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Found 47 results

  1. To round out our ranked Commentary for the past season, we are going to different Russian Ship: the Khabarovsk. This game I try to work with my team but instead I have to work for them to win, what should have been a steamroll. No video on Friday, as that's when I get back from Vacation. Going to make a special video this weekend, and some more of these so that there is a new video next Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thank you for watching.
  2. Trying something new on my Youtube channel today! I take the time to review every Tier 10 in 15 words or less. It took longer than you think. Let me know what you all think. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  3. PTS Tier 10?

    Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but one of the missions is to play a battle in a tier 10 ship, but all the tier 10 ships require 500,000 XP to research, so... Is there some magic way to generate that before the public test actually ends? Never mind, I figured it out. I hadn't looked at the Arsenal yet and didn't realize this was Wargamings way of getting me to buy a tier 10 and get the full PTS ride. I love these little puzzles. Like when I used to read the back of my cereal box as a kid. Ah, nostalgia!
  4. Great WoW's streamer!

    Check out Rick and show your support! https://www.twitch.tv/rickjoshi1765 He's live right now.
  5. Tier 10 Permanent Camo

    So I was just sitting here playing co-op and observed how dismally low the payout was with my Hindenburg and Minotaur, even when using the best temp camo I had that offered the most of everything. On a whim, I purchased the permanent camo for the Hindenburg and now I am a believer. The 5000 doubloons was well worth the investment because now I make money every game. Permacamo for high tiers; it works. Can confirm.
  6. It just occurred to me as I was sipping my coffee and reading some “What tier 10 should I grind?” thread that when the US cruiser line splits, anyone and everyone who owns a Cleveland will suddenly have access to tier 10 rentals for clan battles - Including people who have never played a game beyond tier six in their lives. Of course, I then had to consider that they will suddenly own a tier 8 ship and be at the mercy of a match maker that cares not for the player’s experience, or inexperience, as the case may be. Brutal. The harsh reality of it almost put me off my bagel. Almost.
  7. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another video on the ST changes/current stats of the Stalingrad tier 10 (battle)cruiser! Do you think the ship is balanced as is? Could her survivability be too high with the 32mm plating? Post below and lets get some feedback going back to WG! Also, leave a comment in the comments section of the video letting me know what you thought of the stats. Heck, even let me know what you thought of my first foray out with the KGV and if you'd like to see more of these things from the channel! Click thumbs up if you liked it, thumbs down if you hated it. Be sure to click that subscribe button, it really helps me out when you do! As always, take care and God bless!
  8. To start off, I would like to note that this post will only be addressing the balancing of the tier 10 carriers, although some of the issues are shared throughout the entire class. Carriers have always been in a strange spot in regards to balancing, and in many ways it seems that CV gameplay and balancing is lagging behind the rest of the game. I've played CVs since CBT, and truly enjoy the class, but find it extremely frustrating when there are long standing balance issues which have not been addressed. For the sake of providing legitimacy to my arguments below: The Problem with Midway: I want to touch on the Midway first, since the latest news from the WoWS Development Facebook Page is that she is going to be nerfed, having her hanger size reduced from 136 planes to 96 planes (almost a 30% hanger nerf). While I agree that the Midway needs changes, I feel this approach is a crude and simplified solution to a more complicated problem. Midway has gone through a number of changes over the years, but I will be focusing on the balancing issues with her current setup. Firstly, tier 8 planes on a tier 10 ship. This was a balancing option explored by WG through the Kaga (tier 6 planes on a tier 7 ship), and this option was applied to Midway in an attempt to offset her advantage in squad size and hanger capacity. While on paper this may seem like a good idea, theoretically mitigating her air power by making her planes slower and more vulnerable, it caused a number of flow-down issues. Weaker planes mean that CV captains are more likely to go for targets with less AA, and less likely to try and push risky strikes through enemy AA. Ultimately, this means that the targets of choice become bottom tier ships and destroyers. Having a carrier two tiers higher than you focus you down is not a pleasant experience, and this only leads to frustration when players feel