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Found 18 results

  1. When you initial plan no longer works what do you do? You reposition and find another location to win the game. Those of you struggling with the Seattle may find this useful. Or you can Free Exp past it, but at least watch this video first.
  2. For those of you struggling with the Kron, I have this replay and two more on my channel showing different situations you may find yourself in when playing this ship. I show how to make the most of the ships strengths while negating your weaknesses. For reference at the time of posting I am in the top 10 players who have played this ship out of the almost 300 that currently own it with 42 games played.
  3. It has been a little while due to production issues but I am back revamping my In-Depth Analysis videos into Replay Breakdowns. What better ship to rebrand the series than the one that started it all: the Kronshtadt. In this episode I go over asserting your dominance to control the game.
  4. I hat Alsace

    I am glad to be finished with this ship. It is the only Tier IX Battleship so far I haven't enjoyed. Richelieu was really good though, and France is worth it. If you like this ship, you are an optimistic person. I didn't like it at all. It's like a gril with wide shoulders and narrow hips.
  5. I've played quite a few ships in this game. Some I've liked, some I've disliked. But none thus far have been as infuriating to play as Fredrich der Grosse. I have sat with my head in my hands watching this helpless barge get focused by the whole enemy team when there's even a Yamato sitting broadside on next to me. It is sluggish in every sense of the word. It turns painfully slow, it barely has enough engine power to make the effort to get out of it's own way. The guns, for a Tier IX Battleship, are pathetic. Already it has the horrible dispersion of KMS BB guns, but they can only shoot to 19 km and do so little damage I might as well not even shoot at all. One would think to play it like the Bismarck, but NO. It can barely get up to 28 kts (vs the 31-33 kts the Bis gets), the main battery is even WORSE (even though they are 16" vs the Bis' 15"), and the secondaries are all but negated by the ceaseless spam of the entire enemy team focusing me for no apparent reason whenever I try to just get into firing range. My past two games were absolute nightmares. 6 hits, 9.8k dmg, 9 hits, 10k dmg, with a division mate in the Iowa that did 130k and 50k in those games. Why is this ship so bad?? How is it so bad?? What are you even supposed to do?! Out of the two Tier IX's I had the options to grind to (Iowa or F. der Grosse), I, for some reason, chose this. Over the Iowa. I put out better, more consistent damage in a Tier II destroyer. And if you're going to give the usual "it gets better when its upgraded" crap, please back it up with what specifically gets "better". And yes, I'm mad about it.
  6. Rev up those calculators let's do some money-math. Here's why you should buy your tier X's and Tier iX's right now (assuming these are to be 'keepers' that you outfit with all upgrade slots). Assuming you have no stored upgrades (dismounted or earned), it is more economical to buy a Tier IX and Tier X right now than it is to wait for a dedicated Tier IX or Tier X sale. Upgrades are priced as follows: Slot 1: 125,000 Slot 2: 500,000 Slot 3: 3,000,000 Slot 4: 250,000 Slot 5: 1,000,000 Slot 6: 2,000,000 For a total price of 6,875,000 At a discount rate of 50% for all upgrades, this drops down to 3,437,500. So if you were, today, to equip a 'naked' Tier IX/X, it would cost you 3,437,500 to full equip it. Given that it's 50% off, that means the savings is also 3,437,500. "But hold on," I hear you say, "Tier IX and X are discounted for USN sure, but surely this is worth waiting for other lines should I want one of those instead." Well it turns out, no, it's best *not* to wait and here's why. Looking back at tree-ship discounts, it's clear that Tier VIII-Tier X are always discounted at a 15% rate. The most expensive ship in the game is the Tier X CV's at 21,800,000 each. At 15% discount these reduce to 18,530,000 each, for a net savings of 3,270,000. That means through a ship discount in the Tier VIII-Tier X range, the maximum savings from discounts you can *ever* have, as a raw number (not a percentage) is 3,270,000. But meanwhile, the savings from buying a full set of tier IX/X upgrades is 3,437,500, or 167,500 more savings than the ship discount. So why buy now? When it only saves ~168,000 credits? Because the obvious answer, right, is to just wait till your desired Tier IX/X ships are *also* on discount when an upgrade discount is in effect? Well the problem with that is, from looking back pretty carefully at major events, this has happened a total of twice before; once with German CL/CA's with a coinciding Tier IX/X discount, and once with Soviet Destroyers and a Tier IX/X discount. Otherwise it's always been one or the other. So yes, this is *prime* time to buy any and all 'keeper' USN Warships (CA/DD's), as this is *exceedingly* rare, but for other Nations/Classes, As it turns out, it is actually pretty rare to see a Tier VIII-Tier X discount, and finding it to *also* coincide with an upgrade discount is, essentially, unheard of. As such, given the higher value (in raw 'money') of an upgrade discount vs. Ship discounts, one should prioritize the purchasing of the highest two tier ships *specifically* when there is an upgrade discount.
