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Found 4 results

  1. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/great-marinated-turkey-soup/ Tier 4 to Tier 7 US and Japanese ships are eligible, no type restrictions! (It could be a good warmup for T7 Ranked Sprint starting soon.) It's co-op friendly too - winning battles wins points, given that co-op can't make the Base XP requirement for a points win on the Japanese side. Bless you, WG - you are coming through with what the lower-tier fans need. @NoZoupForYou, take note!
  2. All Right: The comments made by the CCs Flambass and Noster about the Tier 3 Russian BBs and their counterparts from other countries indicated low tier disrespect and outright bashing. The co-op play segment of WOWs seems to like the relaxed pace afforded by Tier 2-5 games. The CCs do not seem play low tier anymore and bash it unnecessary. I was especially surprised on how much bashing the Kawachi, the Turraine, and the South Carolina get. Some people "enjoy throwing rocks." All of the Tier 3 ships, including the Dreadnaught itself, are sub 21 knot ships for a reason. They all were pre-dreadnaughts reworked into the category. The Dreadnaught itself was armed with 305 mm naval rifles stripped from 3 pre-dred ships the British were building at the time. The British probably pulled the Turrets from those ships as well. None of those vessels had radar, sonar, or even Flak guns when the actual ships was commissioned. The main air threat in 1910 was not from planes but from Zeppelins flying overhead. The Italians harassed the Austro-Hungarian Navy to good effect with Zeppelins during the First World War. Zeppelins also burned part of London during 1915 and 1916 due to a lack of Flak guns and proper incendiary ammunition. Anyhow, you gun range and accuracy will not be as good as with Second World War guns. Your engagements will have to be close (less than 10 KM). Expecting Tier 8 standards is not realistic. Just because you have not played Low tier in 3 years does not mean you should bash it. Your fighting tactics are different at Tier 3-4. This is why I would like to see Ranked at Tier 4. The hot shot super Unicom players would definitely have to change play style in order to not be sunk since the gun ranges are half that of Tier 8-10 ships. CVs are also few and far between at low Tiers, especially since the CV rework. Finally, lower end computers have fewer issues with low tier matches than high tier matches. Each Tier has it own unique traits to it. There is no need to bash low Tiers. I play for fun, not for stats or bragging rights. The Tier 10 hotshots seem to take the game a bit TOO seriously especially in chat. NJRoc
  3. Battle of Jutland We will try this on this next coming Friday on Dec 7th 12/7/18. 9:30-11:30PM US Eastern standard time , 8:30-10:30 PM US CENTRAL TIME, 7:30-9:30 PM US MOUNTAIN TIME, 6:30-7:30 PM US PACIFIC TIME , 11:30AM -1:30 PM in Sydney Australia 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM in Perth Australia. This will be in the training room labeled "battle of jutland". search for training rooms by Outwardpanicjoe. if anyone is interested in helping to make new events or suggestions feel free to join the workshop discord https://discord.gg/ygjyP2G the event for this will be in the same discord for voice. TRAILER V General rules for the event: Try to stay in a battle line formation as much as possible. Battleships/battlecruisers will be using AP only. Each team will have 2 commanders of the line one in the lead and one to the rear of each battle line. If one of the commanders is taken out of the battle, the ship next in line takes command as flag ship. Chapter 2 - The Grand Battle UK mission- The battlecruisers are on the retreat intercept the german fleet and engage them from a battle line and surround the german fleet and pumble them into submission. Attempt to sink the rest of the German navy before they can try to escape to the map border. UK ships- 10 battleships and 2 other classes. 3 Queen Elizabeth classes including Warspite, 3 Orion class BBs , 2 Iron Dukes, 2 Bellerophon's, and 2 Other can either be a tier 2 dd or a tier 2 cruiser for spotting and supporting fire and smoke support no torpedos. Kaiserliche Marine Mission- Form a battle line and intercept the Grand Fleet. Try to sink 3-4 ships, or just inflict more casualties than the royal navy has before trying to retreat and avoid getting crossed by the T. Kaiserliche Marine Ships- 9 battleships and 3 other types of ship. 3 Konigs, 3 Kaisers, 3 Nassaus. And 3 other types, being tier 2-3 cruisers and DDs for spotting and artillery support and smoking support Torpedoes may only used in a fleet retreat and is limited to 1 reload. here are some pictures from the last event V
  4. Based on what I read in the latest news on the next rank season, it is going to be for Tier 10 only. It is a bad idea. There are not going to be many players for this event. WOWS might be better off dropping Rank to Tier 4. The slower pace would refocus the Unicom types on slower ships and shorter firing ranges. It would also expand the number of players trying out Rank for the first time. It was not a good idea to scuttle Tier 4 in the first place for the in-game contests. Focusing on a Tier that many players NEVER get to devalues Rank. NJroc