powerless. While some destroyers are equipped to deal with plane threats, many lack the raw DPS, or defensive fire, to deter planes. Furthermore, destroyers which rely on their torpedoes can be completely negated by aircraft spotting, again creating a frustrating situation where players feel powerless. Unfortunately, while this was always a problem, it is even more serious with the Midway's current setup due to the weaker tier 8 planes. Furthermore, tier 8 planes also lead to frustration from the carrier captain's perspective. While against lower tier ships, or ships with poor AA, you will perform extremely strongly, this performance drops off significantly against ships with better AA protection. At tier 10, there is a multitude of vessels which field extremely strong AA, all of which can easily defeat your squads of tier 8 planes. Even ships with "mediocre" AA at tier 10 will still cause casualties against tier 8 planes. If the enemy decides to ball up, concentrating all their AA, even ships with poor AA become challenging targets. If the matchmaker throws you against a collection of ships with strong AA, it is entirely possible you will be unable to effectively strike targets, relying on your team to weaken enemy AA, or for the enemy ships to spread out. This situation can be extremely frustrating for the carrier player, and it can feel like your ability to be effective in game is decided by a throw of the dice. While player skill no doubt has a role, there are still situations where players feel powerless against enemy AA strength/concentration. While the Midway gained striking power after her planes got downtiered, this change is often a "double or nothing" situation. Either you can obliterate entire flanks of lower tier ships/ships with poor AA, or you are forced to play passively - else lose planes futilely to enemy AA. Again, this situation is frustrating and undesirable. Secondly, slow rearm time is a trait of USN CVs, however the main time-loss between strikes is spent by planes traveling between the CV and the target. Combat distances are farther at tier 10, and the Midway's rather poor concealment forces it to keep its distance from the front-line. You will almost always need upwards of two minutes between strikes, meaning the number of strikes per game is severely limited. This problem is magnified by the tier 8 planes, which are significantly slower than Midway's old flightdeck, or their IJN counterparts on the Hakuryu. This restriction forces carrier players to be selective in their targets, since a failed strike will cost them precious time. Unlike a battleship which fires every 30 seconds, (or other ship classes), carriers cannot afford to take chances. This problem is especially relevant to the Midway, and again results in carrier players focusing lower tiered ships, ships which are vulnerable. The most vulnerable ships tend to have weaker AA, and are isolated from the rest of their team - namely destroyers. Yet again, a situation is created where players feel powerless and frustrated. If WG implements the proposed fix published on the Developer Facebook page, both these two problems will be further magnified. The hanger capacity of a carrier is its healthbar - without planes, a CV is little more than a barge. Losing 40 planes is almost a 30% reduction in the ability of the Midway to sustain a fight. If the Yamato lost 30% of her HP, players would be forced to play her more passively, and take less risks. The same will occur with the Midway, with carrier captains forced to choose their targets even more restrictively than before. Activities such as spotting enemy ships, defending against enemy aircraft near enemy AA, and striking important targets if they have AA cover, all become more risky. Having plane reserves is the difference between pushing a strike against a low health tier 10 ship, or instead targeting the isolated tier 8 with limited impact on the game's outcome. It is the difference between defending an allied ship against enemy strike aircraft, and instead withholding fighters out of fear of running out later in the match. In my opinion, such a change would be incredibly harmful to carrier gameplay at tier 10, further exacerbating existing problems. The Problem with Hakuryu: The Hakuryu's recent problems mainly stem from the current iteration of the Midway. Previously she had an advantage in torpedo power (12 vs 6), but that was lost after Midway gained a second torpedo squadron, although Midway's planes are significantly weaker. Most importantly, this made Midway much stronger at cross-dropping destroyers, something that Hakuryu had been stronger at previously. While Midway's fighters have more recently been nerfed, they still trump those of the Hakuryu, meaning that the Hakuryu has weaker fighters, while also losing the edge in alpha strike. Another existing issue with Hakuryu was the weakness of her dive-bombers compared to the USN equivalent. This means that Hakuryu's dive-bombers are primarily used to start fires, focusing on DoT (damage over time), rather than alpha