heated and people are getting inflamed and passionate and a lot name calling has been directed at poor old Wee Vee 41and its not really her fault so I think we should just relax leave her to rest in peace and focus our energies on convincing the powers that be to not go through with this design constructively. Now lets have look at this statement from the DEV blog World of Warships Development Blog SpSonSsoSredS · 19 hrs · Dear players. After the announcement of the tier VI American battleship West Virginia, we noticed that many of you would like to see this ship in a later configuration. Thank you for your feedback. We would like to inform you that the battleship, which we plan to add to the game now, will be renamed and called West Virginia ’41, and in the future we plan to create a West Virginia from a later period. WELL AT LEAST THEY ACKNOWLEGDED THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT HAPPY BUT THERE GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY, WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED, BUT YOU WILL GET ANOTHER CHANCE WITH A LATE WAR MODEL MAYBE, YEAH RIGHT I WAIT WITH BAITED BREATH FOR THE SECOND COMING. We would also like to note that the creation of a new configuration of the ship is a long process, which is largely similar to the creation of a ship from scratch. To reliably recreate the state of the ship for a certain year, we need to collect a lot of materials and evidence, work on the model, and carry it through all stages of testing. Therefore, we can not promise that West Virginia of the late period will appear in the game in the near future and ask for your patience and understanding as we work to deliver a ship that fits your expectations according to your valued feedback. THIS SECOND PARAGRAPH IS A GEM, THEY TELL US SHIPS TAKE A WHILE TO MAKE " WELL GUYS MAYBE YOU HAVE STARTED WITH THE LATE YEAR SHIP IN THE FIRST PLACE " THEN THEY NEED INFO TO MAKE THE LATE WAR SHIP, GEE HATE SEE WHAT THERE LIBRARY LOOKS LIKE THEN, OK HERE IS A FRIENDLY TIP ON HOW TO GET INFORMATION ON SHIPS " GOOGLE IT ". NOW HERE IS THE KICKER WITH THE SECOND PARAGRAGH " BUT YOU MIGHT NOT GET THE SHIP YOU WANT ANYWAY BUT WE WILL MAKE THE 1941 SHIP YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR, THE LIGHTS ARE ON BUT NOBODY'S HOME " This whole statement is a total contradiction, did I miss something is there a election in Russia, are these guys running for Parliament, because this exactly sounds like what a politician would say to voters. Really WG your in house SPIN DOCTORS are bad, you guys really need to use a outside PR firm when it comes to these controversial decisions you make, this statement sounds like a really badly worded failed attempt at damage control with the hope that people will simply buy this nonsense and it will quietly disappear, sorry WG its not going to happen, your digging yourself into a bigger hole. So its my understanding that a premium ship designed by WG are suppose to be in theory designed to there final model, however I'm certain someone will provide the correct information on premium ships, anyway based on that premise they still decided to design a Mutsu that did not have its1943 configuration and despite protest from the community they still went and did it, you barely see a Mutsu sailing in game, and when you see someone in one its like a " BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" situation. Tirpitz this ship is one of my all time favourite ships it was the first premium I ever bought but its not a premium ship in its final configuration, its the 1942 model not the 1944 one, @dseehafer who was a bigger fan than I tried to bring this to the attention of WG many times in the last couple of years, we know it WG knows it but we will never get a 1944 model. Now they are doing it again with this ship and they seem determined to push ahead no matter what, now its there company and they can do what they like however its a business and business needs money to continue so you can either buy the ship in the 1941 model and send a message to them that they can keep getting away with this and design the ships you DONT want or do what others have suggested show them that your not happy by keeping your wallet closed. Again I say 1941 West Virginia is not the problem its the people who refuse to listen to there customer base. regards
  17. It seems that the new Norwegian perma camo for Tirpitz is painted only on one side of the ship... If I confess, I do feel a little ripped off, even though it's at half off discount, lol. I hope it's not my game client going buggy or something. Just out of curiosity, is this camo based on a real camo used on real Tirpitz? Just wondering, that's all.
  18. Is there a bug with the Norwegian Tirpitz Camo? The Port side seems to be "unfinished." Starboard Side: Port Side: I was expecting some type of design to appear on the Port side.
