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Found 5 results

  1. After update i started to see some really weird texture errors and lag spikes
  2. This bug is that Torpedo tube textures will not un-load when going from ship to ship in the tech tree. They remain perpetually loaded, regardless of how many ships you go through previewing, which of course is alot of wasted memory. This bug has persisted since about patch 0.5.13ish, perhaps longer. A similar bug occurred long ago during the CBT except it was AA gun textures then, I reported it then and it was fixed by the next patch, so I hope that such swift action would occur again this time around. I didn't report the bug until now because I figured that WG would notice this bug and fix it by now, but after hit and it still was not fixed I figured that WG has somehow completely missed this bug and no one else has reported it. I do hope this get fixed in the near future, having to re-start the client for texture modding on torpedo tubes everytime I make a change is annoying.
  3. Hello all! I am looking for the folder for ARP Takao in-game, to edit the skin mod I use for my Atago. (To make it glow. And yes I am grinding for the Takao in the mean time but I just cannot wait XD) However I looked in res folder first then then searched in the entire game folder, but I am unable to find Takao's texture files in it. Is there anyone more experienced in creating skin mods or more familiar with the game folder that can tell me where I can go find the texture files for ARP Takao? Thanks in advance!
  4. I have a decent computer that can definitely handle the game at its highest settings, but whenever I try to set texture to very high, even if I restart, it changes back to low and no amount of tweaking the other settings could fix this. If any of you know how to fix this or what could be causing it that would be much appreciated.
  5. Hi All, It seems that the Yamato's 25mm type-96 AA gun texture file is no longer named JGA004_25mm_Type96_Triple_1_a Anyone know what is the name now? I have downloaded yamato skin from tanz shipyard, yet the 25mm AA guns remain rusted and not changed. Best