damage. However, the USN dive-bombers have the best of both worlds, with excellent fire-starting capacity, and good alpha damage. This gap in performance become more significant once the USN CVs tier 8-10 gained access to AP bombs, which have the ability to deal crippling damage against certain targets. Previously, this difference was justified by the weaker torpedo armament on Midway, however this is no longer the case. Meaning that in regards to alpha capacity and DoT capacity, Midway has stronger torpedo bombers and dive bombers. The key difference which keeps the Hakuryu from being completely outclassed is that Hakuryu retains her tier 10 planes, which are faster and with more HP than the Midway's. The other small advantage is that Hakuryu has her planes split into 8 squads, rather than Midway's 6, giving her a theoretical edge in spotting and scouting. However, in practice, the 6 Midway squadrons are more than adequate, and the laggy CV UI prevents players from micro managing Hakuryu's 8 squads separately at the same time. As such, while the Hakuryu is by no means a "bad" tier 10, nor would I call her "weak", she has certainly lost most of what set her apart from the Midway. While it would be nice to see some small improvements to her dive-bomber armament, changes should be aimed at restoring some advantages over the Midway. It is perfectly fine for one tier 10 CV to be weaker in certain areas than the other, but it must also be stronger in some areas in return. Potential Solutions: The problem with CV balancing is a complicated one, and thus finding a good solution is difficult, and at times elusive. I'd like to propose a few ideas, mainly centered around the balancing of the two tier 10 carriers. Remove Midway's "Double or Nothing" Paradigm: Currently Midway is balanced around having a massive strike payload, offset by weaker tier 8 planes. This however means that the Midway completely overpowers lower tier ships, and those who are vulnerable (such as destroyers). On the flip side, this massive payload is useless when up against ships with strong AA, or even multiple ships with mediocre AA if their auras are overlapped. This situation is frustrating, and it often feels that your ability to contribute is decided by a dice roll. Instead, I propose that Midway's loadout be altered, with a weaker payload, but stronger and faster planes. This way, carrier captains would have more strikes per game, and a wider range of potential targets. This flexibility means that carrier captains can remain effective, of course, AA ships would still inflict considerable casualties, but at least carrier players would have the ability to push strikes through against damaged AA ships, or masses of ships with weaker AA. Furthermore, a weaker payload per strike means less situations where players are obliterated in a single strike - a situation which is frustrating for players. While the Midway's average damage would remain comparable, the damage would be spread out over more strikes, and more targets. This lightens the pressure for CV players to make every strike count, affording them the ability to attack riskier targets. This same change can be applied to the Hakuryu, with a lowered alpha strike in return for faster plane speeds, meaning damage is spread over more strikes per game. Encourage Carriers to Split Strike Packages: Currently, the best way to attack enemy ships in most scenarios is to stack squads together, and attack in a single wave, overwhelming AA defenses to land as many hits as possible. This is often done separately with torpedo bombers and dive-bombers, to force ships to repair before hitting them with a DoT effect. In the status quo, all the alpha damage of the strike is focused against a single enemy ship, often leading to their destruction in a single strike (not a fun experience). If carrier players had an incentive to split their squads up, and attack different targets simultaneously, this damage would be spread over multiple ships. Again, by spreading damage out over multiple separate strikes, CV gameplay becomes more reliable, and less frustrating for both sides. Currently, the main issues standing in the way of this shift in striking paradigm are: The slow carrier user interface. The lag when switching between squads is often a hard cap on your ability to micromanage multiple squads at the same time. Even the delay when issuing orders to squads can be frustrating. On lower tier CVs with only a couple squads, this is not so much of an issue, but on a ship such as the Hakuryu controlling 8 separate squads simultaneously is almost impossible due to this delay. Because of this, it is much easier to simply mass squads together, effectively controlling two or three torpedo/dive bomber squads as a single entity. AA mechanics. Due to how AA damage is calculated, and how focus fire (control+click) works currently, it is more efficient to send all squads in at once against a single target. If the strike paradigm is to change, the AA mechanics would need to be reworked. One potential option would be to change it so