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Found 6 results

  1. iamtheintrepidmouse

    Best Tier V - Tier VII HEAVY CRUISER in the Game?

    Hello! USN Player here. Mostly play Battleships. Just got to Tier V and Tier VI recently. Because of the British Cruisers event, I discovered "heavy cruisers" are a thing in the game. A Cruiser with more armor and BB-like guns?? Sign me up! My first CA I got was the Pensacola. She's got really big guns, but she's a paper ship. Kinda like the paper though as it challenges me to be a better player. I'm new to the CA playstyle, but I really like the concept. While I'm practicing being a better player with the Pepsicola, I would like a CA with more armor. I consider myself a Tier 4 or Tier 5 player looking to get good enough to play in Tier 7. Which Heavy Cruiser(s) would you say is(are) the best in the game? And if you can't answer that question, then which Nation do you think has the best Heavy Cruisers in the game? I like big guns and armor. Any recommendations?
  2. Super Smackdown Season 1, Vol.1 Tier: V Class: Cruiser Ships: The Frenchie Rat Rod Roadster versus Wilhelmshaven's Omaha Smasher. *Takes Breath*. OK This is the first ever article that I am writing on this forum. Feel free to comment on this after you have read it through ( assuming the people here have any patience to begin with...). So then. Allow me to set the stage. One night, I was fast ( read - half ) asleep in a rather awkwardly situated bed, in an awkwardly situated room, in an awkwardly situated apartment, in a building that vaguely reminded me of an upside down cheese grater. Before I had gone to my musings, I had spent some time, browsing the various articles on this very forum. As it had happened, I stumbled upon @LittleWhiteMouse and her ( his? ) articles detailing the various premium ships that had found a place in this wondrous game. As I thought to myself, I wondered... could I perhaps achieve greatness? Then it hit me, like a bolt from the great blue ocean ( or one of Bismarck's stray secondary shells - you know how tempermental those things can be ). I could do such a thing, and so, this great idea of having Super Smackdown as a forum page came to life... in this first Volume. I hope you all enjoy, please do leave a comment if you so desire. AND NOW, THE MOMENT YOU"VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR.... IT'S SUPER SMACKDOWN!!! (applause) Allow me to introduce to you, our two contenders in tonight's smackdown In the Blue corner... What's that... Its a bird, it's a plane, NO!, It's France's very own Tier 5 Rat Rod Roadster, Monsieur Cruisin' in for a Bruisin' ! Ladies and Gents, please welcome... Emile Bertin!!! And in the Red corner She's a nasty little cruiser that can smash an Omaha with a single volley, and has enough torpedoes to sink a Kremlin, please welcome, Wilhelmshaven's lil' Juggernaut.... Konigsberg!!! Now then, the rules are simple ( or not so simple ( and they will only be explained once, so PAY ATTENTION)) There will be two separate categories: The Objective category ( statistics, etc. ) and the Subjective category ( how they actually feel ). All statistics are courtesy of the wonderful folks down at the World of Warships Wikipedia - The one true source for ALL WoWs Knowledge. So then, lets get started. First... the NUMBERS ( All Values are for FULLY UPGRADED SHIPS, with NO MODULES INSTALLED OR COMMANDER SKILLS APPLIED) Stats Konigsberg Difference Emile Bertin Winner HP Pool Armor/Overmatch Resistance 24,300 100 mm armor +1800 Hitpoints (Emile Bertin ) +70mm ( Konigsberg ) 26,100 30mm armor Konigsberg Primary Armament Damage/Reload Range 3 x 3 150 mm L/60 Drh Tr C/25 HE: 1700 AP: 3900 Reload: 8 seconds Range: 16.5 KM Flat Arcs A-XY Configuration +500 HE ( Emile Bertin ) +700 AP ( Konigsberg ) -5 seconds ( Konigsberg ) +1.6KM ( Konigsberg ) = Equal Arcs + Turret config ( Emile Bertin ) 3 x 3 152 mm/55 Mle 1930 HE: 2200 AP: 3200 Reload: 13 seconds Range: 14.9 KM Flat Arcs AB-X Configuration Konigsberg Torpedo Armament Range/Speed/Reload Alpha Strike 4 x 3 533mm Drilling - G7 a T1 6.0 KM Range 64 Knots 68 second reload 13,700 Alpha Meh arcs x2 Torpedoes ( Konigsberg ) = Range + 7 Knots ( Konigsberg ) + 1,467 Alpha ( Konigsberg ) +Better Arcs ( Emile Bertin ) 2 x 3 550mm Lance-Torpilles - 550mm 19D 6.0 KM Range 57 Knots 84 second reload 12,233 Fantastic arcs Konigsberg AA Short Range Medium Range Long Range 4 x 1 Flak 38 ( 2km / 12 dps) 4 x 2 Flakzwilling 30 ( 3.51km / 10 dps ) 3 x 2 88mm L/76 Dop. L. C/32 ( 3.99km / 24 dps) = Range =Access to Fighter + 38 S.R DPS ( Emile Bertin ) + 45 M.R DPS ( Emile Bertin ) + 18 L.R DPS ( Konigsberg ) 14 x 1 20mm/70 Mk.4 (2 KM / 50 dps ) 2 x 4 40mm/56 Bofors Mk.2 ( 3.5km / 32 dps ) 2 x 2 40mm/56 Bofors Mk.1 ( 3.5km / 23 dps) 2 x 1 90mm / 50 Mle 1926 ( 4 km / 6 dps ) Emile Bertin Manueverability Speed Rudder Shift Radius 32.5 Knots Top Speed 6.9 Seconds 680 Meters + 6.5 Knots ( Emile Bertin ) - 0.5 Rudder ( Konigsberg ) -10 Meters ( Emile Bertin ) 39 Knots 7.4 seconds 670 Meters Emile Bertin Concealment Detectability Citadel Vunerability 12.4 Km Surface / 5.2 Air Waterline - 0.2 Km Surface ( Konigsberg ) -0.1 Km Aerial ( Konigsberg ) + Agility factor to avoid deletions ( Emile Bertin ) 12.6 Km Surface / 5.3 Air Waterline Emile Bertin Now for the Subjective Part ( just kidding, I ran out of charge on my laptop ) This was the HARD PART I love both ships for their fantastic armaments, their good speed and wonderful handling, and excellent vision control, though (admittedly) Emerald is better in terms of that last one, and Kirov has a higher chance to smash apart anything in its way. So then, which of these two cruisers has what it takes to win this smackdown? For starters, both ships each took three categories. Konigsberg took the first three categories with her superior armor boasting up to 100mm in some places , faster rate of fire on her main battery, with an 8 second reload, and having not only more torpedoes ( 12 versus 6), but also having superior torpedoes in the form of the vaunted G7 a T1 Torpedo, the same fish that are found all the way in the latter half of the tree. Yes, all the way up to the MIGHTY Hindenburg. On the other hand, Emile Bertin's AA, while not as fantastic as other ships at this tier ( Omaha, *cough cough* ), makes Konigsberg's AA look like fireworks, thanks to her Bofors. Her agility, however, is another story,as it can make some destroyers look pathetic in this regard ( except the French and Russian DDs at this tier, with all the Vodka - powered engines and such ). As for concealment, 0.2 Km isn't going to make much of a difference, but the agility of Emile Bertin gives her an edge, as the ship can dodge an incoming BB salvo with relative ease, so I give that to Bertin. So, who wins? It's close. Just kidding, it's Konigsberg, by a HUGE margin. While Emile Bertin may be more agile, harder to smash, and have better AA defenses, in reality, Bertin is just an Oversized DD, with a citadel, and her slow loading armament and slower fish only compound these issues, as opponents have better time to get to their senses and deliver a fatal blow to poor old Emile. Konigsberg, on the other hand, is just better. Yes, she does have that strange A-XY turret Configuration, and she has shorter ranged fish compared to her Japanese counterpart, Furutaka, but she does have faster loading guns, more fish, and has higher survivability potential thanks to her thicker armor, which means she's effective at an angle, as opposed to Emile, who can get citadeled by any gun larger than 203mm in caliber from ANY angle, even bow on. So, that's that. I hope you all enjoyed this little posting of mine. If you have any complaints or questions, you can leave them in the comments and I will answer as soon as possible. Stay tuned for the NEXT Volume of Super Smackdown. Season 1 Volume 2: TIER X TRIPLE SMASH: Mad Montana and Cowabunga Conqueror versus Krazy Karl Kurfurst. WHO can claim the throne as the best of the twelve-gun Tier Ten Battleships. Find out next week ( or sometime soon ) on SUPER SMACKDOWN Shrayes, out.
  3. NippleSnipplez

    Tips for UK Cruiser Line

    Any tips/strategies for a beginner playing the UK Cruiser line? I'm currently at the Tier V Emerald and I honestly feel like I just get instadeleted when running into anyone on the enemy team, BB blow me up from far away before I can gap close, DD come out of nowhere and blow me up, my AA seems really inefficient against CV's but I honestly die before having trouble with them most of the time, I've only really had success against other British Cruisers. I never sail in a stright line when I am detected, I change up my speed and which direction I am going constantly but it seems to really only postpone death. I know I'm supposed to stick to my team's BB but it's pretty difficult when I start way ahead of them and am faster than all of them even when at half speed. I do not want to say that the Emerald just sucks because I know the fault lies in my gameplay somewhere but it really feels like it does.