  19. Another heads-up; Summer Sale Day 10's ship is Tirpitz. She's already live on the EU and Asia servers. SHIP OF THE DAY: TIRPITZ NA Price: TBA (30% Off) BUNDLE CONTENT VIII Tirpitz Port Slot DETAILS Today only: Battleship Tirpitz with a 30% discount! One of the most famous German ships—the legendary Tirpitz! Historically and in the game, this ship is distinguished for survivability. She combines excellent armor protection, formidable main guns, fantastic secondary gun battery complement, and torpedo launchers. If battleships are your ship of choice, Tirpitz will give you everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable sortie. Advantages: Perfect survivability and armor protection—a defining feature of German battleships. Awesome 380 mm main battery guns that can pack a real punch. This ship wields guns of a smaller caliber compared to that of other same-tier battleships, but her main battery has a faster reload. Heavy secondary battery complement with an excellent 7 km range. "Catapult Fighter" or "Spotting Aircraft" consumables. Torpedoes—a type of armament not typically found on battleships. Extra credits per battle and 50% more XP provided by the camouflage. If you already have this ship in your Port, you will receive 8,750 Doubloons as compensation. See the Wiki for the performance parameters of Tirpitz. (Or read LWM's review.)
  20. Doomwaffel

    Tirpitz captain struggle

    Hello everyone, recently I earned myself a Tirpitz from the Camo contest. And so far I enjoy it a lot, very brawler ish, which fits my playstile. So thats what I want to maximize. Now I have a little problem when it comes to the captain skills: I have 2 german captains so far that I could use: 1 is a regular one, the other the one that gives you a bonus on the torp detection skill. Sadly I ran the torp detection one on my cruisers so far and would have to retrain with hard earned cpt points. ^^ And since the other cpt is already skilled for the tirpi it would save me a lot of points. But I wouldnt get the torp skill bonus. So I am struggeling a bit on the skills and what to pick. So far: R1: PM R2: EM R3: BFT R4: AFT going for MFC for 14 points but besides that I am torn. I run the spotter range upgrade, so using the bonus captain+ improved Vigilance would grant me a big torp spot range, but do I need it? That would give me Vigilance + AR. in the end, but no concealment whatsoever. As an alternative I could go full stealth and replace the upgrade with the concealment one + Skill? Or a mix maybe? Like concealment upgrade, butu Vigilance skill or concealment skill + concealment upgrade? I am really torn right now about which captain to pick, and for which skills to plan. Open for all help. Thanks.
  21. The following is aimed at new(ish) players looking to find a little more information about various ships from events, for premium currency or for real-world cash. The goal is to allow players to make an educated decision before parting with their time and money and to find premium vessels that suit their chosen style of play, whether that is competitive, cooperative, or simply for fun. The idea here is to elabourate on information not commonly available through reading statistics and provide some (heavily) biased anecdotal evidence to encourage or dissuade you from making your purchase. The usual disclaimers apply: everyone knows the Matchmaker clearly loves me because I spend money so that's why I occasionally get really good games, not because I have any particular skills of note. Other articles in this series: Ships for Doubloons: Atlanta, Texas, Tachibana, Atago, Ishizuchi, Diana, Aurora, Murmansk, Molotov, Mikhail Kutuzov, Emden, Tirpitz, Campbeltown, Warspite, Blyskawica Limited Release Ships: Fujin, Kamikaze, Imperator Nikolai I, Anshan, Lo Yang, Marblehead, Indianapolis, Saipan Pre Order Ships: Sims, Yubari, Gremyashchy Gift & Reward Ships: Albany, Arkansas, Iwaki,Mikasa, Arpeggio of Blue Steel Ships: Kongo, Myoko Condensed Reading: Mouse's Quick Summary of Premium Ships Without further ado: The Tier 8 German Bismarck-class Battleship Tirpitz Quick Summary: A massive and surprisingly fast super-dreadnought. She is under-gunned for both her size and her tier. This is (partly) compensated with a faster rate of fire, decent secondary battery compliment and being the only battleship (so far) to be armed with deck mounted torpedoes. Cost: 12,500 Doubloons. Closest in-Game Contemporary: Warspite Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique Both the Warspite and Tirpitz are brawlers, designed for rather close-range fighting. No other Battleship comes close to these two in this specialty. Game play wise, though, they're entirely different in how they approach combat, with the Warspite relying on her incredible durability and Tirpitz attempting to make knock out blows with her fish. PROs Excellent rate of fire for a Battleship at 2.3 RPM. Good range on primary guns, up to 21.4km -- up to 25.7km with her float plane. Good ballistic performance with AP rounds with high muzzle velocity. Fast turret rotation for a Battleship of 36s for 180' turn. Decent secondary batteries with fair range of 4.5km. Powerful, short ranged torpedo armament with excellent arcs. Top speed of 30.5 knots. Good durability with large hit point pool and solid armour layout. CONs Lowest Alpha Strike & DPM of all Tier 8 Battleships USN level of (in)accuracy combined with wide spacing of guns in turrets makes dispersion feel exaggerated. HE performance is abysmal -- on par with tier 3 Battleships. Armour