that all squads in an AA aura receive equal damage at all times. Plane HP. This is linked to the AA mechanics, but is especially a problem on the Midway, with its undertiered planes. I would suggest that the alpha damage of each squad be reduced, but in return their survivability and speed increased. Plane rearm times. The current rearm times are more supportive of large, massed strikes. This is partly due to the fact that the rearm time of planes is relatively short compared to the time it takes them to travel between the CV and their target/s. If their travel time was shorter (by making planes faster), and their rearm time was longer, this balance would shift. As one potential option, a carrier would only be able to rearm one squad at a time. Carriers would then be more efficient if they staggered their strike squads, staggering their rearming, and attacking in multiple smaller strike waves rather than trying to mass their planes for a single large one. Getting Rid of the Deplane-ing Meta: This idea is no doubt a controversial one, and I admit I have not fully explored the consequences of this suggestion. With the analogy of a CV's hanger capacity as their equivalent of a healthbar, I suggest a method through which they can "heal", or in this case, recover more plane reserves. For example, once deplaned, a CV player might gain "X" many fighter planes after a certain period of time (perhaps justified as reinforcements from off-map). If the CV is deplaned again, the period of time before the next set of "X" fighter plane reinforcements arrive increases. In this proposal, a CV which loses all their planes is not rendered completely useless, however the objective of deplane-ing an enemy CV remains meaningful. This makes CV gameplay more forgiving, and provides a bit of flexibility for CV players to partake in more risky activities such as spotting, or defending allied ships against enemy aircraft. Furthermore, it lessens the impact of the allied CV getting deplaned on the rest of the team. Currently, a deplaned CV is of very little help to the team, and the team loses access to spotting and fighter protection - often putting them at a significant disadvantage. Through this proposal, this disadvantage, while still present, is reduced. The result is to hopefully reduce the frustration among a team when their CV loses the air war, and to provide a more forgiving experience for CV players who get deplaned. The Introduction of Radio-Range to Force Carriers Closer to the Battle: This was an idea suggested some time ago by Little White Mouse (please correct me if I am wrong). Similar to in World of Tanks, radio range in Warships would limit the distance at which carriers could render enemy ships. While you would still see them on the mini-map, their exact locations in the bird's-eye view would only appear if they were within this radio range. This would force carriers to move closer to the front-lines, instead of running to the back of the map. As a result, this reduces the travel time of planes between the CV and potential targets, increasing the number of strikes per game, and making CV damage more reliable since it is spread over more strikes, and more targets. Futhermore, it adds another element to CV gameplay. While of course CVs won't be fighting on the vanguard, they will not longer be so safe from flanking DDs, or enemy fighters which might spot them. In this way, it forces CV players to be more engaged in the gameplay, since it is now in their best interests to keep spotting potential flanking ships, and to prevent stray enemy fighters from spotting them. Concerning the Midway Rework Proposal on the Developer Facebook Page: I totally disagree with this course of action, and feel it will only make matters worse. While in my opinion, Midway does need to be nerfed (and was over-buffed into her current state), these changes can be done in small steps through my first suggestion. Massive changes like knocking out 30% of her hanger capacity will not help the core problems in her balancing. In conclusion, oh man this turned out a lot longer than I thought it would. If you made it this far, I thank you for reading through my prattling, and I hope I got my points across. The implementation of carrier gameplay is really something special about World of Warships, and something that made it stick out above the crowd for me. Balancing such a unique class is by no means an easy job, but I feel that it is an area which WG has neglected over the past few years. I sincerely hope that CV balance is something that will be given a serious look, as I truly believe that it has the potential to be an extremely positive aspect of the game.
  9. Just from a fairness point of view, a player should at least be allowed by the economy to break even at T10, without using any boosts. The admission from WG that having lower tiers to be in the same MM bracket with T10 ships solely for them to get crapon is bad enough. Let's boost this economy now, instead of in two years. WoT went through the same thing and WG ultimately had to boost income.
