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Found 2 results

  1. LoveBote

    Farewell URL Guy

    @TheURLGuy take care and thanks for the fishy memes
  2. henrychenhenry

    The demise of TheURLGuy

    We all remember when @TheURLGuy made his first public debut. It was subtle - he introduced himself in a maiden voyage on the Hindenburg. Months later, we had a public glimpse into his existence with monkeys and keyboards thrown in a room. Of course, his recognition then was at an all-time high. And, it was well-deserved. He read up on Pandas, H2O, and ARGs. He honored corporate with a capmeo. Every Halloween everybody waited for him to appear, to be more active than ever and partake in a puzzle. And everybody relished the moment. While not always present, he was omnipresent. That is, until an untypical day several months ago. You see, TheURLGuy lives in URLs (duh) and comments; comments on news posts. He read them and responded in them. And when comments were removed, he mostly disappeared. 2 Aprils ago, there were full-blown ShipPosts. 1 April ago, ShipPosts were few and far between. Nowadays, he (or maybe not even him) resides only in URLs and the Announcements section of the forums. His last known location was a pub in Texas. And this is truly unfortunate. Before the rise of @Kami and @Femennenly, he was the face of WoWS in the community. Occasionally here, but always witty and VERY esteemed. Whether what's changed is your role or your passion, do know that WoWS is NOT the same without you. I have been thinking about this for awhile. It's the increased activity of @BTed72 that's made me post this. Nowadays, there's TheEURLGuy on the EU forums and TheURLguy on the Asia forums. I sincerely doubt he is actually posting on either forum. The WGAsia employees didn't even capitalize the G in guy... So unattentive... Is TheURLGuy even employed by WG nowadays? Or has he been promoted to a more back-end role like @Pigeon_of_War? All events and references within the main paragraph above relate to discrete events in the timeline of WoWS. There are no spelling errors. Some details are extremely subtle and I am happy to clarify the backstories. Additional thoughts from below discussions: I don't expect TheURLGuy to be front and center; he doesn't even post in the forums now. He no longer interacts with the people he makes content for. And I think that is very important (job-wise). Update: Very glad to know @TheURLGuy is alive and well. I hope this thread has made your day knowing that the community cares about you and loves your content (especially amidst the oh-so-common negative threads). I also hope that your interactions with the playerbase through this thread have been enjoyable and insightful. Wishing you continued luck with your new position, henrychenhenry