  7. Izumo, el acorazado más polémico de WoWs: Para algunos es un barquito de menos y para otros es un barquito que te salva la batalla. Aclaro que yo estoy en el medio, pero me encantaría mostrar una postal para aquellas gentes que opinan de este acorazado: Si usaste ese barco hasta 5, 10, 20 batallas o nunca, NO SABÉS NADA. Está muy claro que para usar este acorazado es únicamente para personas con mucha paciencia, inteligencia y una muy buena química entre el jugador y el buque. Lo dicho, una fotito para las gentes negativas y me retiro.
  8. Tier IX MM...team loses 14 kills to 2 on points (getting capped out at the same time) on Shatter. Guess who had the only two kills? The Indy...which is obviously cursed... This has been an incredibly poor week, game enjoyment and experience wise. I'm not gonna throw the "I'm uninstalling!" on-line tantrum, but it sure is easy to understand.
  9. New Game Mode? God Mode!

    Through the normal droll of the grind, (in a CO atm). Fun ship, not too bad. I hopped in my Furry Grover, (F.Der.GroBe) and got put in a tier 7 match. Fun times, but I was thinking. Why can't i have a chance to unwind by jumping in a mode where you volunteer to get put with 1 or 2 other Tier 9-10 and go against 12+ tier 4-6 ships with a 7 sprinkled in there for torp damage? Same maps, but being able to division up with a friend and roll against 12 ships might be a fun match or two. 2 secondary spec'd Furry Grovers spewing flames across seas of Omahas...glorious. I'd like a mode that's a little less serious from the start. It would also break up the grind a bit on playing randoms. So the Game God Mode. (Tier 9-10 players) Couple different Ideas. Divisions are good for both sides -Death match, ANY 2 or 3 tier 9/10 Battleships vs. ANY 12+ tier 4-6 ships. ( I'm not smart enough to balance the numbers) -Survival (tier 9/10 ships have to stay in the circle) The map that has circles that no one wants to cap. keep the middle one. -Random (WOWS looks at your Tier 9/10 ships and picks for you) Mortal Mode (Tier 4-6) -Bring your tier 4-6 ship and dont left off left click I'm assuming you would have to buff/nerf the damage a bit, but I think it would be fun.
  10. Poll Regarding Iowa's Armor

    I would like to know what people's thoughts are on Iowa regarding the armor of the frontal bulkhead. Missouri has the increased frontal armor, which allows her to heavily angle against a Yamato and not take massive citadel damage, whereas with Iowa you can and will be frontally deleted if a Yamato get lucky with RNG and aims for the right spot. For myself, I would fully support Iowa getting the same armor scheme as Missouri with the citadel remaining as it is.
  11. I could make this a very long post, but I won't. Keeping it short and concise. Ran a few tests yesterday in a training room with a friend in a Yamato while I was in Iowa. I decided to test and see how Yamato interacts with Iowa's armor. (Semi-formal) Results: From around 30-35 degrees, the main armor belt is effectively immune to Yamato shells (bounces). 30-35 degrees is too steep of an angle to protect the frontal bulkhead, thus you will take citadel damage through the bow. This is just as I expected. At a flatter angle of ~40-42 degrees, the main armor belt is still resistant to Yamato shells (multiple clean bounces, but not citadel hits). However, the frontal bulkhead appears to still be penetrated, and you take citadel damage. This is not exactly what I expected. Angling the main armor belt at ~40 degrees should theoretically allow shells to bounce off the main armor belt as well as cause an internal ricochet off the frontal bulkhead. But quite clearly, that is not happening. Any time a shell would enter underneath the frontal turrets, I would immediately take citadel damage. So, should Iowa's citadel be lowered? Yes, and no. I still think I need to run another test, but this time I want to see if there is a bug with Iowa's citadel, where it is extending out too far forward. It seems fairly consistent that even placing the frontal bulkhead at a steep angle, I still take citadel damage from a Yamato. If you angle correctly, the main armor belt should not be causing you any problems, but there seems to be a massive (and I stress that) weakness with the frontal bulkhead. I will try to test this at some point by placing an Iowa full broadside to a Yamato and having the Yamato shoot straight through the bow at a perpendicular angle to determine at what point the citadel starts to take damage. Right now though, I can say that Iowa should probably have the citadel lowered. But that could cause problems, as I have not tested this against any other ship besides Yamato. I can't say the same for Montana, as I do not have either a Yamato or a Montana to test this on.