  10. Need Help with Khabarovsk

    Hello everyone! Yes, the title says it all. I need help with apparently one of the best ships in the game. Sad, I know. I had no trouble with the Tashkent. 0 worries. In fact, it's one of my favorite ships right now. Some issues I'm having with Khaba: 1. The range decrease from Tashkent 2. The larger size and crappier maneuverability 3. Somehow everyone wants to focus me Stats for reference: (The 60% WR is probs luck lol)
  11. My First Tier 10

    Well, looks like I finally made it! Snuck it in just hours before I hit my 1 year anniversary of playing the game for real, I finally got the tier 10 cruiser, Des Moines! And to emphasize this occasion, instead of a long drawn out brag and life story, I decided a song would be better. Because what the hell is the point of a brag thread if your brag is the same as everyone else? That is just uneventful. So, to the tune of Cecilia and the Satellite (because that is a good song and you know it): (custom lyrics are below) And no brag thread is complete without the pictures, so in the order they appear in the song which is the order of acquisition I ended up taking, here we go: Ok, rest of the stuff I think my threat should include since I got one shot at this: Best Moment: Pensacola in ranked. I really don't get still to this day why people hated tier 7 ranked, but to each there own. Worst Moment: Every game in Omaha. Please wargaming in the name of god fix this ship! And throw a bone to Emerald as well these 2 both need help badly. Highest Damage: 130k in New Orleans. I had a 139k game in Atago but I discredit it as legit cause the damage number came from someone insisting on ramming me, and in my book ramming is not legitimate unless it is bow on to bow on, so meh. Highest Number of Kills: Kraken in St. Louis. Yes, we all seal club a little here and there, mine just happened to come with a trophy one time. If I had to do something differently: Had a better tutorial to teach me actual USN cruiser mechanics. Would have been nice to know about auto-bounce before I started on Pensacola. Most Underestimated Thing About The Line: Pensacola. For real, it is not a ship that you can run around in and flank the enemy in with continuous kiting, it requires more bow-on tanking. And yes, I hope you get hit in the cit every time you go broadside in her, I think it was clear at tier 2 that if you go broadside you eat dirt. If you could change one thing: Give the USN cruisers some more respectable secondaries that have more damage-per-shell and a faster reload. The USN is the only line without torpedoes, and if you find your flank collapsed and you have to retreat, a little tool to help keep the DD's away would be nice. If you had to nerf one thing: Knock the AA down just a really small smidge. Like, maybe 2-3 dps per gun. IDK I felt like this was an important thing to reflect on and so I did. What, some days you got to be a mirror! Thoughts on the new line split: I am going to miss these guys at the tiers they are at, I really am. In some way, I feel like I have to say goodbye to them, because when I wake up the next day, they are not going to play the same. What are my current plans? Get Missouri - I am saving up every single bit of free Xp for it, so yeah, I am going to get it the hard way. Finish the other cruiser lines - Cruiser for life man, but USN first. Now that it is out of the way, got to cross some more finish lines Mid-Ship crisis - Right now I am just taking a bit of a break, cause why not? I just crossed the finish line dude, I need to rest. Anyway, this has been my un-eventful brag thread. Feel free to speak your mind on it. Edit: Cause I want to show the world that I am a USN cruiser player: Yes, they are all in my port. And I plan on getting Marblehead and going through ranked for Flint, and crossing any other bridge that I must to obtain every single USN cruiser that I can.
  12. As per title says, We knew French BB will come to live server soon. Thus, we knew what they will put in tech tree. 3 - Danton 4 - Courbet 5 - Bretagne 6 - Normandie 7 - Lyon 8 - Richelieu 9 - Alsace However, Tier 10 still remained unknown for the fact that this is made up by Wargaming. So we are going to make a bet which name will be represent this ship. rules: pick 2 of the best name you have in mind and give a reason why you want this ship to have this name. All names I put in poll came from what French used in their naming convention if you have another outside what I provided, feel free to express it. Personally, My bet goes on Charlemagne and Flandre - Charlemagne: name looks cool and as a ex-NF player, I always remember BB-6 of French ship with unique design. - Flandre: I'm a bit of Touhou fan so yeah, how I picked this name up What's yours? let's share what you have in mind P.S Jean Bart: reserved for upcoming Tier 8 French Battleships. Strasbourg: I'm a bit salty about this ship not in tech tree.
