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Found 1 result

  1. I would love to at least see the full list of scenarios you currently have in game /operations is what im talking about. please don't tell me there not popular with a less than one minute wait time they are extremely popular. i would personally be willing to pay for more to be made available but im nuts like that and i doubt you would do that anyway. you could sell coop mission boosters or something . but many people play these things and we miss the missing ones cant remember the name but my favorite was the one with the big airbase called Rouen was a long mission with alot happening if you would please at least ask in game if players want to see a T-10 op ill bet you will see a positive response you wont know unless you try. i could see a real battle of coral sea being a good candidate for t 10 or Normandy as a t-10 Narai. https://strawpoll.com/c3r99xa7s