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Found 6 results

  1. LowSpeed_US

    Thank you Wargaming.com

    Dear Wargaming, Thank you for the Wargaming Container (x3). I had no idea that it included 24 hour Premium time in all three, with some flags. Wish I didn't open all three in a row...I'll be away during the weekend.
  2. ELOFan

    I am excited!

    I miss my Independence, Bogue and Zuiho but thank you for giving me the Ranger. :) I know I have to rebuy Hosho to get Ryujo and I played smart move by saving my commanders by placing in reserve. I am excited to relearn to play CV's I first going to go play against bots it will give me time to master by practicing how get better control of aircraft. But still I miss my other carriers so I will leave this song here. :(
  3. When the snowflakes and Santa crate events began I wanted only Massachusetts, Mutsu, and Flint. Got the first two from Santa crates, along with Monaghan and Indianapolis, and got the steel to get Flint. Thanks WG. Really good events this year.
  4. Just wanted to quickly drop some Complement Bombs!! !!! -INCOMING- !!! @fang_cloudeye for being a awesome ST Coordinator and Friend to chat/play with. @BrokenGamer for being a solid friend and joy to watch when he stream and talking about random lego battleship stuff. @Gneisenau013 for herding us ST Cats around when we need it and always willing to help. (All ST staff is epic btw) @TragicLoss & @Femennenly for keeping the streams fun and on track as much as much as your two do. and always be positive @Aessaya for that sweet sweet Mermaids Wrath pack. Love the voice acting. it's basically a requirement for me these days. @MedvedevTD for the Warships Modstation (so nice and couldn't live without) @Goose21891, @Jinxed_Katajainen, @VACCINES_CAUSE_CARRIERS @stratmania (asia server) for the just surplus of info on really everything. (I know I missed some, but I could fill this whole page on those who have a surplus on knowledge that I ask question to. So anyone I forgot sorry I am still super thankful. ) Honestly I could spend many hours thanking people and going on, but I wanted to take a moment to just say thanks to all those who make this community as awesome, helpful, funny, different...etc...etc. I've been playing this game for coming up on 4 years and its folks like this that really keep me around and the community all together. Yeah there is some friction sometimes in the community but all in all its one of if not the best gaming communities out there. So with my carpet-bombing all done I hope everyone a awesome day and good shooting.
  5. Many thanks WG for the "anniversary" cammo. The bonuses are very nice! The great white fleet sails in WoWs! Edit: @Gneisenau013 posted the award here -
  6. It seems like Yesterday (ok, not really) when a friend of mine called and told me, hey, World of Warships is finally in open beta! Huzzah! It was July 1, 2015, a day which shall live in, well, in my mind as the start of something very fun. A look through my archive found this lovely screenshot (no, I didn't know about printscreen yet) of my first day with USS Erie. Good times. Yes, I had a different user name back then ... the PAX MARBLEHEAD contest persuaded me that having a username that stared with 'e' might not be a good idea. Anyway, three years and thousands of battles later, I'm still having a good time, and the game (and ships) are better than ever. (So are my screenshot skills, for that matter) So, cheers to 3 years of fun and games, and thanks, WG for being such gracious hosts. Here's hoping that the coming years bring plenty more battling and fun! :)