  12. WOWS Devs are on vodka, Fletcher vs Kagero

    WOWS 10th Nov Q&A, once again present vodka power. Following is modify version. Q: High tier IJN DD suck, USN DD is superior torpedo boat, Ruskie DD is superior gun boat, what you guys gona do about that? Specifically tier 9 Kagero vs Fletcher A: No they aren't. Regarding Kagero vs Fletcher IJN torpedo 21k base damage vs USN torpedo 19k base damage, see higher damage. IJN 76knots vs USN 66knots, see better speed. IJN 104 reload vs USN 106 reload, see better reload. Q: But, how about IJN 8 tube boardside vs USN 10 boardside, IJN 1.9km detection vs USN 1.4km detection, IJN 8km range vs USN 10.5km range. A: Nah, dont get decieve by paper stat. Fletcher torpedo is ONLY better on paper, in practice, Kagero torpedo is better. Also, IJN DD torpedo has better range than Ruskie torpedo (F3 on vication). that means they are still better torpedo boat.
  13. A Guide to Baltimore

    The Baltimore My Captain Skills BFT (Basic Firing Training) EM (Expert Marksman) SI (Superintendent) AFT (Advanced Firing Training) CE (Concealment Expert) My Modernizations Main Armaments Modification 1 AA Guns Modification 2 Main Battery Modification 3 Damage Control System Modification 2 Steering Gears Modification 2 Concealment System Modification 1 Consumable Use Premium Damage Control Party Defensive Fire Premium Surveillance Radar Premium Repair Party I use BFT and AFT for the AA buffs (and passive secondary buffs). I do not ever try to expose myself to enemy fire, so I am fine with not taking BoS. I do not take DE as I do not really use HE at all. I will use it against DDs if I know I have a clean shot and I can safely switch between ammo types, but other than that it is all AP. Radar over plane 24/7. I take DF also just to have. Baltimore AA is quite deadly with DF and you can shred even T9 planes if they do not respect you. Game Start At the start of the match, make sure you are aware of where your DDs are going. You first order of business is to support them and ward off enemy DDs from the caps. NOTE: This does not mean you rush into the cap! I typically stay just outside the cap, preferably behind an island. Even at this time, I typically have AP loaded unless the match is low on cruisers and high on DDs. Be ready at any time for DDs to pop up. Do not panic and activate radar as soon as a DD goes back into concealment. Save your radar until you are sure that your own DDs are ready to engage. You do have a very long lasting radar (35 seconds) which means that you should be able to get ~3 salvos off on your own under radar. Even 1 or 2 salvos on a DD is enough to force it to reevaluate and retreat. Also, at this time be aware of long range shots from BBs. You shouldn't have too much of an issue, and if you played it right you should not be spotted as you are still either in cover or you are using the enemy DD smoke/your own DD smoke. After Initial Engagements/Caps At this point, the enemy cruisers will start to come into play. You should also have some of your own ships coming in to support. Depending on what shows up will dictate how you go from here. Enemy cruisers, and not many BBs? Go ahead and start nailing the enemy cruisers with AP. Cruisers and BBs are even? Play it a bit more safe, and watch the enemy BBs to see where they are shooting and if they have already shot. Mainly BBs and only a few cruisers? Make the choice of weather you stay forward or fall back. In any of these situations, you should still be in concealment. However, there is another route you can take. If you notice that the enemy team has stacked one side of the map, and your side of the map is relatively clear, you can decide to push up with the DDs. Engaging Enemy Ships It all sort of depends on the enemy ships you are facing, but here is a list: USN CA? Play it carefully. Depending on the player, it can either be a close brawl or a walk in the park. I have punished Des Moines cruisers multiple times while hiding behind rocks, but I have also become the focus of them, and it isn't pretty. IJN CA? Wait for them to show any amount of broadside and then shoot. Laugh as you get 3 citadels and disable their engine. German CA? Take a shot at their side, but it may not be as devastating as it would be against an IJN CA. You can still get citadels though. RU CL? Just shoot at their side and you will get citadels all day. BONUS!! RN CL? Shoot