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Found 14 results

  1. Okie_navy_prime

    BB 36 on the move

    Local news in Houston is reporting the Battleship Texas will be closing to the public after this Sunday 08/25/2019. She is scheduled to receive $35,000,000 in repairs primarily to the hull. The drydock facility has not been named and neither where she will end up following the repairs. The news report made it clear she will not be returning to her berth in LaPort, Texas near the San Jacinto battle field and monument. Repairs are estimated to take no less than 6 months and could easily extend to 2 years. I am amazed at how vague this report is and how devoid of details it is. They also claim information concerning the future home of the Texas is unknown. How many places are there to park a 107 year old Battleship? Is repairing the hull of the old girl the way to go? Months roll by without a word concerning the future of the Texas and then suddenly all hell breaks loose with activity. What happened to plans to take her out of the salt water for ever? Sounded like the way to go to me. As long as she remains in water, especially salt water, her life expectancy will be in doubt. I first saw USS Texas in 1957 and she was a sad sight to see. The teak decks had been covered with concrete and more surfaces were covered with rust then were painted. Very little of the interior was open to the public. The renovations since then have been awesome. WG has donated a great deal to the preservation of the Texas. I am no longer in Houston so I am at the mercy of TV affiliate news coverage for any information.
  2. Capt_Ahab1776

    New York or Texas

    Hello I have a question regarding the T5 USN New York and premium T5 USN Texas. I recently won the Texas with the contest in game. I know from sailing CV's the Texas used to be a AA monster in pre 8.0 CV rework days. Is it still a AA monster? Are the ships close enough in comparison that they are basically redundancy? If so I may sell my New York and free up a port space. Thanks in advance!
  3. FlashTX1

    In Game Survey

    I had a pop-up window asking me to take part in a survey on WOWS. So, I clicked on the box and was taken to a blank screen except for my FPS number and the ESC icon. Nothing else was on there and all my attempts to get it to appear failed. So, my survey of the survey is a grade: F
  4. I was down in Texas last week to visit family friends, the NA Office, and got a chance to also visit USS Texas! Wanted to take her out on a spin again after visiting her in Houston...
  5. Album can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/RXLktVD Hello! I got the cool opportunity of visiting this amazing museum a few months ago. I consider this a sample album of sorts because I didn't get to experience all the parts of the museum (it's a decent-sized complex with two campuses), most notably the Pacific Combat Zone - a live-action show that demonstrates a typical Pacific War battle between US Marines and Imperial Japanese Army troops. Footage of such a show can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-mIp8U95kA I also didn't get pictures of the whole museum, so you'll have to visit it yourself to get the full experience. It tells the story of the whole Pacific War, even showing artifacts from earlier fights like the first two Sino-Japanese Wars and the Russo-Japanese War. It's an amazing place and those who are interested in naval history / the Pacific front will be in for a treat. Maybe somebody could use it as a site for a WG get-together...(hint, hint)
  6. I wasn't completely intending on being a seal-clubber. I just wanted to get some commander's XP on my 19 point Iowa captain and after a FDG game where I died pretty badly, I wasn't up for another high-tier match.
  7. I was surprised to learn I have both. Played them 5 times between them. A year ago. So, I really know nothing about them. Coming back now. Comments, insights, please. (Any mods?)
  8. This is, to date, the best Texas game I've ever had. I think it might have something to do with all the ZZ Top I've been listening to recently.
  9. Psycodiver

    History of USS Texas

    Heres a good listen about the USS Texas
  10. thanks to WG for the work of the catapult of uss texas, now the boat was much better with his seaplane. the only thing they have to adjust is the plane mounted on the catapult, and put the correct plane An OS2U Kingfisher scout plane is seen before launch atop the middle turret of USS Texas while at Iwo Jima, February 1945 /9 WG= 9/10 POINTS excellent work!
  11. Malarkey_

    Loving the "Mighty T"

    Just another fun match in one of my favorite ships in the game.
  12. I had a plan to go one way in this match, but things took a turn and I pretty much stayed near spawn most of the match chai sniping like a scrub in my Texas, not how I normally play but it payed off. Normally I wouldn't show off a 120k damage Kracken match (not trying to brag but its kinda normal in this ship) but I'm more amused because I played like a chai sniping scrub and took way to little damage. Heres a link to the replay file https://replayswows.com/replay/27431#stats Sorry for the siezure inducing video, my game recorder (FBX) doesn't seem to want to cooperate since the update yesterday
  13. Hi Everyone There is a petition going on to save the Battleship Texas. If you are in the U.S., please sign it so we can save the last dreadnought. The link is below. https://www.comeandsaveit.com/#petition
  14. Has WOWs ever considered having an EBAY like auction for discontinued ships? If they do not want to do it for profit (Which is a great idea IMHO!!) What about Charity auction? WOWs has done things for the Battleship Texas and Vet causes. I would gladly contribute a Nikoli I ….Built with Stalinium and has Russian Bias module plus Halloween Camo....Scare your enemies to death!!! How much would one person pay for a Missouri or some other boat