  13. With the upcoming rental ships for next patch, I'm excited to be able to play them in random battles as well to see how they fit. However... Shouldn't the rental ships and their tech tree versions be lumped together? I really don't think they should be considered separate ships to have to "retrain" your commander. This is going to be frustrating for quite a lot of players who tried the rentals in Random Battles, grind up to the ship & buy it, only to finally learn that after all that time, they still have to retrain the captain to said ship. Overall feedback: Mark the rental ships and their tech tree versions as interchangeable for Captains. (***Note: I'm not asking to make the rental ships "Premium" versions like with the Haifuri ships so as to be interchangeable with all commanders of the same nation***) Edit: nevermind. Missed out on a piece of the PT notes :P
  14. I would love to see the Super Akizuki and what ever the Russians can decide to make for a paper ship to finish the tier line. Thoughts? or do you guys think they'll never give it to us?
  15. So yeah. I just got home from work and hopped onto my computer, pulled up YouTube and the first video I saw under my suggested vids was from iChaseGaming, and the title is talking about no CVs allowed for first season of WoWS Clan Wars. So yeah. I look over at the side bar and who do I see? A response from Femennenly! And boy was her response rather justified! Okay, so that's one of two super unicum players (the other being farazelleth) that flat out sold their tier 10 CV (Midway doesn't count because the USN CV line is a complete joke) And then, I look over at my side bar and i see NoZoupForYou's response! Hmmmm, maybe he'll have a better view on it... .....Nope.... Seriously, I just recently started learning how to properly play carriers by using Farazelleth's guides and noticing a vast increase in my abilities. Granted I'm nowhere near him or Fem's skill level, or alot of other people who play them, nor will I ever be near them in skill. So in all of this we've got the following that have become true: 1. WarGaming said that in 2017 they would be doing a massive rework of Carriers and how they play and how they are controlled (the UI is terrible and buggy). The results have determined that was a lie. 2. WarGaming said that there would be no new premium carriers or new carrier tech tree lines until the CV overhaul was completed. Kaga and Enterprise have determined that was a lie. 3. WarGaming stated that the Graf Zeppelin was fine in it's final iteration before pushing it out just to have something for GamesCom in Germany this summer. Player reaction and feedback, including the firing of iChaseGaming for his very right and very correct comments on the GZ, have determined that was a lie. 4. WarGaming have now stated that there will be no carriers in Clan Wars because it makes things imbalanced and the "stress and exhaustion" of being under constant pressure isn't fun. I'm detecting a pattern here, so unless they change their minds and go with a 1/2/2/2 set up (CV/BB/CL/DD) or a 0/2/3/2 - 0/2/2/3 alternates, I'm gonna predict that the above is gonna also be a lie. BONUS FACT: They're gonna be loaning out Shimakazes, Zaos, and Grosse Kurfursts to people who don't own tier 10 ships. Well that's brilliant! One of 2 scenarios is going to present itself: A. The Kurfursts are gonna be useless because having that many Zaos they will be burned to death as soon as they are spotted and within range. B. The Kurfursts are gonna be useless because having that many Shimakaze torpedo walls coming their direction, even with Hydro going, will be impossible to dodge them all. BONUS FACT 2: They claim that having carriers spotting DDs put undue stress and negation on torpedo attacks from said DD, but fail to realize that with the potential proliferation of Moskva radar, DDs can't get close enough for effective torpedo attacks anyway without being radared and subsequently focus-fired by 7 people. BONUS FACT 3: Since the above will be true in most regards, and seeings how all the "nerfs" to the Khaba have been token gestures AT BEST, the most used DD for Clan Wars is going to be the Khabarovsk because even slightly above average Khaba