at them. Get citadels. I list the cruisers here specifically because USN CAs are the perfect anti-cruiser units. You have armor that negates all cruiser AP (up to and including 380mm AP) and you have the AP shells to punish them hard. Late Game (Cleaning Up) At this point, you can make a few decisions. If you have health still, you can afford to be a bit more aggressive and rush down BBs. If you don't have health, stick just forward of the rest of your team and give supporting fire. If the enemy still has DDs left at this point, if should be your job to support any of your own DDs and hunt them down. If there are CVs in play, make sure that you are paying attention to their planes and try to take down as many as you can. This is the stage of the game when CVs start to really carry hard and can clean up matches. Deny them that by forcing the CV to fly their planes over you. With AAGM2 and AFT, your 40mm Bofors guns have a 5.1 km range which can really put out the DPS at a good range. My Baltimore has 210 DPS from the 40mm Bofors and 100 DPS from the 127mm guns (at 7.2 km range). General Tips Your prime objective is to make sure that the enemy doesn't see you as a target. It may seem strange, but not a lot of people seem to notice Baltimore. I will wait until enemy ships are already engaged and focused on someone else and then start to engage. People willingly show massive broadside and you can really punish that hard. You do have 3 turrets, and you should be using all 3 turrets, but do know that your 2 front turrets can still put out the hurt on enemy cruisers if you decide to push bow on. Bow taking is a possibility, but try to not always do it. Always be judging who you are shooting at and whether or not you can get more effective damage by shooting somewhere else. You can chunk down a BB with AP, but you can also get 1 salvo off at a CA and do massive damage (typically around 12-15k damage on a good salvo). Research Priorities In this order: Hull Guns FCS (optional imo, see at the end) The B hull gives you good HP and maneuverability. The gun upgrade gives you the AP Mk.21 SHS and a reload boost of 2 seconds to 13 seconds, but with the RoF mod I have a reload time of 11.4 seconds. The AP Mk.21 SHS Learn to use it. It will be your best friend and it will never let you down. The shells basically never lose their penetrative power. I can still get citadels at 14.4 km range with ease. But it does take some used to developing the muscle memory for the AP Mk.21 shell. You most definitely can pen cruisers while at extreme angles and if you are charging a bow on CA and they try to turn at the last second, you are sure that you can devastate them. For cruisers at long range, I tend to lead somewhere between the 10 mark and sometimes just past the 15 mark. I use the Type 7 static crosshair. At close range, you can aim more normally. Some Peculiarities Do know that I didn't play a single match in Baltimore without CE. A lot of the stuff that I pull in this ship requires CE. Full concealment is 9.7 km detection range, and your air detection range matches your maximum AA range (7.2 km). I have not purchased the FCS upgrade. I still use the stock FCS with 14.4 km range. Even after 58 battles in Baltimore. Speaking of my battles in Baltimore, here are my current stats in Baltimore. 58 Battles 67.24% Win Rate 41,152 Average Damage 1,882 Average XP (Premium is mixed in here, so don't trust that) 1.9 Kills/Death 0.9 Average Ship Kills per Match 4.1 Average Plane Kills per Match 53% Survival Rate 43% Main Battery Hit Rate Taken from:
  14. Friedrich - A Monster

    Now now, I know that 5 battles is nothing to make a sample of... But the Friedrich de Grose.... Is a freaking monster. I'm currently using the stock hull with the 406 mm guns... But damn. Granted, the 406's are probably better, because you can get their reload down to 24 secs... But if at 5 battles my average DMG on this thing is 100k with just the stock hull... Oh boy. Please, bear in mind, I'm no elite player. I'm decent, and I know things, but that's it. I lack true skill. And to think that, until the beginning of September, I was a COMPLETE noob in the ways of BB's... Thanks WG, for releasing the KM BB's! It rekindled that old fire and passion I had for BB's when I first started playing this game. Once I'm done with this line, I'll probably start the other two as well. Specially, the IJN one.