layout isn't quite as good as advertised. Poor AA load-out (changing in 0.5.6?) Largish turning circle of 850m. Non standard camouflage, oblique lighting and a rain squall? Sounds like the perfect formula for a screenshot to me! Tirpitz has changed subtly since her inception back in September of 2015 and my initial review. More significantly, when 0.5.3 went live, her anti-aircraft firepower changed along with that on every other ship. This wasn't enough to warrant an immediate revisit of the review -- particularly when Tirpitz has been largely unavailable on the North American server for as long as she has. However, with 0.5.6 on the horizon and players getting the ability to buy her for Doubloons, it seemed the perfect time to bring my review up to date. But I won't be flying solo on this one. Lert has once again volunteered his services to add a second layer of feedback for this review. The Lert Box Once again LWM has gracioucly allowed me some space in her review to post my own thoughts. This time though instead of a new, upcoming premium we're talking about a very notorious yet desired one that has been in the game for a long time already. I've put 314 battles through my own Tirpitz at the time of this writing, and maintain a decent 58% winrate with her, and an average damage caused of just over 60k. Is her notoriety deserved? Is her desirability? Let's find out. Options There are no real surprises when it comes to the options for Tirpitz. Be aware that you do have the choice between a float plane fighter and a spotter aircraft. In addition, her Damage Control Party is the standard version, with a 15 second active time found on the Russian Imperator Nikolai I. Consumables: Three slots Damage Control Party (15 second active time) Repair Party (9702hp per charge) Spotter Aircraft or Float Plane Fighter Module Upgrades: Five slots. Standard options (does not get access to the USN Artillery Plotting Modification). Interestingly, she is unable to take any modules related to her torpedo armament.Premium Camouflage: Tier 6+ standard. This provides 50% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. Artillery Primary Battery: 380mm main guns in 4x2 turrets (A-B-X-Y arrangement, super-firing)Secondary Battery: 105mm dual purpose rifles in 8x2 turrets, 150mm guns in 6x2 turrets The Lert Box Primary firepower: And this is where things start falling apart for Tirpitz, though not as much as one might expect. With the lowest alpha strike potential and lowest DPM potential of the three tier 8 battlewagons in the game, she comes in dead last in this category. Also, her accuracy isn't very good, to say the least. But it's not all bad news though. While she only has a 'mere' eight 15" rifles in four twin-barrel turrets, they have the best muzzle velocity of the three tier 8 heavyweights, and are thus easiest to aim. The shell trajectory is very flat, and together with a very good turret rotation that can easily keep up regardless how hard you throw the rudder around this pushes her more towards the brawling role than her armor scheme already does. Also, what does dispersion matter, when you are looking your enemy dead in the eyes at close range? Her range is on par with the others, reaching just over 21km base. Amagi gets the win here, with a set of 10 beautifully performing 16" rifles, with North Carolina taking second spot despite her floaty shells. Tirpitz: 1 pt North Carolina: 2 pts Amagi: 3 pts I don't like the main guns on Tirpitz. In the present meta, Tirpitz is under-gunned for her tier. This paradigm may shift with the inclusion of the Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine but for now, Tirpitz is sporting a mere eight 380mm rifles when her contemporaries in the American and Japanese tech trees have moved on to nine or ten 410mm guns. This means that Tirpitz can never match the potential alpha strike of the North Carolina or Amagi, having little more firepower than a tier 6 Warspite. Wargaming has addressed this disparity somewhat by providing Tirpitz with a faster rate of fire -- approximately 2.3rpm. However, she still lags behind the other tier 8 Battleships in terms of damage per minute even with this increase. In addition, Tirpitz is utterly lacking a sufficient high explosive shell. The striking power of her HE shells is worse than that of the Japanese tier 3 Kawachi-class Battleship. A standard penetrating (non citadel) hit with her high explosive shells will do a maximum of 1452 damage (726 damage to a saturated area) while an over-penetration with her AP rounds will do 1160 damage consistently. If it weren't for the benefits critical damage to modules and the chance of a fire, it wouldn't be worth reaching for her high explosive shells at all when engaging soft skinned targets like destroyers. Tirpitz shares a similar (if slightly worse) dispersion to range ratio as the USN Battleships. Ship Name Max AP Alpha AP DPM Max HE Alpha HE DPM HMS Warspite 91,200 182,400 42,400 84,800 USS North Carolina 117,900 235,800 51,300 102,600 IJN Amagi 126,000 252,000 65,000 130,000 KMS Tirpitz 92,800 213,440 35,200 80,960 It's not all bad news, though -- her guns are perfectly serviceable thanks to some nice perks. The modest increase to her rate of fire allows her to adjust and catch some ships off guard with the speed of her reload. Tirpitz also has the highest muzzle velocity of any of the tier 8 Battleships at 820m/s. This counteracts some of the accuracy problems with using her guns as she has less lead time at all ranges when compared to the Amagi and