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Found 1 result

  1. Tiers XI & XII were mentioned in the birthday livestream as a question - and the dev being interviewed answered that it won't happen now or in 2020. Depending on how you interpret his answer, he also implied, but didn't out right say, that it would never happen... or he implied that they might look into it a few years down the road. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid? who knows.... (*puts tinfoil conspiracy theory hat on*) The thing is, I heard people on the forums say that the devs said subs were 'not going to happen', and, as the dev kept on talking he sort of made me nervous because he mentioned things like most players having higher tier ships now and :"never say never" and maybe they "want to go further". He never mentioned the obvious reason why people play in T10 ships: not to "go further" but to stay at the top of the tech tree because there are no T12 ships around to pwn them. This is probably why most people don't play mid tier as much - because if you unlocked all ships in, say, a BB line, why play a T6 BB and face off against a T8 BB when you can play your T10 BB and totally pwn the same T8? Even if they put T11-12s in their special matchmaking where T10s are still top tier in every match - which might fix the problem and allow them to put in more Cold War ships - there's also the problem of players who bought premium T10 camos thinking T10 was the maximum, who will not have the benefit of those camos on their T12s (and will presumably lose even more silver on them, unless they rebalance the service costs so T9/10 ships don't bleed out silver all the time and T11/12 become the new credit losers - but the problem with that is a lot of people paid real money to get permacamo on their T10s exactly to counter the silver loss, so doing this will nerf T10 permacamos). SOURCE: twitch birthday livestream at around the 33 minute mark: I am assuming everyone will agree with me that tier XII is a bad idea, but are there people out there who think this is a good idea? I'm interested to know why...