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Found 10 results

  1. PrinceOfTheOcean

    Tips for Hosho?

    I got Hosho today, and my first game went rather well; 2 Destroyed 50k Damage and 3 Citadels (I didn't notice that the Hosho had AP dive bombers, I thought they started at the Ryujo). I noticed a significant improvement with the Hosho over the Ranger, even though the Ranger is of higher tier. However, the games after that I was only able to get 20k-30k damage per game, with the same number of citadels. I don't think I know how to lead torps correctly; I can only hit one torp on a destroyer in a run and it's difficult for me to hit cruisers and battleships. With the attack planes I think I will get better as I get a new computer, but is there a good angle at which you should come in with your attack aircraft? With the AP dive bombers I watched Yuro's Ryujo at least three times, but when i try to drop from mid height I don't start the run correctly and my bombs end up missing. When i stick to high height it;s the same thing. I have gotten mediocre with the AP dive bombers, but once again I would like to get better. Are there any tips that you experienced payers can give me, someone who sucks at CV in general? Also, does anyone have recommendations for captain skills and upgrades? I'm training a IJN carrier captain (obviously) that currently has Air Supremacy and Torpedo Acceleration. For upgrades I have Air Groups Modification 1 and Aircraft Engines Modification 1. Thanks!!!
  2. panther5001

    Advanced Tactics: Cruisers

    Hello WOWs forums. I'm thinking of contributing to the community given that I've had such a great experience playing and learning this game. In this particular thread, I aim to highlight common mistakes I see cruiser players make, as well as go over some more advanced tactics that every cruiser player should use. I will not go over basics like ammo selection, captain skills, and and upgrades, as those are easy to find through a simple google search. Anyways, let's get into it. Cruisers as a class are by far the most punishing class in terms of positional mistakes. You do not in most cases have the smoke to disengage like a DD, or the sheer survivability of a battleship. Often, getting caught out of position in a cruiser means that you are focused by multiple battleships and deleted very quickly. This is what often loses games, as cruisers are indespensable for escorting DDs and BBs into caps. So with that said, I'll get into some 'dos and don'ts' for basic cruiser positioning. A. Basic positioning: where are you needed in your fleet? DO link up with friendly DDs and BBs. You are a support ship who's potential is maximized when paired up with battleships and destroyers. They also need to to do their job. The reasons for this are very simple. If you go into a cap with friendly DDs, you can easily skew a DD vs DD fight in your favour, and push out enemy DDs from a cap, allowing you to take it. DDs can also assist you by providing smoke for you to disengage easier, as well as provide a deterrence to prevent enemy BBs rushing you. Friendly battleships give you a means to maximize your DPM. Generally, if you stick behind the friendly BB, enemies will more likely focus the BB, meaning that you can take more aggressive positions and make the most out of your DPM. More importantly, however, is that you give friendly BBs a means to push. You will deter enemy DDs from rushing you, provide AA support, and also can give BBs more time to evade torps (due to your plane/hydro) and rush smoke (hydro or radar). DON'T go off and do your own thing. Seriously, you aren't rambo, and this isn't call of duty. If you enjoy getting focused by the entire enemy team, then by all means do this. But if you read this far then you are likely not the type of player to do this so yay. B. When, where, and how to disengage: ALWAYS have a means to disengage -- stop firing to regain stealth, get into cover, or get behind friendly BBs. When and where: You never ever ever ever ever want to be caught with your pants down. Every cruiser needs priority target, so use this to gauge when it's time to go dark. Generally speaking, if 2+ BBs are aiming at you, or 3 enemies of any type, it's time to fall back and go dark. The reason for this is because as a cruiser, you want to have the ability to dodge incoming BB AP. So if you are being engaged by multiple angles, you really can' dodge effectively, meaning that you will be citadelled to crap. How: This is where things can get tricky. In most cases, you have to turn and expose your broadside to disengage. Obviously this brings the problem of instantly being deleted by BBs and other CAs. So how should you time your turn? Angle (I'll get into more detail later about this) towards the biggest AP threat (BB with the highest calibre guns) and bait their shot. After they've fired, you have 20-30 seconds to turn and haul [edited], hopefully regaining stealth. NEVER turn before the battleship(s) has/have fired, you will just get deleted. Now some of you are probably thinking: what if I am caught in a crossfire and cannot angle effectively? Welllll, this brings us back to point A. Do not get caught in this position because you will die very quickly. Stick with your team and do not overextend to a point where you are caught in a potential crossfire. C. Angling, baiting, and dodging: dos and don'ts I briefly touched on baiting enemy BBs to fire at you, but let's get into more detail. If unable to dodge (<10km): Show a slight amount of broadside at an autobounce angle (>60°) and bait enemy BBs to shoot at it.This will mitigate as much damage as possible and allow you to turn to disengage. You will still eat some damage, but doing this prevents you from being citadelled as much as possible. If dodging is possible (generally >10km): Sail at a 20-30° angle and bait them to shoot. Once they fire, cut all speed and shift your rudder as fast as possible to the other direction. In most cases, their salvo will land short and off your port/starboard side. DON'T go bow-in: Most BBs will simply overmatch your bow and hit the citadel behind it. Don't do this. DON'T commit to a turn unless the largest AP threat has fired: I've mentioned this multiple times but it's so important. Bait their shot, tank/dodge, it, THEN turn to disengage and reposition. D. Target Selection: who to prioritize? Keep in mind that the order I am about to present should be used as a reference and nothing more. Battlefield conditions can and will skew this list. However, it is still useful to keep in mind when playing. Any enemy DD <12km. You are most effective at killing them and doing so will give your BBs a means to push and allow DDs to cap more effectively. Also, most DDs have 12km or less or torpedo range, and become significantly more threatening the closer they get. A BB who has recently used damage control. This might seem odd to be placed this high, but HE spamming a vulnerable BB does two things: i) it forces them to disengage and attempt to heal, giving your team more map control, and ii) stacking multiple fires quickly enough can simply kill the vulnerable ship. Broadside cruiser <15km. Generally speaking, AP volleys at this range will consistently score citadel hits. Removing vulnerable cruisers gives friendly DDs more freedom and allows friendly BBs to focus on engaging enemy capital ships. The reason why it is not ranked higher is because it takes time to swap ammo, and most broadside cruisers either die, angle, or disengage by the time you have reloaded AP. DD >12km. Still worth taking shots given that most of them can't heal, and any chip damage is valuable. BBs (especially angled/bow on BBs) with damage control. Helps friendly BBs immensely, as they usually cannot deal significant damage to a well angled battleship. This helps to dislodge them and hopefully gets them to turn for your battleships to punish them. Angled cruisers (or even broadside cruisers at long range). It's not really your job to HE spam angled cruisers to death (just allow your BBs to force them away), and in most cases you do not have the AP pen to punish broadsides at range (aside from the Moskva, Zao, tier 8-10 German cruisers). Anyways those are my more advanced tips for cruisers! I hope this was helpful and let me know if I should make more of these 'guides' in the future! This is the first time I've written this type of thing so feedback and criticism is appreciated!
  3. 6fingeredman

