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Found 7 results

  1. I just.... I can't understand what is happening up in the minds of Wargamings' PR staff, let alone their development teams and advertising staff... I don't play much anymore. I started playing Wargaming games back in 2010, with the last 2 weeks of the alpha on World of Tanks, and came here when the beta started. I used to love it, and played the ever living crap out of it! I'd watch many of the livestreams and CC members' videos on youtube to pass the time and enjoy a bit of humor when the game got too intense or the toxicity levels increased too much. Then the loot boxes and blatant disregard of our community contributors' voices, the lack of overall care of the content pushed out, the lack of communication both here and World of Tanks between the Russian development HQ and the NA server branches.... the lack of care in rectifying their mistakes and their utter mistreatment of the contributors who basically gave them their player numbers from the start and kept them coming back.... This previous.... "apology" (among others from past PR failures both on World of Tanks and World of Warships) has not only enraged several thousand players across the European servers, but the few-thousand (as our numbers barely scratch the numbers of EU or RU) here in the NA cluster have taken a fairly substantial impact from these walkouts for they were many of our source of entertainment. Seeing Jingles walk out, especially, was rather shocking. So here I am, in the forums for what little good it'll do outside of letting off the thoughts in my head... For me the final move that brought me out of this rather silent drull of mine, was the walkout of the old man himself, The Mighty Jingles.... He walked out of the CC program in World of Tanks for very similar problems, the blatant disrespect and negative/toxic "relationship" between the contributors and the company itself, doing everything it could to talk down to, and ultimately consider non-worthy of the time or place to be considered useful, when all they did was fix and suggest amazing content and give feedback through the eyes of players that actually care about the game's future and the well-being of the community as a whole... Meanwhile, Wargaming have shown less and less overall care for such dilligence, preferring players that can't even bother to open the settings tab, let alone missions or in-game maps/common sense in battle... They enjoy the ones who just spend money in silence, afterall... This whole fiasco has just disgusted me, personally. And Jingles put it VERY well (and i found myself saying this in World of Tanks a few months back too when someone asked me why I hated the game so much, so it's nice to see someone as influential as Jingles say something similar, Effectively stating: "it's not the game, the game didn't do anything inherently wrong, and in fact it's still a great game! It's the company behind the games that bothers me and their lack of care for their own community, instead favoring greed to such extremes as pedaling gambling to children and coercing players to win through paying for skill rather than the enjoyment of the game." As if they couldn't be bothered to learn from their first complete bomb-shell of World of Tanks... y'know, with their loot boxes, special ammo, power creep, armor altering, CC abuse, extremely robotic support system and overall lack of humanity in their way of handling their community in a professional manner.... Now we have much of that here in Warships, something that was, at one time, rather absent from the game (and what made this game, for me at least, a lot more fun than Tanks.) Contributors who helped them build up this game's community across multiple clusters, whom no longer feel like their efforts are getting them anything more than toxic (or at the very least cold-shouldered) responses as if they are no more than a nuisense to the company they so lovingly supported when it wasn't necessary, have stepped down, and certainly voiced their problems with what wargaming was fronting against them... and in extension from those Contributors, they also in that same motion shrugged off much of the community that doesn't agree with these changes they are pushing while contributors tried to help... and while yes, we (the ones who actually care more than just hitting "battle" in either Tanks or Ships) are not the majority of the playerbase, even 30%-40% of 1million players is still one very hefty number in the grand scheme of things. I mean crap, it's more than we see on the NA servers for the normal day's playercount... This is not including the fact of how many of those in that 30-40% are "whales" or even just potential or current customers buying actual in-game material. It hurts... seeing what they did to LWM, Jingles, foch (granted he did deserve that response with how he acted, though they certainly took it far), chase and the others whether World of Tanks or World of Warships... They couldn't even get LITTLE WHITE MOUSE's name right in their half-attempt at a response. APRILwhitemouse... just... amazing.... I'd applaud your failure there but it's entirely possible that would be misconstrued as congratulating the lack of effort as a positive thing based on the previous responses and efforts (again, lack there-of) to save what little pride is left to hold onto as a company... To the forum moderators dealing with this explosion of outrage from players and the complaints: I truly am greatful for your efforts... you stand between a oilspill of rather infuriated individuals ready to spark a flame, confused customers and the common rabble who have no idea who or what to aim their frustrations out on (even some going so far as to lash out at you even though you have no part in the responses of the company or the individuals between the company and here. Many of us know you're kept out of the loop to a fairly heavy degree as well... many players found that out with the black-market fiasco 2 years ago (i believe it was. Might have been 3 now?) over on World of Tanks, where forum and discord moderators had **no** idea what was going on between the RU cluster and NA clusters due to mis-timed releases and failed communication. I can only guess it's similar here in Warships... Stay strong, and please keep being awesome both here and on discord. To the players wondering what's going on. To put it simply, there was a HUGE miscommunication between wargaming and several community contributors for well over 3 years now, steadily getting worse. The biggest miscommunication saw contributors, 2 of whom (little white mouse specifically), spend a good part of 12+ months making something for Wargaming to use after being approached with a request to make it, and when bringing the finished product forth was promptly told to effectively bugger-off like they weren't asked. (meaning the main branch/cluster was never in communication with the branch that asked them to do this project.). This isn't the only issue, but it's the big one that created the wave that started this walk-out, as contributor members were noticing a severe lack in care for their efforts after that in favor of the people who... well... don't give two shakes of a rudder for the direction or longevity of the game, and instead just pay money to make their mark and leave only to repeat the process day in and out... To the community contributors Whether you stay, have left, plan to leave or hope to see things change (and/or know things won't).... please, stay safe and do what's best for your health and mental stability. If you continue to play the game then I hope to see you on the seas, if not then whatever direction you take may it be far better than what you experienced in this mess of a maelstrom created in the past few days/weeks. You did so much.... for both Tanks and Warships in many of your situations, only to be essentially spat on time and time again lately (even more so if you tried to be part of both games' Community Contributor programs)... You truly did deserve better for the amount of effort and care you all put forth, and a far better response from Wargaming than that half-hearted response they gave you... especially when all of us know it never changes, it's just re-worded and recycled over and over again... To the Wargaming company as a whole: I truly did hope that this sense of ignorance towards the playerbase, the customers and the creator/contributor community was just a sick joke or a misunderstanding, but seeing these messages from LWM, Sackville, Jingles, Chase, and the many others that have since followed their steps.... this is clearly not the case, and frankly I don't see it changing either. It's increasingly clear that your goal is no longer to be the best of the best when it comes to these games' lifespans, or the retension and expansion of your players' count and its ability to grow, but rather just how much you can squeeze out of people before they realize what they got sucked into... With the constantly tighter restrictions on the players' voice, to the ever increasing rules around Contributor's ability to share what they do... from the robotic responses on the help desks, to the emphasis on practically requiring money to make any head-way in the game or face literal weeks of grinding... From making the players feel like this is a second job rather than a game, to the gambling initiative that started in World of Tanks and invaded into Warships like a plague against many peoples' advice for the health of the community... "we'll get it right next time" No..... No you won't.... you've proven that's a lie.
  2. lordholland4293

