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Found 1 result

  1. Mad_Mandolorian

    Light Cruiser Tier list

    Just another guy complaining on the internet, all of these are my opinion, Worchester is the only one i own A Minotaur (smoke): +Smoke, +Best DPM, + Stealth, +Torps, +AP, -HE, -Radar, -Armor enough stealth to get wherever you need to go as well as smoke to make your own island, not to mention a ton of long range torps topped off by the best DPM in the game Smolenx: +Smoke, +Range, -Radar, +/-armor mediocre HE offset by high rate of fire and extraordinary range along with smoke B Kitakazi: +Smoke, +HE, -Radar, -Not a CL, +/-armor while not a CL it does the same job, and is better at it then most CLs with smoke, sub 1.5 second reload and jap's improved 100mm HE pen C Mino (Radar): +Radar, +Best DPM, + Stealth, +Torps, +AP, -HE, -Armor Swapping out the ability to hide in smoke for a 10km radar, trades consistent ability to shoot for the ability to surprise DDs, only worth if you dont own another radar cruiser A.Neslky: +Range, +Alpha, +Accuracy, +Radar, -Stealth honestly not sure if this is a light or heavy cruiser but it hits hard and has long range common of Russian railguns D Worchester: +AP, +HP, -Armor, -Range, -Torps the most HP for a light cruiser just means more for the enemy, the super heavy AP only helps at point blank range, the 9km radar is honestly not worth losing out on the spotter it replaces, but if you don't take the radar your team blames everything on you for meming Colbert: +Range the Colbert doesn't really have any upsides, but it has enough range to not have to deal with most downsides, if you do get cornered you are screwed