    Akizuki Help

    Hey everyone, I've been struggling to make the Akizuki work for me. I feel like I'm probably too aggressive early match and therefore lose too much health. How is this ship successfully played and what are some tips people have for it? Thanks! Edit: also if there are builds that people recommend I'd greatly appreciate knowing what it is.
  4. NippleSnipplez

    Tips for UK Cruiser Line

    Any tips/strategies for a beginner playing the UK Cruiser line? I'm currently at the Tier V Emerald and I honestly feel like I just get instadeleted when running into anyone on the enemy team, BB blow me up from far away before I can gap close, DD come out of nowhere and blow me up, my AA seems really inefficient against CV's but I honestly die before having trouble with them most of the time, I've only really had success against other British Cruisers. I never sail in a stright line when I am detected, I change up my speed and which direction I am going constantly but it seems to really only postpone death. I know I'm supposed to stick to my team's BB but it's pretty difficult when I start way ahead of them and am faster than all of them even when at half speed. I do not want to say that the Emerald just sucks because I know the fault lies in my gameplay somewhere but it really feels like it does.
  5. I am looking for some tips for playing in Storms and Gales. Apologies if there are threads on this topic elsewhere; I could not find any. Cheers
  6. Bellow are my tips for aiming, tested with tech tree CVs over 416 post rework battles, mostly with T8 and T10 CVs (Most T8 CVs carries over armament from the early ones). 143 battles with USN 192 battles with IJN 81 battles with RN More information is required on topics such as the AP bombs for the IJN and any additional information is welcome. I'll be trying to keep this post with the best information and images while also trying to answer questions about CVs, this will be a slow thing since I'm not playing the game as often, for starters I'll just leave 2 images of reticle aiming for rockets at the end, this aiming technique is important since some people might think that the right thing is to just aim the center of the reticle at the center of the target and let go, disregarding spread and ship's height. USN: Attackers: HVAR: Go for the side, aim for superstructure, aim a little bit ahead against angled targets to get more hits due to height differences. Tiny Tim: Front/Back: Aim for the superstructure but make sure to lead so as to not hit turrets' armor. Sides/Angled sides: Aim for the superstructure again but with a bigger room to lead, most Tiny Tims land really close to the center, put the center of the reticle at the opposite end of the ship you're targetting (if you're aiming for superstructure) Torpedo: Use the cursor in the middle of your screen as a "movement checker", aim it at the tip of where you think the enemy is moving (stern if moving back and bow when moving forward) and check if the target will move past the cursor to determine where you should be leading, this is done when you can't see the enemy movement with their smokestack and waves alone. One go: Aim for the slightly broadside drops and aim 1 ship's lenght ahead depending on speed, try to aim for an angle that puts your planes into a 105º from the enemy's movement vector, this way is to ensure all torpedoes hit the target. Cross Drop: Aim for the first torpedo run from either the front or back, drop torpedoes 5km (front) and 0.5km (back) away from your target, for the second run you go for the One go tactic, this will ensure your target either takes 1~2 (2~4 for midway's) hits to maneuver or have to keep sailing straight, which makes it easier to land the next torpedoes. HE Bombers: Front/Back: Aim the reticle ahead of the ship's movement so when it touches your target you start the attack run, boost at will to aim for the superstructure. During low altitude bombing, the bombs tends to drop forward, meaning that the top side of the reticle retains more bombs (The exploit has been fixed, though). Angled Sides: Aim for the space between the main battery and the superstructure, enemy movement + drop time will make it so you achieve better hits than going straight for the superstructure. WARNING: AVOID PERPENDICULAR DROPS LIKE THE PLAGUE, not only you have less chances of scoring hits, the next patch will reduce HE drop effectiveness and perpendicular drops will score almost no hits. IJN: Attackers: Aim the outside part of the reticle for the bow as lead, its circle says that it's an pattern such as tiny tims but a little bit bigger, the dispersion and ship's height makes it so you can use aiming anywhere, avoid angled sides though since effectiveness will reduce by about 50% Tl;dr: If the ship is small, sides or front, if the ship is big, aim for the superstructure. Works like many small Tiny Tims. Torpedo: 2 drop: The same as USN torpedoes, the only difference is that it takes more time to get a good aim, avoid maneuvering during the attack run. Aim for half a ship's lenght ahead. Possible to cross drop but not recommended. 4 drop long range: Drop it outside detectability range, lead for 2~4 ships ahead depending on the enemy's speed. 