North Carolina, with almost a 2 second advantage on the North Carolina's AP shells at 20km. These two elements combined make her a very good cruiser-killer, able to take advantage of momentary opportunities to pick off citadels. Her range is also respectable, being worse than the North Carolina but better than the Amagi at 21.4km. Lastly, her turrets are rather fast turning for a battleship at 5' per second (36s for 180' rotation), allowing them to easily track most targets even with her rudder put hard over, or to switch to the aforementioned targets of opportunity with a quick traverse. Tirpitz has a rather formidable secondary battery. It's not quite up to IJN levels but she definitely has a respectable and more utilitarian load out with a homogeneous high explosive round build and good rates of fire. Their base range of 4.5km is a bit disappointing, but it's workable -- especially when paired with her other secondary armament. Tirpitz engages an enemy Amagi at over 20km in range. Though she can easily reach these distances, her guns are best suited for close range firefights. The Lert Box Secondary firepower: Tirpitz comes out of the gate strong with a set of very capable 150's, 6 barrels to a side. These fire HE shells and will do their best to set anything ablaze that wanders within their 4.5km base range. These guns are backed by a set of HE throwing 105mm's, 8 to a side, with the same base range. Amagi though takes the win here, with 16 AP throwing 140's, 8 per side, and 8 127's per side that fire HE, both to the same 4.5km base range. Poor North Carolina lags behind with 10 127mm barrels per side, firing HE out to 4.5km. And that would be it, if not for the public secret of Tirpitz's nasty poison dagger in the form of a set of Vierling torpedoes per side. These are the ubiquitous German 6km, 13.700 damage torpedoes that help push Tirpitz to the first spot in this category. Tirpitz: 3 pts North Carolina: 1 pt Amagi: 2 pts Torpedoes This is the feature of Tirpitz which earns it much of her hype. Tirpitz is (at the time this article was written) the only Battleship in World of Warships with a usable torpedo armament. Armed with two, quadruple deck launchers, Tirpitz's torpedoes have a phenomenal field of fire. She can easily launch from a 1 o'clock to a 5 o'clock aspect to starboard and a similar coverage to port. Her fish have a rather short range of 6.0km, but unlike Destroyers or Cruisers, she's tough enough to wade right into the thick of an engagement and dispense them. At a 64 knot top speed and 13,700 alpha strike per warhead, this allows Tirpitz to deliver knockout blows in close quarters brawling to anything foolish enough to allow her to get close. Her reload is 90s -- so if the battle is protracted, it's not unlikely for her to launch again. In the practical sense, these torpedoes allow Tirpitz to land the equivalent of an AP citadel hit from her main guns per torpedo. Slamming four into an enemy Battleship may not kill them but it will certainly leave them on very low health and make them easy to finish off. With a launcher off each side, Tirpitz is more than capable of wading into the midst of a pair of rival Dreadnoughts and coming out of it with one heck of a story to tell. Combined with her rather nice secondary gun batteries, Tirpitz is more than capable of stacking fires and flooding both, making her an absolute nightmare for anyone that lets her in close. Brawling against Tirpitz is never a good idea. She cheats, as this Colorado is quickly discovering. At 64 knots, it's very difficult for an enemy battleship to dodge a torpedo strike that's launched on a perpendicular path to their line of travel. When using your fish, hold off on launching them until you have the broadside of the enemy to ensure maximum damage. Aircraft Air Group: Single deployed float plane fighter or spotter aircraft. The Lert Box All three get access to the same options, the choice between a fighter and a spotter. I personally run a fighter. Tirpitz's base range is sufficient and her dispersion is such that you're really not going to hit much at longer ranges anyways. Category a draw. Tirpitz: 1 pt North Carolina: 1 pt Amagi: 1 pt As a Battleship, Tirpitz has the choice between a float-plane fighter and a spotter aircraft. Not much to say here. The float plane fighter is (to me) definitely more interesting, if only because I fan-girled all over seeing a float-plane version of the Bf-109. Utility wise, your mileage may vary. Any alert CV or enemy cruiser will quickly shoot down your 109 for a free air kill though it's very handy for helping give you advanced warning of incoming torpedoes with it's long endurance. The spotter will boost your range up to 25.7km and the faster reload of Tirpitz's main battery will let you take more advantage of the short window of opportunity than other Battleships. Maneuverability Top Speed: 30.5 knots. Turning Radius: 850m Rudder Shift: 16.0s It's a close race between the tier 8 Battleships for which one could be considered the most agile. In this respect, Tirpitz competes very well. She's faster than either the North Carolina or Amagi. Her rudder shift is also the best among her peers. The North Carolina beats her out on turning circles though, with a 90m advantage over the German Super Dreadnought. While she may be the 'best' in two out of three categories, I wouldn't go so far as to boast that she has "good" agility. Her best feature is certainly her top speed. With Steering Gears Modification 2, you can drop her rudder shift time down to a