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Found 1 result

  1. 1. Understand what CoOp Is and Isn't Some people say that CoOp is "training" for the PVP battles in random. It is and it isn't. It can help you learn the basics of how to target and move around. BUT it also can make you far too aggressive since the bot ships on the "red" team normally immediately come towards you in CoOp so you hurry forward and point and shoot alot. In Random, this strategy will get you deleted frequently. (It took me over a thousand random games to stop blaming others for getting deleted early for charging the CAP (that large circle or three circles that appear on the game maps when you start). The CoOp bot ships will also travel in straight lines alot....in random games ships that travel in straight lines and seldom vary speed get deleted alot! 2. Don't show broadsides to opposing ships and know where the Citadel of your ship is located When you first play, it is natural I think to want to turn your ship broadside to opposing ships so you can fire all those marvelous guns. It is fun! However most ships in World of Warships, even battleships, expose too much of their ship to enemy fire when they go broadside. Most ships have a "citadel" that is most exposed when broadside....and when you are hit in your citadel you suffer huge damage and can in some cases can be sunk with one hit to it. So try to learn to travel at angles to ships firing at you....it diminishes the number of guns you can fire but will keep your ship afloat since it helps protect your ship citadel and will, in some cases, cause shells fired at you to bounce off harmlessly. 3. Use the Dynamic cross hair In the game settings, there is one in the controls settings for the type of cross hair. Pick Dynamic. Essentially, it helps tell you on the screen (to the left of cross hair and just below) how fast the shell you fire will travel to the target (lead time in seconds) and adjusts the number based on the ship you have targeted. This is reflected in the numbers you see to the right and left of the cross hair in those vertical lines....5 lines to left....5 second travel time...if the ship you are aiming at travels in a straight line at 30 km....if the ship slows down then the dynamic number changes. It took me 1600 random battles before I switched to dynamic.....don't wait anywhere near that long lol. The dynamic cross hair will not ensure instant damage since ships move at angles and adjust their speed constantly in random...but you will get the hang of it with enough use. And you will learn which ships are really fast..forcing adjustments...and you will also learn to account for the angles. Note that I have seen streams of very good players that just use the static cross hair and adjust their firing based on experience. But the dynamic has been a huge help in my case in figuring out the lead time for my shells. 4. Do NOT rush to tier 10 In many computer games, there is something to be said for getting to top tier/level quickly. In World of Warships....take your time..even when the game seems to encourage you tiering up ships quickly. In many computer games, your character gets additional skills...better skills ..as you progress but retains the same basic characteristics..they are just enhanced. As you tier up ships in WoWarships, they can have RADICALLY different characteristics and play styles as you reach the new tier. So essentially each new ship that you get as you tier/level up must be treated as new and different..with possibly different captain points..flags...type of consumables..etc...get to know the new ship. Your best tool for what a ship can and can't do is the World of Warship Wiki. Use it..it is your friend! 5. Captain Skill Points are as important or more important than leveling a ship to the next tier I not only rushed to tier 10 but I didn't take into account the importance of Captain skills. As a general recommendation, don't take a ship past tier 6 without 10 captain points or past 8 without 14 if you are really serious about playing it in random. Some of those captain skills are very very helpful and I can assure you that once you hit tier 8 you will be facing alot of ships with 19 pt captains. Again the World of Warships wiki is a huge help in making recommendations for where you put your points. 6. Read the forums and watch Video Alot of very good players make training videos and post thoughtful recommendations on the forums. I didn't start using these regularly until I had over 1000 battles under my belt. Big Big Mistake. Now I regularly watch videos..visit the forums ( there are lots of trolling commenters but a huge number that are trying to help)...and recently started watching twitch feeds which have really really helped and have increased my enjoyment of the game....Notster and Mr_Gibbins are two I would recommend. If you are a new player and searching the forums for recommendations, I hope these tips help. I have a 44% win rate....which makes me a War Gaming "potato" who happens to love the challenge of the game. My win rate would be much better if I had simply done all of the above as a new player with less than a thousand battles.