  15. Self-imposed Cap

    Howdy all, more discussions about all our favorite sexy ladies of the sea. I just got the Izumo, and I came to a realization. I think I'm going to stick to tier 9. I've made a poll in the past asking my fellow players if top tier was worth it, and while the opinions were pretty even, I think I've hit my cap. I think I'm going to stick to tier 9, because there's a small hope that I won't run into Shimakazes and tier 10 carriers. I'm pretty comfortable with that resolution. Plus Izumo's freaking expensive to run and upgrade, I don't think I want to p*** away all my cash on a ship that I'm probably going to avoid more often than not. It's just, I felt kind of discouraged when I got to tier 9 and had my first game. I felt pretty whelmed. Not disappointed, not overwhelmed, just whelmed. Kind of irritated because I couldn't fight DDs like I could the last seven tiers. Cruisers just seemed better (plus a lot of them seem more like freaking battlecruisers, I'm looking at you Zao). I actually fared pretty well against my first Yamato, I outlasted him before I was facing torpedoes from all sides. That felt pretty good. On that note, however, I'd like to point out that I've seen some pretty helpful players at tier nine and ten. I asked for advice for placement and I got it instead of just being ignored, the cruiser actually tried to keep me covered and I him (I.E. one of us wasn't ignoring the other) and overall I felt like I was actually part of a team. It might be rare, but it's those memories during my first game that make me want to keep trying. However, as it stands the shimakaze destroys my desire to go beyond Izumo. I'm probably going to start saving XP for Russian cruisers, finishing the Kriegsmarine cruisers, or stockpiling for those german battleships I joined the game for. Just wanted to put some food for thought out there, and to see if anyone's had a similar experience or put similar caps on themselves. Maybe some perspective from those tier ten players.
  16. Countering DDs with DDs

    Hello fellow bunnies, decided to make a post about a play style I have adopted ever since I got a shiny new Tier IX destroyer for the nippon, the Kagerō-class Destroyer. As we all know, in recent times, most high tier battles have an abnormally high number of destroyers, which makes playing larger ships a challenge and makes playing destroyers a challenge as well. An aggressive play style means that you're very likely to be detected by enemy DDs at some point, in which you may be forced to smoke and retreat or try and attack in order to keep your push, the decision depending on what ship you're using and the situation you find yourself in. But what if there was one destroyer out there that has more concealment than all others, and can detect a destroyer without being found? When I realized that a fully stealth built Kagerō has no enemy but itself and airplanes when it comes to detection, I had this crazy idea... What if I use this ship's unreal concealment to hunt destroyers and focus all my efforts in-battle to do something regarding those numerous destroyers on the enemy side? If this didn't work, I'd just go back to doing stealth torp runs or even try a crazy AFT + Main Battery Range Module for invisifiring to make my time in this ship enjoyable. What I found is that the Kagerō is indeed capable of pinning down enemy destroyers, keeping them detected and preventing them from having a free game while remaining undetected by their targets. This works but I'd hardly recommend playing like this unless you're doing it just for fun like I am. Here's why I can't recommend playing like this: -Your team expects you to contribute. Keeping enemy DDs detected and preventing them from playing with freedom is a contribution, but it won't lead to winning the game. Sure, if you find a cowardly DD on the other side, they'll smoke and run away, usually this means in a Domination map you get to cap and then case after them to keep them lit until someone or even you take them down, but as you do this, you hardly get opportunities to cause damage. -Your EXP and Credit Gains will not always be good. There's no credit or experience reward for detecting an enemy or keeping a destroyer detected. Sure, if you kill one enemy DD, you'll already get as much exp and credits as you'd get from sinking an enemy BB. But there are actually very good DD players out there that don't buckle under the pressure of being detected and give you a run for your money. -Destroying DDs with torpedoes is harder than destroying other ships with them. You'll often find yourself wasting a spread on an enemy destroyer to try and make her turn into a second one and it won't always work. It takes a very long time and excruciating practice to effectively sink good DD players with torpedoes and even with said practice and skill. Even if you can't effectively kill the DD, keeping them lit and preventing them from doing runs on your team is something, but if you don't kill a DD and go to the next, you can only do that to one player at a time unless they're hanging around each other and for reasons no one could ever understand don't try to find you and kill you with their numeric advantage. -If you don't find it fun to play just to mess up with others, you'll get bored of this play style. The only reason I decided to even try this is because I'm a huge troll who likes to frustrate others. When I imagine that the enemy could have had a much better game but I prevented them from doing so, I feel accomplished. But other players care about more important things, such as having high damage or sinking several ships. While I do have a large number of kills on the Kagerō, it's actually my destroyer with the highest kills per game and I always played like this since I got it, I feel like that is down to the