quite respectable level (for a battleship) of 12.8s. But Tirpitz will never feel truly "agile", not where it counts. Plan your turns well in advance. Heed any threats of aircraft or torpedoes long before they're spotted. She is, after all, a massive Battleship with more power than grace. The Lert Box This one is a bit tougher to call. Do I value straight line speed over turn radius, or the other way around? Tirpitz is the fastest out of the three, though only beating Amagi by half a knot. North Carolina has the tightest turn radius of the three with the best rudder shift. Amagi has the largest turn radius, though it's only 20m more than Tirpitz's. So how do I call this? Of all the categories this is the one that had me most stumped. Tirpitz is fastest, but only slightly. North Carolina is the most agile, but the slowest by a considerable margin. All I know is that with the slowest rudder shift, largest turning circle and second-place speed Amagi does not win. In the end, I'm giving the win to Tirpitz by the narrowest of margins, simply because of having the fastest speed and best rudder shift. North Carolina is close behind though. Very close. Tirpitz: 3 pts North Carolina: 2 pts Amagi: 1 pt Islands are a mixed blessing for Tirpitz. Though they provide cover and allow her to engage in close-ranged duels where she excels, they give her little room to maneuver. Her large turning circle make her feel cumbersome in such enclosed environments. However, they do give her the opportunity to make excellent use of her secondary batteries, torpedoes and armour. Her fast-turning turrets are perfect for such close range knife fights. Durability Hit Points: 69,300 Citadel Protection: 315mm + Turtleback Anti-Torpedo Bulge: 24% damage reduction In game, Tirpitz is almost as famous for her Survivability as she is for her torpedoes. Her armour layout is best described as "odd". On paper, she appears no better protected than the tier 7 Nagato or the tier 5 New York, but these values are misleading. Tirpitz has a classic Battleship armour scheme, similar to that found on WWI era vessels like the aforementioned Nagato, New York or ships like the Warspite. There is armour that covers almost her entire waterline from bow to stern, making her difficult to penetrate when she angles. But there's more to it than that. The interior of Tirpitz is heavily compartmentalized, leading to sandwiches of armour beyond the belt which incoming shells need to penetrate to affect a citadel hit. Most famously, she's equipped with "turtleback" around her citadel -- a series of steel plates, well sloped, and over 100mm thick to help deflect lateral shots that punch through the belt armour at a perpendicular angle. Effectively, at medium to close ranges, Tirpitz's citadel is protected by as much as 700mm of effective armour around her machine spaces and around 500mm around her magazines. Do keep the range in mind -- it's important. At a distance, however, even the slight dip of shells afforded by World of Warship's game engine can neutralize some of this protection. At ranges in excess of 14km, Battleship caliber guns plunge sufficiently that strikes landing just above the waterline can punch through the weaker armour over-top of the armoured belt. The increased angle also negates the turtleback armour considerably. What this means in practical terms is that Tirpitz doesn't take citadel hits very often, especially at medium ranges. At a distance, she has to worry about plunging fire and up close, some of the ships she'll face will have enough raw power in their shells to brutalize her magazines. You can expect to take a lot of penetrating hits in Tirpitz but not nearly as many citadel penetrations as other vessels. In addition, with armour spread out all over the ship, some key areas suffer somewhat -- not having the heavier protection afforded on other vessels. The decks of Tirpitz, especially over-top of the machine spaces, is rather weak making her vulnerable to lobbed high explosive shells. In addition, her turrets seem to get knocked out rather often -- not having the raw thickness of armour (or armour angling) found on other nations at this tier. Overall, though, angling works very well for this ship and players should take full advantage of her decent(ish) rudder-shift time to help dodge incoming fire and mitigate damage. Her anti-torpedo bulges are modest, having no better defense than that of the HMS Warspite at tier 6. This is slightly better than the North Carolina, though it's almost half that of the Amagi. Her defensive consumables are pretty standard fare, with little in the way of surprises. Her Damage Control Party shares the same Battleship reset timer of 120s. The active period is shorter than the American 20s but better than the Japanese 10s. This 15s up-time seems like it may be the new standard, as it's shared with the Russian Imperator Nikolai I. We'll have to wait to see what happens with the other ships of the Kriegsmarine and Royal Navy when they get included to recognize if this is going to be the new medium-rating. In game play terms, this means that managing critical damage is important as with any Battleship short of the Warspite, so as to not be caught lit ablaze in multiple locations or flooding (or both) without a way to mitigate these damage over time effects. For regeneration, Tirpitz's Repair Party is standard. It heals back 1/200th of your maximum HP per tick for 28s for a total of 9702hp per charge. The Lert Box With more hit points and a better armor scheme than North Carolina as