4 drop close range: Like USN torpedoes, aim for a ship's lenght ahead. Not worth cross dropping. AP Bombers: Against DDs: Don't...just don't...but if you have to, do low altitude drops. Against Cruisers: Superstructure all day, no matter the angle. Against CVs: You'll mostly score normal penetrations but you should try to aim for the part of the deck right next to the superstructure. The aiming time varies from 1 second to 5 seconds, needs more testing due to the lack of opportunities to do CV fights. On T10 matches it's mostly penetrations. Against BBs: German(KM): Superstructure, 3~4 seconds aiming. USA (USN): The gap between main battery and superstructure, 2~4 seconds aiming. French: Needs more testing, up until now aim for the gap between main battery and superstructure, 0,5~1 seconds aiming. UK (RN): Needs more testing. Japan (IJN): Superstructure, 2~4 seconds aiming. Russian (URSS): Needs more testing, up until now aim for the superstructure is the go to. RN: Attackers: The same as IJN, don't aim too far since those are fast rockets, aim for the center of the reticle for the bow as lead. Works like many small Tiny Tims. Torpedo: Same as USN, cross drops works wonders with RN since their spread actually closes on the target and their planes can make tight turns with fast aiming times. Lead is the same as USN. Bombers: Aim for the center of the reticle to hit the Bow/Stern of the ship (depending on the movent of the enemy ship) if the target is going straight. It's extremely important for you to lead the the reticle on where the target WILL BE when trying to hit maneuvering ships, for example, if the enemy is making a turn, aim the reticle around 1 ship's width so as to catch him during the turn. Up until T8 you can score good hits against enemy's CVs, on T10 only the Audacious doesn't have full armored deck. GENERAL TERRAIN TIPS: Avoid using terrain to aim with bombers, the terrain more often than not prejudices your aim by making the plane go super fast or super slow deppending on the terrain it's currently in and the terrain that it's going to run into. When using DBs right after a terrain, aim sooner, the terrain will "boost" your aircrafts forward. When using DBs right before hitting a steep terrain, be ready to drop as soon as the reticle is above your target, the planes will try to make a climb (even in the middle of a Dive) in order to not collide with the terrain. When using TBs while flying over terrains, the torpedoes will either: Fall sooner and hit the terrain because of the angle of the drop. Fall later and hit the water at an almost 90º degree angle. Those happens because of the movement of the plane at the time of the drop, dropping when the plane's nose is up will make the torpedo drop like a "mid range battery shell" while dropping when the nose is down will make the torpedo drop like a "long range battery shell"...you know, like when you see those shells making a 90º turn right at the end of their trajectory. Terrain can also be used, to extend the aiming for rockets, the same principle of the torpedo drop applies here, when the nose is up, the rockets will fly further while it'll fly shorter when the nose is down (when the plane is descending the mountain). If you want to use terrain with your attackers, make sure to instal the attacker attack run mod to increase it by 2 seconds. Terrain can be used to reduce the time it takes for the plane to reach safety altitude. Terrain can be used to reduce the speed or aircrafts and make even tighter turns, it applies both while climbing and descending. Terrain can be used to hide your torpedo bombers from both detection and flak during their attack runs, make sure to have a very maneuverable plane to do so (Don't even try with Midway's). HEIGHT FOR ROCKETS: When using rockets with a large reticle, this is what you see when the aim is above the target: And this is the ideal when aiming at bigger targets: The same applies for HVAR and other rockets but the effects aren't as noticeable as with Tiny Tims EDIT: 21/05/2019 (02:33 [-3 UST]) Added pictures for USN HE DB and USN Tiny Tims attackers, as well as citadel timing for IJN BBs and IJN CV Kaga with links to their videos.
  7. OK I was a little concerned when I tried the game post hotfix as to AA efficiency, as a number of people were and getting very low damage and loosing way to many planes.. in fact even getting deplaned in a couple of matches. If you are having these problems, especially at T6 or T8 and lower tier, try this.... Take your favorite squadron.. take off.. dump all but the last ordnance into the water... You now have one small squad but full health and the ones you dumped into the water are now heading back to the carrier unharmed. You can spot just as effectively with a couple of aircraft as with a full squadron.. Now when you spot a target, just scream in and boost, weave a bit and launch... you will probably loose those last couple of aircraft, but at full health you should get the drop off in most cases. OK you are only getting one attack with the squadron. but after the hotfix, you were still getting only one run but sacrificing the whole squadron.. now you are just risking a couple of planes. Agreed, a couple of planes are easier to destroy, but you are not risking all your planes and not risking getting deplaned. Your mileage may vary, but it's been more effective for me than getting deplaned at T6 or 8 today. I am calling it the reverse F-key manouver :) Regards Malice
  8. CommanderPrinzEugen