  4. This is a more or less a copy from my reddit post on the subject; With WG's permission I decided to post it here as well. To prove it is indeed me and I haven't stolen someone's thread, here is a picture I haven't posted on the reddit thread, when I had Nicholas unlocked. DISCLAIMERS: · The purpose of this challenge has been simply to satisfy my curiosity and help a bit with fighting my boredom. I was inspired by this thread below and wanted to see for myself whether it’s possible for someone to manage hitting Tier VI under 24 hours in a brand new account with as few battles as possible, without botting and for free. The whole challenge run was completed in about 10-11 hours with breaks and lunches, between 06.19-06.20. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/193937-wanna-win-10000-recruitment-rumble/ · I don’t recommend to anyone without a lot of free time to try something similar. · Don’t force yourself to this challenge unless you find this stuff fun or want to see how a newbie experiences the game nowadays. No need to put a time constraint. · Results may vary; RNG plays quite a role as expected. · Stay hydrated and take breaks between certain amounts of battles. Don’t stay on your chair all the time, stretch and in general move around for a bit. These are my stats at the completion of the challenge if anyone is interested. Notice date of account creation and last battle, as well as the single battle at tier VI to signify the completion of the challenge With that out of the way, let’s get to methodology. METHODOLOGY The hurdles First of all, you have to understand what you will be facing. Battle modes are locked, you have no access to Free XP, Camouflage, Commanders, Signals or Upgrades. You unlock them in the following order: Free XP>Upgrades>Commanders>Signals>Camouflage. In my case I finished my run as I got Signals unlocked so they didn’t play a role. Commander was at 5 points as well when I was done. So, with a possible exception, you will never be able to use skills like Concealment Expert that are basically must haves. Add to that the CV rework as well as Tier V Matchmaker being almost torturous, and this can get pretty bad, pretty quickly. Things to consider before starting In this specific run I decided on using a referral AND an invite code. This decision was godsend, otherwise I would be eating my shoes right now. While referral codes are standard among all players, there are lots of invite codes. The best I was able to find (and the one I used) was one giving 200 doubloons, Premium Ship Emden, St. Louis, 7 days Premium, 2.5 million credits and 20 camouflages (which were sadly not used). So from the get go you get 2 premium ships; Diana Lima and Emden. In addition 200 doubloons are 5000 Free XP, and the game gives you a few more as well. They are literally worth their weight in gold in helping you be properly kitted out when you set out in Random battles. Pick your poison The game has a huge variety of ships and a varied array of classes. In the case of choosing a tier VI ship as your speedrunning goal you have to consider not the tier VI itself, but rather it’s previous tiers and how well they can fit your playstyle. In my case I decided on the Farragut; I mostly play DDs, I have a lot of experience with USN and the Tier IV and V, Clemson and Nicholas are both excellent ships. In addition Nicholas only has one hull upgrade and nothing else, and is just 35,5k XP away from Farragut. I could have also gone the Omaha route since I would get a headstart by being immediately at tier III (due to the St.Louis) but decided against it due to Tier V Matchmaking and the lack of appropriate Commander Skills (mainly IFHE). There is an argument to be made for VMF DDs as well. Diana Lima comes with a 9 point Commander, so when you unlock Commander Skills you can have a pretty capable commander at the helm of your ship. BBs I wouldn’t recommend since most are slow and often not suited for quickly doing a lot of damage in Co-op. Setting off; tiers II-III First of all, getting the daily bonus on your premiums is a must. You will have to do it in Co-op but later on you will be able to convert their XP. Other than that, pretty straightforward stuff. You play, you unlock things. Don’t bother with unlocking modules, just straight to the next ship. In my opinion the rewards are still good in Co-op (especially with Premium Account), so you should be getting to tier II-III without much trouble. By that point you will have reached tier IV soon enough, without any Random Battles yet. You should have Free XP unlocked by then; unlock Clemson, then convert 1750 Free XP to put on the Hull upgrade and more importantly the Artillery one. The latter doubles your firepower obviously. Now it’s time to dive into Random Battles, and oh boy is it an interesting experience. Clemson or I am become death, destroyer of worlds. First of all, let me say that tier IV at the moment is pretty weird and somewhat crazy as an environment. In the little time I have spent there I have encountered 6 CV battles, other Clemsons and DDs with 19 Point Commanders (seriously, some guy had even RPF), I even saw some guy in a Nikolai rocking Kuznetsov… but let’s get to the point. Clemson is really an apex predator, a sealclubber favorite for as long as the game has existed with a well deserved reputation. In addition, something bizzare happens. Because the game still considers you a newbie it gives you a weird form of Matchmaker in Random Battles. Most of the teams are comprised of bots, with 1-3 human players on each side. Know