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Found 6 results

  1. lordholland4293

    Dev blog Halloween impressions

    I have read the dev blog on the Halloween mode and I am slightly disappointed in wows. I feel like this Halloween is similar to steel hunters in wots, don't get me wrong I'll give it a try. Though if you enter into a div in key hunt, and your only one who has a key, that would mean your div mates get screwed unless they kill players who have a key. An what happens if a player leaves the zone wiht rhe key and screws thr rest of the members. I see alot of clans sync dropping randomly and hope they par up like in ranked. A whole div should be able to use a key and drop from the port like in the filth event and also allow T10 camo infernal camo to be given. Though I would rather have an event like the old halloween operations or last year's filth event. I have to disagreed wiht the forcing on pvp down our thoughts. Halloween has traditionally been a fun and relaxing event. I am sure there are others who will disagree with me. An I know this is still prelimary info but it worries from a veterans wows perspective. Hopefully @Hapa_Fodder, can pass on any concerns to the dev stream on friday.
  2. Since I'm one of those "bring back RTS CVs" types (and yes, I have quite a few battles in RTS CVs), feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt. I've spoilered each segment to shorten it. Although I first started using CVs in the RTS days only because of my belief that the best way to counter any class in WoWs is to use it myself, I did come to enjoy RTS CVs quite a bit, advancing up to Taiho and Midway by the time the rework came around. Although I was not unicum level, I did become good enough with them that I could keep up with the likes of KotS CV commanders. After the rework, I tried the new CVs out but quickly found that it was simply not my cup of tea. Nowadays I mainly use the class in co-op to quickly rack up plane kills or spotting damage, and spend much more time on the wrong side of CVs than not. To me, the main problems with RTS CVs were: On the other hand, there were mitigating factors to limit the effect of RTS CVs, namely imo the presence of reliable counters: Although I ultimately stopped using CVs (at least in PvP) when the rework came, I do frequently follow discussions and watch videos about CVs post rework. From what I can observe, the rework did increase CV numbers and lessen the effect a skill gap could have on the less competent CV commander. However, I also notice the following problems. These are my suggested solutions, in no particular order of importance. I suppose it could be construed as combining RTS CVs with reworked CVs. I also threw in a suggestion for when submarines come out: Edit: removed strafe
  3. lordholland4293

    Summer Sale, my thoughts

    So I though the summer sale was great, I go the atlanta camo and the konig, though I wish the summer sale was a month long instead of a week. I would have liked to spend more money. What has everyone else thought?
  4. What would you like wargaming to do for the game, more balancing, less ship lines, fix the old stuff, quality or quantity. What would you like to see? I would like to see better balance for t8-t10, old ops, returned, less ships lines released, quality balancing nothing of this 0.5 sec reload buff for new york, the only ships that need to be kept in check are T4 cvs as that is the new players coming up and thats not fun for them. If wargaming is pushing for high tier forcus customers on balancing them. More 30% sent out so we can buy more ships, and Armory ship coupons reduced to three months if you keep putting ranked and clan battles so close together. These ones I would like. Make the game fun again, and not like a job for having to grind out ship lines every 4-6 months, two ships lines a year is plenty. It is better to have a good release then a bad one. If you want more date to balance your ships, let people have access to the new ships on pts, so you can get your data. Does anyone know the exact number of supertesters? These are my thoughts brought on by wg recent dev article about ship changes.
  5. lordholland4293

    Naval Base Addition

    We need a new build for the navel base, WG should come out with come one every year to six months. What do you folks want to see.
  6. Duma


    The title says it. Looking for thoughts musings. Goods and bads on the Azuma. I do like big gun cruisers and I might have the FXP this time next year to pick her up. "If she's still going for fxp.