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Found 2 results

  1. To start off, no I am not a CV player, nor am I interested alot in the current RTS system. I haven't been able to play on the test servers due to limited time and different platform (Steam player with WG account). I would like to think of myself as open minded when it came to the CV rework and the new gameplay as it was shown however. I may even consider trying the rework for myself as well. It looks interesting, albeit still needing some work.... ...and then I saw tier IV CV footage from the PTS Imagine being a new player, excited to play a class with alot of historical importance. One would expect that the gameplay should be made in such a way as to make you excited in order to grind through the tiers and enjoy stronger and stronger carriers. Yet instead you encounter this. If this is the first gameplay a new player will have in CVs, I don't think many will have alot of interest in them. Add to that that with the removal of odd tiers you will have to play quite a bit to unlock a tier VI and yeah, I can see this becoming very tedious, very quickly. Of course, can't judge a whole rework from one video, so has anyone tried out the low tiers? Are they are bland as they look to be in the video?
  2. I had a really nice game for me and felt like sharing. This was using a 3pt capt and gives me hope I am figuring out how DD's work in low tier anyways.