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Found 4 results

  1. It's an 1-hour-and-31-minute video, so to save your time, here is the list in text. This is just Flamu's personal opinion of course. Everyone can have his or her opinion: S Tier: Repulse A Tier: Izmail, Bayern, Renown, Fuso, Ise B Tier: Mutsu, West Virginia 1941, Warspite, Mackensen C Tier: Novorossiysk, Prinz Eitel Friedrich, Queen Elizabeth, Dunkerque, Normandie, Andrea Doria D Tier: Arizona, New Mexico
  2. Blorgh2017

    Bearn in PvE

    Had anyone tried Bearn in PvE yet, especially for the Operations? I'm curious, lol. I know there's another thread about her, on an anti-plane build for plane kill missions in Coop, but I am more interested in the ship's general capabilities for surface strikes, and stuff. If there's one place that I like to use CV's, it's the Tier VI Operations... so her release really caught my eyes. I was actually still mulling over which Tier VII BB to get, but if Bearn turns out to be pretty decent, then I think I might go for her instead, lel.
  3. AdmBilgeWater

    Tier VI Burn out

    Wows is the only game I play. I'm a retired man with a physical disability so I have lots of time to play World of Warships. I am a whale and a mediocre player. But I Love this game, I've played more than 8,000 games. I have this concern: Tier VI is everywhere I go! Ranked is tier VI for the vast majority of us. Every Operation Scenario is Tier VI except Narai. Tier VI is everywhere. I'm so sick of playing tier VI I could puke. I don't play a lot of random battles or co-op battles. There is just to much tier VI. Couldn't we have each operations scenario at a different tier? Tiers 5, 6, 7 and 8 might reduce the boredom of tier VI. I enjoy ranked, but can't we play it in tier VII? Anything but tier VI. tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI tier VI. It's just too much. Tired of it all. AdmBilgeWater
  4. Opinions are like Aholes. Some are just bigger than others.