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Found 1 result

  1. gustavo123337

    JusT want to say THANK YOU!!!

    Hello to everyone! I have been playing the game since the closed beta, 3 years now!! WOW! I was 15 when started to play WoWs, now I'm 18 and I still play... But first, let me tell you my story... Before Wows or even War thunder, I played World of Tanks with my school friends, it was fun! And we enjoyed it a lot! Once I was reading the Wargaming Wiki and found that World Of Warships was in development (Alpha). I instantly got hyped by the game, so I looked forward to get access and give it a try... 2 months passed when WoWs team released an announcement saying that the first 2000 people to click and register (after the webpage was updated with a new article) could get access to the closed beta. OMG I went crazy when say the news! Fortunately, i was the ~#180 to register and I could get access to the closed beta. After downloading the game and having my first battle I knew I would love it. Nowadays, three years later, I have seen how the game has grown, the community growing each update. The development team getting closer to us, listening to our feedback, it was something no other game like World of Tanks or War Thunder has ever accomplished. I just want to say THANK YOU! to all the community, to the dev team, to the Comunity Contributors, for making possible such a game... (guys i'm almost crying ). If you see some mistake in my English, sorry, I'm from Argentina (Hi from down here ). Have a great day! see you in the seas...