drivers don't use smoke. They run the heal and speed-tank enemies while pew-pewing with their mini flamethrowers at near max range. Based upon all of the above, here's my prediction for T10 Clan Wars Season 1 fleet compositions: A. 1x Yamato, 4x Moskva, 3x Des Moines/Henri IV B. 1x Yamato, 2x Moskva, 4x Khabarovsk C. 1x Yamato, 1x Moskva, 5x Khabarovsk D. 1x Kurfurst, 5x Zao, 1x Shimakaze E. 1x Kurfurst, 6x Shimakaze F. 1x Moskva/Des Moines/Henri IV, 6x Khabarovsk/Shimakaze There's little point in bringing anything but the Yamato (lol Overmatch guns) except for the Kurfurst because Oprah: You get a T10! And you get a T10! And you get a T10! EVERYBODY GETS A T10!!!! The only reason you'd bring a Des Moines over a Moskva would be the fire rate and the longer duration Radar because hey, no CVs so who gives a f*ck about AA. No point in bringing a Minotaur because their smoke will be torpedo central and they have no radar unless they give up their smoke, in which case "Take me down to Citadel City". And also, no CVs so who gives a f*ck about their long-range stock AA DPS of 300+. The only reason you'd bring Shimakazes over Khabarovsk is for sending out 20km skill walls every 30 seconds non-stop if you had at least 5 of them rotating their launches. Otherwise, why even bother with smoke at all when the Khaba can just speed-tank everything and dictate the terms of the engagements while LOLFIRESPAM'ing everything it wants with relative impunity. Oh, got hit and set on fire? Heal.
  16. With the stack of flags from the event I tried to finish as many techtrees as I could. First was the Zao, then the Hindenburg, the unluckly Henri IV and now the Conqueror as number 14. I'm only at T7 with the VMF cruisers so there will be no push to T10 even I have enough flags left. And we don't talk about carriers. 138 ships in port.
  17. Why I don't play my Des Moines...

    ...unless there's some mission like the current anniversary missions... It took me five tries to get 500k credits with a Des Moines... FIVE. FREAKING. TRIES. It doesn't matter what everyone else says; I can't make the ship work; which is pathetic; when you consider the reason I got into WoWs is because I wanted to drive one. Get close; die. Stay farther away; die. Try to find cover and do what many people say; die. Run away screaking like a little girl and hide in a corner; team dies, then I die. My congenitral inability to develope useful skills, and just as rotten luck; (go somewhere; crickets chirping; do no damage and get griped at; go somewhere else next time, no one in sight, turn a corner, whole enemy team is there, die, do no damage, get griped at...) I don't play my Des Moines because it's not worth the headaches and frustration that come from not being able to make it perform... ...even after a 105 games in it, (+25 in Co-op,) I still suck so bad in it it hurts... ...time to put it away again until next anniversary I guess.
  18. 10th Battle in New Zao

    I started up the IJN cruiser line a long time ago. Got to Aoba and just stopped. Ugh. Then I got all of the ARP Myokos and slowly learned how to play an IJN CA. Decided I wanted a 155 Mogami - good choice BTW. Today I unlocked the Zao. This is my 10th battle: I think she's working as intended! BTW some may think my positioning at the start is a mistake. It was a calculated risk and I almost got deleted for it...
  19. Hello players, I've been working on my game and got a few of the tree's to tier 10, Hindenburg, Grober Kurfurst and Des Moines. I like the Cruisers the most so I've been thinking of getting the Permanent Camouflage's for the 2 I have. My question/Problem is the cost versus the benefits. Type 20 5000 -3% to detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +20% credits earned in the battle. +100% to experience earned in the battle. Why do I need 100% XP on a T10 ship at 5000 Gold? Does anyone buy this, if so do you think its worth it. I don't mind buying gold at all but the payback isn't worth it to me as I see it now. I'm hoping I'm missing something so I'm asking you, the player base to see if I am. If not are there any rumors that this will change because it was a brain fart when created? Thank you for your replies. Enjoy your day/game!
