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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, developers of World of Warships! I am here to address the problem of some less skilled players or maybe bots that infest high tier matches and then probably an effective way to reduce them. In high tier matches, I often met players playing high tier tech tree and premium ships despite having less than 50 Random battles in their service record. Normally they contribute abysmally less than anyone else in the team by getting two-digit base exp or less than 200 base exp whether the match results in victory or defeat. For example, I have met a Georgia who never used AP shell at all throughout the battle despite being the highest tier in the match. When I checked their overall stats, the aforementioned player only had tier 3 tech tree ship as their highest tech tree ship and less than 20 overall Random battles! I bet that they didn’t even have captain and upgrades on board of Georgia because the ability to use them is unlocked after reaching certain levels in the service record. In another separate match roughly two months ago, I met an allied Akatsuki who rushed into cap and of course it was the first ship to die in the match after being spotted by the enemies while capping. The DD player also admitted that they have skipped from tier 2 Umikaze up to tier 6 Fubuki using free exp. To make matter worse, they only played Umikaze once and then only 13 battles in Fubuki. After checking their overall stats to know their main source of freexp income, it is shown that they have Prinz Eugen and Anshan as freexp printers. The ease to obtain premium ships either from premium shop by cash or Armory by doubloons/resources is what makes these new players able to get a lot of freexp to be misused to skip tiers. Typically, these players contribute nothing to the team but become liability to the others for not knowing the basics of the game and straightaway jumping to high tiers. Therefore, I suggest a new method of progression between tiers and new condition that must be met in order to buy premium ships. By default, players need to gather xp (after modifiers are applied) in order to research the next ships in the tech tree. This progression method should stay as it is. In addition, a new method of progression is by introducing the minimum number of wins in Random battles required to unlock the next researchable tech tree ship. To be able to research the next ship in the tech tree, a player must collect enough xp and win certain number of Random battles in the current ship. This new progression system is shown in the figure below by taking Pan-Asian tech tree as example. Based on the figure above, more wins are needed as a player progresses through the tech tree. If someone is currently at tier 9 ship for example, then they need to collect 280000 xp and at the same time win 248 Random battles in that ship. If they manage to collect enough xp but the win count has not reached the minimum number required, then they will not be able to research the next ship in the tech tree. The number of wins should vary among different types of ships. For example, more wins are needed to progress throughout a BB line compared to cruiser and DD of the same nation. The ability to buy premium ship whether by doubloons, coal, steel or real money is also restricted by the progression in the tech tree. In order to buy a premium ship of a certain tier, a player must also own at least one tech tree ship of the same type at that tier too. For example, a player who wants to buy Mutsu from the Armory using doubloons must have at least one tier 6 tech tree BB of any nation. If someone wants to buy Kaga from the premium shop using real money, then they must also own at least one tier 8 tech tree CV of any nation too. Those conclude my overall suggestions for the new system of tech tree progression. I really hope that the developers consider them and make any suitable adjustments to suit the game.