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Found 9 results

  1. *pictured - Admiral Nikolay Kuznetsov onboard the Soviet cruiser Kirov in 1939* Which new additions to World of Warships poses the greatest threats to you and your Fleet? Whether its the introduction of Soviet battleships or the new legendary commander, Admiral Kuznetsov, new content = new threats and weapons at your disposal. Or do you believe existing ships of your Fleet, including updates to carriers, hold the key to both being your greatest assets or adversaries to you and your teammates? Of all of the new and existing ships, commanders, aircraft, and weaponry now available, which one poses the biggest threat to the Fleet? "There are leaders and there are managers...know the difference!" - Nikolay Kuznetsov, Soviet Navy #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh
  2. *pictured - German Kreigsmarine Deutschland (later renamed Lutzow) in port at Wilhelmshaven in 1936* Which heavy cruiser poses the biggest threat to you and your team? Heavy cruisers can not only be a big problem for other cruisers, but can lay punishing gunfire to battleships and destroyers. In addition, they can mount deadly anti-aircraft firepower or serve as a platform for detecting hidden destroyers or incoming torpedoes as well. When the silhouette you spot on the horizon turns out to be a heavy cruiser, which one sends your crew to action stations immediately? "No captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy." - Horatio Nelson, Royal Navy #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh
  3. *pictured - HMAS Australia launching torpedoes in the English Channel in 1943* How big of a threat are deepwater torpedoes to you and your Fleet? Various ships in the game are capable of launching stealthy deepwater torpedoes which are devastating to cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. Destroyers, while immune to them, should be aware of their presence as they signify the presence of an enemy vessel nearby and can provide early warning for their team. When deepwater torpedoes are spotted, are they a threat to you and your fleet and what do you do to deal with them? "Never fear your enemy but always respect them." - John Basilone, US Marine Corps #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh
  4. *pictured - lookout onboard HMS Viscount keeping watch for enemy contact in the North Atlantic, October 22, 1942* What course of action do you take after you see you've been detected? There are several ways to be detected in game: visually detected, spotted by aircraft, and being picked up by surveillance radar and hydro-acoustics. No matter which class of ship you're commanding, being detected by the enemy fleet can mean lethal incoming fire. When the enemy fleet spots you, what's your plan of action to survive and take the fight to them? "The difference between a good and great officer is about ten seconds." - Arleigh Burke, US Navy #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh
  5. * pictured - USS Bunker Hill set ablaze after a kamikaze strike on 05/11/1945 off the Kyushu Islands * Battleship and cruiser skippers - what's the biggest artillery threat to your ship: high explosive or armor piercing rounds? High explosive rounds can not only reduce the health pool of your ship, but can also set fires and knockout vital armament and components on your vessel. Armor piercing rounds do not have the threat of fire, but can still damage and destroy vital equipment and weapons while significantly reducing your ship's survivability. As a battleship or cruiser skipper, do you dread HE or AP rounds coming at you? "The best that science can devise and that naval organization can provide must be regarded only as an aid, and never as a substitute for good seamanship." - Chester Nimitz, US Navy #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh
  6. *pictured - HMS Belfast at her permanent dock on the Thames River in London* With the Royal Navy Arc being celebrated in Patch 0.7.9, which RN ship do you enjoy taking out with the Fleet? British cruisers, battleships, and destroyers will soon be joined by a new tech tree of Royal Navy destroyers to earn. With a reputation for dealing deadly firepower combined with durability, a Royal Navy vessel on the horizon equals a formidable foe. When the Royal Navy gets the call, which royal vessel do you raise the Union Jack into battle with? "We are so outnumbered there's only one thing to do. We must attack." - Sir Andrew Cunningham, Royal Navy #threatassessmentthursday #royalnavy #anchorsaweigh
  7. On the map "Fault Line", how big of a threat is the eastern strait to your fleet and base? The waterway is narrow and is in tight spaces providing little room for maneuvering and evading incoming fire and torpedoes. However, if unchecked or unchallenged, the opposing side can exploit this threatening both your eastern flank and your base. When doing battle on "Fault Line", what's your plan for the eastern gauntlet of terror? "Never fear the enemy but always respect them." - John Basilone, US Marine Corps #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh
  8. Which mid-tier battleship do you dread seeing on the enemy fleet? Even though it is my namesake, seeing a Gneisenau, or a few of them, on the other team puts me on my toes. Solid, fast, agile, good guns, powerful secondary armament, and torpedoes make her a ship that respects your attention. With dangerous waters ahead, which mid-tier battleship poses the biggest threat to you and your fleet? "Never fear your enemy but always respect them." John Basilone, US Marine Corps #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh
  9. *pictured - Combat Information Center on board USS Independence during operations off Okinawa, March 31, 1945* When battling on the map "Two Brothers", how do you rate the threat of the enemy coming down the middle channel? Everyone has seen replays or live streams of attempts to break through the middle channel on Two Brothers to launch a devastating surprise attack on the enemy team. Despite the geography and terrain of the map, there are numerous successful raids performing this tactic. However, every successful attempt was due to the element of surprise and catching the other team completely off-guard. Two Brothers down the middle: trick gadget tactic or genuine threat to your fleet? "People who don't gamble aren't worth talking to." - Isoroku Yamamoto, Imperial Japanese Navy #threatassessmentthursday #anchorsaweigh