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Found 8 results

  1. Felipe_1982


    Following advices taken (here) i got my first "real" coal ship: Thunderer Unfortunately, by now i have about 30% wins on it. Trying to play in the back as people told it is a ship to snipe and not a ship to engage in fights.
  2. tankmaster2003_hero

    Thunderer vs. Slava

    I've finally gotten enough coal for the Thunderer, but should I wait and see what resource the Slava is going to be sold for? After all the nerfing is it still the better option? And when is it going to be released: 9.6, 9.7, or 9.8? Thanks.
  3. Hey all, I'm just looking to get a feel for what people think is the best option. My stats are public, so you can see that I'm a mediocre/middling player. I play every class these days, CVs the least by far. I've got enough coal for any one of the top-tier armory ships right now. I hear the Georgia is really good, nice guns and good secondaries. I've also heard that the Thunderer is an excellent investment, and possibly OP. I don't know what coal ships people are expecting to be released in the near (3-6 months) future, so I don't know if it's worth saving my coal. I still have my coupon thankfully, so that'll help me reduce the cost of whatever I choose somewhat. Right now I play German BBs, German DDs, French BBs, and American Cruisers, and French DDs the most. I'm pretty flexible, just not necessarily great. I thankfully got Nelson and Mushashi for free XP.
  4. Hi all, Firstly I think this may be my first post I have started a topic on, so please be kind. Background first, I am a BB main (80%) I enjoy a brawling style and have played a lot of German BBs and the USN secondary BBs. I recently got HMS Thunderer and it requires a significantly different style of play, that I am calling "battlecruiser", reliant on mobility, stealth, mid range accuracy and regular change of ammo types. I think this applies to a number of BBs (Thunderer Ishizuchi, Hood, Amagi perhaps) and some of the super cruisers like Agir and Siegfried. Here is my problem, I find I lack impact. In the Thunderer, I dont feel as though I have the carry potential of a more aggressive BB style. I find optimum engagement distance around the 15-17km mark and keep mobile and use the rudder shift to dodge incoming fire. That distance means that torps or not a huge issue but HE spam can be as Thunderer suffers badly from it. I find I am swapping ammo types often but even though accuracy is very good I am still getting used to flight times as I normally fight closer. I am an average player but would like to improve. Would be grateful for any tips an tricks for this style of play. Not just improve damage that seems Ok 115k or so - but have more impact.
  5. Which one should i get?- Georgia or Thuderer.... I have enough for both.But im not sure which one to buy... Any advice??
  6. Yea just saving up coal as usual. I wanna get Thunderer but I already have another premium BB, the JB, so I'm kinda iffy on that choice. Another thing I'm considering is getting Kuznetsov for the Petropavlovsk I'm gonna grind for, but Will to Victory seems tailor-made for the Kremlin. Thoughts? Also, any news on upcoming/soon to be added coal ships? Thanks.
  7. Nice Thunderer game - my best by far. Everyone kept giving me so nice broadsides I never switched to HE...
  8. a) Yeah I know, British Grenadiers instead of Heart of Oak but I thought that Grenadiers fit the bill better. b) I know this isn't very high quality but it's a start, I don't have any decent video capturing or editing software to make it better. Never the less I did enjoy making this and I hope you all get a decent laugh out of it too. Edit: To actually give my opinion on the matter and answer the question Thunderer is a better bang for your buck, simply put Smolensk is very annoying and easily capable of dealing 230k a game. But she only has 130mm guns and I feel that she'll be power crept far sooner than the Thunderer. Thunderer is much more accurate and is always able to adapt to her situation, great AP and classic British HE, she is definitely capable of handling a Smolensk with the 1/4 HE pen. So yeah there's my take on the matter, I hope it helps in some way.