  20. Tier 10 achieved!

    I got my first Tier 10 a few days ago. after a few...thousand battles i did something i thought i would never do :D all i need now is to get her premium camo so i dont lose hundreds of thousands of credits, and some tips and tricks :D so please help me play yamato! and donate 5k doubloons plz
  21. Come check out iChase and Femennenly as they cast cast the final week of Fight Night +grudge matches @https://www.twitch.tv/warshipsfightnight Fight Night Teams: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOJnI0J_o26JRyfVKJqK0XcfobIg_D8GLkvwoT38atzO8IGw/viewanalytics GL & HF
  22. I just finished a tier 10 game and would like some input here (suggestions for devs.). Here are the details: Ship: Midway - took 0 ship damage but lost a total of 31 planes (which, I think, for a tier X match isn't awful). Dealt over 120K damage with 1 sunk. My team won. With Premium I received 140K silver + 5% modifier (added 7K) Service cost 180K plus ammunition resupply cost another 25K. Net is a whopping -58K I was expecting a net gain. Had our team lost or I didn't have premium I would understand. I see no incentive to play tier 10 now. We work our butts off getting to tier X and then have to pay to play it?? wth
  23. As a bit of old, old history; I originally got into World of Warships for the single purpose of aquiring a Des Moines. I've been fascinated with it since I discovered the presence of USS Salem in Quincy, MA; and the firepower represented by it's semi-automatic 8" main battery guns, and 3" anti-aircraft battery. Using Sampson, Wickes, Chester, St Louis, South Carolina, Wyoming, and to a limited extent Cleveland; I fought my way up the research tree to what became a side-track goal of the USS Fletcher, (because of Cassin Young in Boston,) and eventually Des Moines. At some point I can no longer recal, IJN Atago came into the mix. I have long had the ships I wanted way back in November of 2015, but I no longer play them. With the exception of a pitifully few games in Missouri and Takao; I haven't played any games with high-tiered ships (Tier 8 and up,) in months; and that is when I'm getting close to 7,000 games played in all modes, (just 515 total, all modes, T8-10.) I don't know if that is a lot, or a very few; but the bitterness and resentment which resulted from my experiences trying to play those high tier ships originally; while entirely self-inflicted; has left me with nothing but appathy when it comes to further participation in any high tier games. In retrospect; it may have also been a mistake to try out the other Wargamming title involving armored vehicles of another scale. My experiences there with being beaten to a pulp; with trying to play a game and seemingly having no chance to LEARN the game, much less enjoy it hasn't helped I think. One way that other game reflects on WoWs is its iterration of 'missions.' Just a brief glance at what are often called 'daily' missions leaves me with the impression they are nothing but a 'unicum players only need apply' type of deal. I look at the first stage of 'Honorable Participation' and get that same feeling. The thing is; I know I'm not the same player I was months ago, skill-wise; certainly not the same as I was a year ago; but it's difficult to shake off long seated feelings; the 50lb salt-chip that rests on my shoulder every time I get anywhere near a high tier game. Perhaps I've having a self-pity party, I don't think I'm introspective enough to know If I was; but I also don't know what to do... I would like to try the advanced campaign, but I'm having a hard time getting any excitement built up to do so, never mind even deciding on which ship or ships to use. Anyone out there who's had a similar experience, and has any advice on how to overcome it? At least enough to start working on the advanced campaign?
  24. So I had a Match in my Minotaur. And before anyone asks, i Free XPed my way to it. And I like it. I've been having success previously to this, but nothing quite like this. Started off on North, and I headed towards B. At B, a Shima, Des moine, and I started to cap and hold off the enemy team. I continued to hold Killing a NC(kill secure(no shame)), and a Gearing. A cyclone hit, so i pushed with my team, and killed an Atago with broadside AP, and pushed forward. I eventually died to an Enemy Tirpitz, but my torps killed an Amagi for my $th and Final kill. Great game, loved the Ship, and it was worth the XP for me. I'll leave you with some screenshots and a Replay(once i figure out how to share a replay, or someone tells me how to) https://gyazo.com/52202595e2f4638d9510b7be4ba06471 https://gyazo.com/0fea2baddcc55bc0b35cd42757aa0b71 https://gyazo.com/a4dd316742c27ea8e7b95a7caea13e19 https://gyazo.com/1398716f266faa302048a561ecc08a21