    I need help with the Graf Spee

    Hello, im fairly new to World of Warships and i am a level 12 captain as of the 20th of November of 2017 I recently purchased the Graf Spee and i have encountered some problems in almost every match that are my fault, the main problem being that i dont know how to keep my ship alive, the Graf Spee has mediocre armor and only 39k hitpoints so it goes down fast, i would like to be taught new tactics and moves to keep myself afoat longer.
  9. I have been playing this game for around 1 year now. It seems that I am still not very good as players I play with and play against. I mean out of 12 shells in 1 salvo - I only get 2 or 3 hits??? Most of my end games stat's no matter what ship I play - DD, CC or BB - it is like 30% accuracy or less :-( When I play CV's - recently it seems most ships all have high AA - making it hard to target any ship without losing most of my planes in 2 strikes :-0.... only play T5 CV's because not comfortable using the "straffing (takes the fun out of real dog-fights between the fighter planes)" I have been told to try and watch you tube videos - which I have done. I still get destroyed - usually 1 of the first 3 ships usually sunk. I really don't want to spend more cash for flags.. So any good advice will greatly be appreciated!!! Good luck and fare seas shipmates!!!!!
  10. Will ARP mission return or will the ARP ships be sold (not sure if it was on the premium shop) again? I have read somewhere on this forum that HSF ships will end by end of year. True? Fuso is a good battleship, the newbie talking, although majority of the games were on Co-Op mode. Just the maneuvering is so slow. Maybe that is why i don't see her much on Random Battles (though I have only played with her for 5 Random Battles). She is fun to play with and will keep her on my port as my Kongo is. But don't tell Kongo, I mentioned Fuso is more fun to play with. On my Fuso, The only module I need to upgrade is the Gun Fire Control System. My Fuso has a new captain since the 8-point captain stayed at my Kongo. The upgraded equipment are Main Armaments Modification 1, Damage Control Systems Modification 1 and 2, Aiming System Modification Only using the free consumables Any tips for this newbie? I usually position her near some cruisers that are at the rear. And I usually do the diagonal thing so I can use all main guns. At times I just set her to 1/4 speed and at times at full stop while shooting from behind. Moving left and right on Fuso is difficult to she stays behind surrounded with friendly cruisers. But sometimes only 1-4 shells hits the target. Dumb question... Is the accuracy of aiming RNG dependent for Fuso? Already watched some videos. I am mostly having trouble on aiming and hitting the target though I think I got the hang of pre-aiming but still only 1-4 shells are landing on the target. Fuso gets detected a lot even if positioned on the rear.