well as Amagi, Tirpitz walks away with this category. However, more deserves to be said than just that. While Tirpitz' armor scheme is better, it's designed around a single purpose: to keep enemy shells out of its machinery spaces at medium to close range. This means that to make the most out of her turtleback, you want to close the range as quickly as possible to eliminate the long range fire and protect your relatively vulnerable decks. Also, while the turtleback is very good at keeping shells out of your vitals, the belt is less proficient at keeping shells outside of the ship period, meaning that you'll suffer a lot of 'normal' penetrations that do 33% damage as opposed to 100% damage citadel hits. Where the armor shines though is at brawling ranges. It's not unheard of to score a citadel against a Tirpitz, but it's a rare occurrence and should not be counted on. Tirpitz: 3 pts North Carolina: 2 pts Amagi: 1 pt Broken in half by sustained Battleship and Cruiser fire, this cross section (though tragic) gives a beautiful interior view of the compartmentalization and different armour layers which makes Tirpitz so tough to citadel. Photo courtesy of Lert! Concealment & Camouflage Tirpitz is enormous, but her stealth rating is quite surprising. Visible from the surface at a range of 16.4km. This better than the Amagi but slightly worse than the North Carolina. As a tier 8 vessel, she has access to the Concealment Modification 1 module which can help reduce this down. When combined with the Concealment Expert Captain skill and her camouflage bonus, you can drop the surface detection range of Tirpitz to 12.3km which is downright insane for a vessel of her size. Her camouflage itself is the standard variety found on all Premium ships at tier 6+. This provides a 3% reduction to your detection range, a 4% disruption to enemy accuracy and the standard 50% bonus to experience gained per match. Anti-Aircraft Defense AA Battery Calibers: 105mm / 37mm / 20mm AA Umbrella Ranges: 4.5km / 3.5km / 2.0km The changes made to anti-aircraft firepower in 0.5.3 were kind to Tirpitz. In 0.5.6, the AA guns mounted on top of her turrets became functional, giving her a slight increase to her AA defense. The power of individual mounts and their range did not change in the recent patch (unlike some of the Soviet AA guns). When she was first introduced, Tirpitz was renown for having a weak anti-aircraft armament. The lion's share of her DPS in those days came from the 2.1km range 20mm self-defense guns, meaning that most same-tier or higher-tier aircraft good jump her without losing a single plane when making their attacks. This made Tirpitz a priority target for CV players, particularly when they caught her alone or unawares (heaven help her if both were true). Since 0.5.3, AA power was rebalanced to put more teeth into the larger caliber weapons. In the case of Tirpitz, this was increasing the AA power of her dual-purpose 105mm twin-gun turrets which allowed her to engage aircraft sooner with more front-loaded damage. However, this didn't increase the amount of raw damage she was able to put out. Pre 0.5.3 At 5km, 36dps At 3.5km, 40dps At 2.1km, 184dps TOTAL: 260dps Post 0.5.3 At 4.5km, 134dps At 3.5km, 21dps At 2.0km, 84dps TOTAL: 239dps, 53 Rating While the changes from 0.5.3 makes it more likely that Tirpitz will successfully shoot down an enemy plane or two, it's still unlikely that her anti-aircraft defense would be considered anything near adequate for her tier as it presently stands. Even her float plane fighter, which can provide some assistance, is barely enough to make her AA-defense feel a sizeable threat to anything but tier 6 carriers. Until 0.5.6 rolls around, enemy carriers should clap their hands with joy when they see a Tirpitz unprotected by allied cruisers. The Lert Box Tirpitz's AA was never her strong suit, and despite recent buffs, that really hasn't changed much. It's part of why I prefer the fighter over the spotter plane, since it helps disrupt incoming torpedo bomber attacks and boosts the AA from 'mediocre' to 'servicable'. But no matter what you do, you're not going to match the hail-of-fire that North Carolina puts up against incoming airplanes. That leaves Amagi, which on paper has the better AA and the higher rating. Her long range AA is longer range than Tirpitz's and ironically so is Amagi's short range AA. This leaves Tirpitz in third place, despite recent buffs. Even the 5.6 buffs won't really change much about that, as it is Tirpitz's short range AA that will get a buff, and that's exactly the type of AA does doesn't keep airplanes from dropping their ordnance. Tirpitz: 1 pt North Carolina: 3 pts Amagi: 2 pts Tirpitz has never had what could be defined as "adequate" anti-aircraft defense. When facing same-tier or higher tier aircraft, Tirpitz is incapable of not only defending herself but damaging aircraft squadrons to any significant degree. Overall Impressions The Lert Box Let's tally up, shall we? Tirpitz accumulated 12 points North Carolina gathered 11 points Amagi scrounged 10 points So this means that Tirpitz is best, North Carolina is mediocre and Amagi is crap? Well, no. In the primary firepower category the single point difference doesn't begin to show the disparity between the ships, meaning that the difference between the three isn't as small as my generalized, subjective scoring suggests. To put it this way, I sold North Carolina when I was done with her, but Amagi has earned a permanent spot in my port. But this review is about Tirpitz. And if my flawed