what this means? HOW CO-OP BATTLES WOULD LOOK IF YOU HAD RANDOM BATTLE REWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS. Observe how it's only 2 human players per side, in Random, with bots.... Seriously, this s**t is hilarious. Take a look at these battle results, no wonder I ended up with ~89k average damage in Clemson. With such battles it is so so easy to hit Tier V and Nicholas. By the point you unlock Nicholas you should have also unlocked Commander Skills and Upgrades. You will have ability to earn Containers by then too. What you need before jumping into your Tier V are the following: · 4300 Free XP to unlock the single upgraded Hull · Upgrades, Magazine Mod, Propulsion Mod and Aiming Systems. · All your consumables must be premium, I chose DFAA because lots of CVs are at that tier spread. In addition, it pisses them off. · When you get a container, I think try your luck is the better option. There is a chance for 750 Free XP to drop which is pretty valuable. · 25 doubloons to “buy” a 3 Point Commander. You then put Priority Target and Last Stand to at least have a chance. When you get to 5 points get Adrenaline Rush, chances are you won’t get another point by the time you are done. · The rest of the doubloons can be safely blown to get more Free XP and give you a small boost. My nude, lewd Nickie Nicholas and the final stretch If things sounded easy so far, it’s because the toughest part is reserved for last. Now you pay back with interest for all your sins in Clemson. · Constant uptiering? Check. · People with more common sense than you having 10 Point+ Commanders? Check. · CVs, CVs, and more CVs? Check. · You having glorious 6.7km Concealment with the rest of the competition outspotting you by 1km+ ? Check. · Being unable to mount Signals or Camouflage? Check. Now consider that this is the average experience for someone just starting the game and reaching his first proper ship. Here’s a screen from my first battle, with few exceptions this would be the norm. Victory to the underdog! And a battle with CV torture too! The only pieces of advice I can give regarding this experience is to be patient, support your team, and try to get absolutely 110% out of your smokescreens, they are one of the few things you got going for you. Try putting your DPM to good use when fighting other DDs and don’t forget you got potent AP and your torps have quantity to compensate for their shortcomings. When facing CVs try to make yourself as difficult a target as possible, run around with AA off, switch sectors as much as you can with the DFAA on; you won’t do much versus tier VI CVs but you will give tier IVs a bloody nose. If you feel you can’t take it anymore, play with your premium ships in Randoms or Co-op to convert some more Free XP, it will be put to good use. You should have Campaigns as well unlocked at that point. From the 1st part pick only the ones rewarding you with Free XP, you won’t need the rest of the rewards. And with this and that, after 13 Random Battles in Nicholas I finally got enough XP to unlock and buy Farragut, completing my challenge far beyond my expectations. Success screen, Warspite being credited after my one and only Farragut battle. Conclusions, observations: 1. Since this has been just more of a introductory try, there should be even faster routes to reaching tier VI. Abandoning Co-op completely when the option appears to play Randoms could be a way. That said, Co-op was effective as my “cooldown” mode. 2. What tier V matchmaking is going through at the moment is a big factor in turning new players away. When you face things like Scharnhorst or Sinop or Belfast or Helena in ships like New York or Omaha, you get the same feeling of helplessness as when being the only tier VIII in a tier X battle. You are just fodder for the big boys to enjoy. 3. All in all I had quite a bit of fun, and while I forced myself a bit at the end I don’t really regret it. I don’t know if I will be trying my hand at another run anytime soon but it was refreshing witnessing once more how it is to just have started the game, both with the good and the bad. 4. I would really like to see at some point WG considering a “race” event with specific rewards and limited time constraints. Still, there are bigger fish to fry. Well, that’s about it from me! Thanks for hanging there with me till the end, hope it spawns some interest.
  5. Duma


    So on a different note. In the afterglow of the CoOp Carnage 2 sponsored by AdmiralThunder I started looking at permanent camo for my Konig. My question being is there no permanent "purchaseable" camo for the Konig at Tier V? Or have I missed something? I notice that Bayern at Tier VI has permanent camo for doubloons. Witbout actually looking around I am kind of figuring that normal tech tree ships have permanent camo starting at VI. Barring "event" "special" stuff.
  6. So I've been sailing in a Fiji with 12 Six Inch gun, and still love it, after 200+ games. Accumulated a lot of credits, etc. during the Free Premium weekend and from before. Now I want to try a heavy cruiser (203mm, 8 inch) guns so I don't have to get quite as close and can do more damage. I'm seeing (in the Tech Tree) a few cruisers, Like the Myoko, that sound good on paper - most of the reload times are 11-14 seconds. And it would be nice to have torpedoes also, but that is not an absolute requirement. Mostly I do Random and co-op now... I would work up from a cruiser of a lower tier if it was a nationality that I didn't have experience with. ...so what do you think? Thanks in advance for the input!