other DD players not being very capable instead of this play style being good. There were battles where my contribution was low because the enemy had a very good player on the side that could play around this, forcing me into tight spots where I had to give up on them. -The low speed and frailty of the ship means sometimes they get away. You're not as maneuverable as the enemy, so if they guess where you are correctly or you get detected, they might be capable of getting away after a few minutes or approaching their allies in a way it's dangerous to chase. In my opinion, that's still a success to ruin that person's game, you probably made them waste 5 to 10 minutes running away and doing nothing or trying to advance while taking fire from your allies as you keep them lit... but I still think the ultimate goal is to make sure the DD you're chasing doesn't get away until it's sank, either by you or someone else. And why the Kagerō and not some other DD? I had 4 reasons that helped me decide to give this a try. 1) Lowest Concealment of all high-tier destroyers. The fact there's a window, however small, that I detect others before they detect me, it meant such a playstyle was possible. Other ships have more potential targets that can prevent this from happening. 2) High Damage Torpedoes that are insanely fast. I can't imagine doing successful torp runs with a torpedo that moves at less than 70kn. The Kagerou 20km torpedoes move at 72kn and 16km with Torpedo Acceleration captain skill and such speed means making a spread at a DD is actually viable if you get the hang of it. It's impossible to hit a DD with torpedoes from over 7km, but that's the window you want to be so taking Torpedo Acceleration encourged this idea. 3) Unexpectedly Powerful HE shells. USN Destroyers may have a great RoF, but the damage their shell causes makes them much worse for this role in case they get detected. A well-placed Kagerō salvo on a DD causes over four thousand damage. That's usually a third to a fourth of their maximum HP, and makes them question if engaging you is worth it, it usually makes the ship you're bullying with your concealment think twice and often turn and run to keep their HP on acceptable levels. If they run, this means chasing them and bullying them with your concealment starts all over again, not to mention you sometimes end up killing them with those powerful guns that unfortunately turn so slow. 4) Area Denial of other ships while you do this. If I choose not to aim my torpedoes on an enemy destroyer that I feel I might sink, the long range torpedoes can still force enemy ships that are completely unrelated to my playstyle into moving where it might benefit my team. It's not uncommon to find a juicy target 11kms away from the DD you're chasing, sometimes you end up sinking a straight-line sailer with long range torpedoes or even forcing a BB or CA to expose a broadside while you keep on playing cat and mouse To wrap things up, I don't know for how long it'll keep working or if it'll even ever work for anyone else. The radar may force changes to DD play style and render my new and enthusiastic idea unplayable, but for now, I'm happy to have found a rather unique way to use my flashy new Tier IX destroyer and decided to share it with you all. In case anyone is wondering if this works or not, I think it does even if it may not be as strong as the normal play that is meant for these ships. I enjoy the thrill of being so close to enemy DDs and sometimes ending up dragged into a gunfight with a ship that's supposed to be inferior in a gunfight, or sinking a destroyer using torpedoes, their own poison. I've been doing this for 35 games, so I know it's not a good sample size, but I wish more DD players would buy into this idea. I have this crazy dream of seeing DDs all fighting in close range against each other and dodging tight spreads from point-blank while firing and dodging shells frantically! HNNNNG~!! I hope to upload a video on a few battles where I can show how effective and fun this can be, when I do, I'll be sure to edit this post and put them here for everyone. In the meantime, if you want you can find my latest battle on wowreplays and watch an example on your own client. Hope to see you out there, fellow bunnies and DDs, but I hope you don't notice me while I'm stalking you!
  17. Nine and Ten: Worth it?

    Howdy all, it's me again, with your usual shippy discussions. I've been grinding for my Izumo, and if there's one thing I know about grinding, it's that the moment your victory streak ends and you start getting whammied, life in general just seems to suck. It doesn't help that all I hear about is how terrible tier ten is and how OP and unbalanced every ship in the game feels. It really makes me not want to bother. It's just kind of demoralizing, I've had a goal since I joined the beta to own every tier ten battleship and have them sitting all sexy-like in my port, but it almost seems like there's no point. Repairs are astronomical, from what I can gather the only way to play is with premium consumables, and it's torpedo alley wherever you look. As it stands, it just doesn't sound like tier nine and ten are friendly at all. Am I wrong? Please let me know. And if you agree, what would you change to make it better?
  18. I'm not naval expert, but looking at the BB lines between the USN and IJN, these two stick out to me. On paper, at least in my eyes this doesn't even seem like a contest. While I believe the Kii has 1 more 16in gun, the Iowa has better armor. I can't find much info on the Kii (since it was never built) so I ask those more knowledgeable on the matter than myself: Are these two as mismatched in reality as they are in my mind? If so, what do you think WG has in mind to make a battle between these two at least possibly winnable for each ship?