scoring methodology shows one thing accurately, it's that Tirpitz isn't just a gimmick, she is a contender. That said, she needs a certain type of captain to make her shine. She demands a certain play style to come into her own. She epitomizes the 'drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword' mentality. Everything about her is optimized for the close-in, brawling playstyle. The turret traverse, the flat shell trajectory, the torpedoes, the heavy secondary armament, the armor profile, the hitpoints. It all points to a brawling battleship. That's her greatest strength. And, perhaps, her greatest flaw. Because this game does not have a brawling meta - at least, not on the NA server. Mouse' Summary: Under armed in respects to her main battery, compensated only somewhat by good muzzle velocity and higher reload rate. Torpedoes make her exceedingly dangerous for all classes of ship to engage her at close range. Fast, but not exactly agile. Decent survivability, particularly at medium to close ranges, though hampered by poor anti-aircraft firepower. Tirpitz is arguably one of the most interesting and fun premium warships available in the game. She stacks novelties -- faster reloading main guns AND torpedoes when either one on it's own would have probably been enough to make people pull the trigger on purchasing her. Tie in the famous name of the Bismarck-class Battleship and the historical significance of Tirpitz herself and Wargaming has a license to print money. It certainly doesn't hurt that once you get by all of the fluff, Tirpitz is an excellent ship overall and a real winner. Of course, many players won't see it that way after taking her out for a spin. The moniker "Derpitz" is justly deserved, if only as a reflection of her actual performance rather than her potential. When you combine a short-ranged novelty armament with (almost but not quite) good survivability, you're going to see players trying to plow headlong into the enemy fleet and then wonder why they got their ship blown out from underneath them. This is especially true when Tirpitz ends up facing higher tiered opponents where torpedo soups and punitive, long range firepower rules the day. This said, play her intelligently and wait for your opportunity to shine and Tirpitz will not let you down. The reliability of her armour and torpedoes, when used correctly, is a trump card few ships have an answer for. As ever, her performance will largely come down to the merits of the individual player. I, for one, love brawling. It doesn't hurt that I have a connection to the ship long before World of Warships, having made a model of her when I was little with my father. She's a fun ship, but she's still not my favourite premium Battleship. I prefer the endurance of the Warspite to the knockout punching power of Tirpitz's torpedoes. Would I Recommend? Let's look at Tirpitz's merits from a few different perspectives rather than just a flat out yes or no. Keep in mind her specialty -- that of a brawling Battleship. If you prefer your BBs to stand off at range and pelt people with super accurate fire, this isn't the ship for you. For Random Battle Grinding, I thoroughly recommend her. Tirpitz will earn you a mint of credits and experience in Random Battles. This makes her an excellent trainer and arguably one of the best credit-earning vessels in the game. For Competitive Gaming in the form of Team Battles and Ranked Battles, Tirpitz is a decent choice. She's durable where the Amagi is hard hitting. However, she doesn't have the ubiquity of the North Carolina which combines forward firepower with excellent AA. She's a contender, but not the optimal choice for all scenarios. For Collectors, she was, up until recently, a must-have. Historically significant, gorgeously modeled and with unique game play, the only downside to owning a Tirpitz for a collector will be how common she is about to become. Soon to be available for Doubloons, there will be no amount of exclusivity to owning a Tirpitz. If you're after rare ships, this won't be one of them. She'll be as common as a Löwe in World of Tanks. For Fun Factor, Tirpitz may often feel at the mercies and whims of Matchmaking. When you're top tier, she's an absolute blast. When she's facing tier 10 ships, the fun factor falls away considerably as it's very difficult (though not impossible) to make use of her durability and torpedoes. The Lert Box Is she worth your hard earned greenbacks? If yo're a stand-offish player who prefers to sit back and 'support' from range, no. She lacks the firepower and accuracy. However, if you're in the market for a strong brawling battleship that's comfortable to drive, this is the one for you. And her agility, speed, turret traverse and ROF make her very comfortable to drive. If Tirpitz is anything to go by, the German battleship line is going to be my favorite line in the game. This isn't a ship with which you want to hide in the back. She performs best up close and in people's faces. This runs contrary to the present meta in high tier gameplay which can make tTirpitz feel a little out of place. Outfitting your Tirpitz Recommended Modules You can go a couple of different routes with modules on Tirpitz. You can try and increase her survivability or to attempt to make her a better brawler. Note that she cannot take any modifications which improve her Torpedo Armament. She also does not have access to the USN For your first slot, I would recommend Main Battery Modification 1. Tirpitz gets her main guns knocked out rather often, especially