    Dev blog Halloween impressions

    I have read the dev blog on the Halloween mode and I am slightly disappointed in wows. I feel like this Halloween is similar to steel hunters in wots, don't get me wrong I'll give it a try. Though if you enter into a div in key hunt, and your only one who has a key, that would mean your div mates get screwed unless they kill players who have a key. An what happens if a player leaves the zone wiht rhe key and screws thr rest of the members. I see alot of clans sync dropping randomly and hope they par up like in ranked. A whole div should be able to use a key and drop from the port like in the filth event and also allow T10 camo infernal camo to be given. Though I would rather have an event like the old halloween operations or last year's filth event. I have to disagreed wiht the forcing on pvp down our thoughts. Halloween has traditionally been a fun and relaxing event. I am sure there are others who will disagree with me. An I know this is still prelimary info but it worries from a veterans wows perspective. Hopefully @Hapa_Fodder, can pass on any concerns to the dev stream on friday.
  3. Since I'm one of those "bring back RTS CVs" types (and yes, I have quite a few battles in RTS CVs), feel free to take my opinion with a grain of salt. I've spoilered each segment to shorten it. Although I first started using CVs in the RTS days only because of my belief that the best way to counter any class in WoWs is to use it myself, I did come to enjoy RTS CVs quite a bit, advancing up to Taiho and Midway by the time the rework came around. Although I was not unicum level, I did become good enough with them that I could keep up with the likes of KotS CV commanders. After the rework, I tried the new CVs out but quickly found that it was simply not my cup of tea. Nowadays I mainly use the class in co-op to quickly rack up plane kills or spotting damage, and spend much more time on the wrong side of CVs than not. To me, the main problems with RTS CVs were: On the other hand, there were mitigating factors to limit the effect of RTS CVs, namely imo the presence of reliable counters: Although I ultimately stopped using CVs (at least in PvP) when the rework came, I do frequently follow discussions and watch videos about CVs post rework. From what I can observe, the rework did increase CV numbers and lessen the effect a skill gap could have on the less competent CV commander. However, I also notice the following problems. These are my suggested solutions, in no particular order of importance. I suppose it could be construed as combining RTS CVs with reworked CVs. I also threw in a suggestion for when submarines come out: Edit: removed strafe
  4. lordholland4293

    Summer Sale, my thoughts

    So I though the summer sale was great, I go the atlanta camo and the konig, though I wish the summer sale was a month long instead of a week. I would have liked to spend more money. What has everyone else thought?
  5. What would you like wargaming to do for the game, more balancing, less ship lines, fix the old stuff, quality or quantity. What would you like to see? I would like to see better balance for t8-t10, old ops, returned, less ships lines released, quality balancing nothing of this 0.5 sec reload buff for new york, the only ships that need to be kept in check are T4 cvs as that is the new players coming up and thats not fun for them. If wargaming is pushing for high tier forcus customers on balancing them. More 30% sent out so we can buy more ships, and Armory ship coupons reduced to three months if you keep putting ranked and clan battles so close together. These ones I would like. Make the game fun again, and not like a job for having to grind out ship lines every 4-6 months, two ships lines a year is plenty. It is better to have a good release then a bad one. If you want more date to balance your ships, let people have access to the new ships on pts, so you can get your data. Does anyone know the exact number of supertesters? These are my thoughts brought on by wg recent dev article about ship changes.
  6. lordholland4293

    Naval Base Addition

    We need a new build for the navel base, WG should come out with come one every year to six months. What do you folks want to see.
  7. Duma


    The title says it. Looking for thoughts musings. Goods and bads on the Azuma. I do like big gun cruisers and I might have the FXP this time next year to pick her up. "If she's still going for fxp.