in brawling situations. Note that she cannot take Torpedo Armament Modification 1 to help increase her torpedo survivability. For your second slot, you have a choice. Gun Fire Control Modification 1 will boost your accuracy if you prefer long range gunnery. Secondary Battery Modification 2 will increase the range of your defensive batteries up to 5.4km and will help you brawl. Alternatively, you could try padding her AA defense with AA Guns Modification 2. This will increase the AA umbrella of all of her guns from 4.5km / 3.5km / 2.0km to a more respectable 5.4km / 4.2km / 2.4km. For your third slot, Damage Control System Modification 1 is arguably your best choice, even if it's only a marginal gain. For your fourth slot, Steering Gears Modification 2 is the best choice. This will reduce your rudder shift time to 12.8s. Alternatively, you could take Damage Control System Modification 2 to help reduce the burn-time of fires but this is a lesser gain. Steering will help you avoid damage. For your fifth slot, you have a choice, though the one that is the most advantageous situationally is Concealment System Modification 1 to reduce her surface detection range. Note that this is only really usable in later portions of the game when there aren't enemy destroyers lurking about keeping you spotted. The alternate, Target Acquisition Modification 1 is a more reliable choice, though again situational. It's best used to provide you with advanced warning of incoming torpedoes, especially when combined with appropriate skills to help increase awareness. Recommended Consumables As with most Battleships, I have found that taking the premium version of her Damage Control Party to be invaluable. This reduces the reset timer from 120s down to 80s which is almost an absolute must to ensure her continued survivability. I am also a fan of taking the premium version of her Repair Party for the improved reset timer (again from 120s down to 80s) in addition to providing an additional charge. Finally you have a choice between her Float Plane Fighter and Spotter Aircraft. I find the former overall better as it helps increase awareness of enemy destroyers and torpedoes with it's long duration and orbiting flight path. However I don't find it particularly useful for assisting with it's primary purpose, which is disrupting enemy attack squadrons. Your mileage may vary. Recommended Captain Skills Like with modules above, choose a specialization for your Tirpitz before you invest your skill points for your Captain -- survivability or brawling. The two often overlap with few "either or" choices and more of a question of when you'll spend the points rather than if. From the first tier, I recommend Basic Fire Training for your first choice. This will increase your AA power but also the rate of fire your secondary guns. This is one of the cases where the two skills overlap nicely. Basics of Survivability and Situational Awareness are also good choices but can be saved for a second pass. From the second tier, Tirpitz doesn't get as much gain from Expert Marksman as other Dreadnoughts, but she still sees an improvement. This will increase her turret rotation from 36s for 180' turn down to 31.6s. The alternate is incredibly situaitonal -- Torpedo Armament Expertise drops the reload rate from 90s to 81s and is a poor second choice. From the third tier, there are three excellent choices and this is where you'll have to choose down the lines of specialization. High Alert will help you mitigate critical damage -- particularly fires with a faster reset timer on your Damage Control Party. Vigilance, particularly when combined with Target Acquisition Modification 1 is superb and will go a long way towards keeping your ship healthy when facing the invariable torpedo soup of high tier matches. Lastly, Superintendent will provide an extra charge on your Repair Party, amounting to an additional 9000hp if you can survive long enough to make use of it. At the fourth tier, Advanced Fire Training is the best choice. It increases your AA umbrella and also your secondary gun batteries. When combined with the appropriate module, you can extend the maximum range of either (but not both) of these to 6.5km. Finally, at tier 5, Concealment Expert is arguably the best choice, though it's not a requisite of the ship. Combined with the Concealment Modification 1 and your camouflage, you can drop her surface detection range to 12.3km. Alternatively, you can select Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament to really put some fear into opponents when you close for torpedo runs. It's good that there's a lot of choice for Tirpitz but at the same time, players can find that some of these options run contrary to one another. I run my Tirpitz with an emphasis on close range brawling, forgoing any premise of concealing her. My guns will be firing so often that I expect to be lit from the start of the game to the end. Your mileage will most certainly vary. And finally, a very special thanks to the generosity of Ultion for gifting me this ship. A further shout out goes to the generosity of _Tsavo_, Cpt_Ice and Fog_Heavy_Cruiser_Chokai from this thread.
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    Tirpitz: Skills and Upgrades

    I just bought a Tirpitz and I'm wondering what skills and upgrades work well with her. What are your thoughts?
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    Torpedoes on Battleships

    Poll speaks for itself, vote and let WG hear your opinion either it be positive or negative.