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Found 10 results

  1. Given the nature of the current state of the aircraft carrier and anti-aircraft rework, Texas has basically lost its one gimmick which prevented it from being an utterly mediocre ship (which it is in every other respect). With the decrease in max range of all anti-aircraft, Texas now has a maximum range of 3.5 kilometers, down from 5 kilometers. This was already only considered really useful for self-defense, as it lacked the bonuses available from manual fire control for anti-aircraft guns, and the longer base range of said guns. However, Texas was simply in possession of so much raw damage, that this range was sufficient to protect itself and ships in the immediate proximity from air attack by same tier or +1 CVs. This is no longer the case. The 3.5 kilometer range is simply incapable of dealing sufficient damage to enemy aircraft, prior to them having blown over the focused side of the ship, and and leaving the AA zone. The short range of the 40 mm guns is made even worse by the presence of the large number of 20 mm guns, which although having a high raw DPS value, eat a full two kilometers of the 3.5 km reach on the 40 mm guns. With a fully specialized 19 point commander, the module, and flag, my Texas shot down a whopping four aircraft from an enemy Ranger, over a period in which at least nine strikes were oriented at my own ship. Total aircraft damage struggled to just break 11,000, even with active zone swapping and frantic maneuvering to keep the aircraft within range of my T-Rex arms for more than a few seconds at a time. Several ships which attempted to crowd around me (a Marblehead and an Aoba) were picked apart at will. Neither ship possessed the ability to deal meaningful damage to the enemy aircraft, especially the poor Marblehead who, atop having zero access to DFAA, simply has such bad anti-aircraft performance that it essentially does not exist. He shot down zero planes. The Aoba fared slightly better, splashing three. It was not a swift death, to be certain, but we were virtually powerless to stop the attacking aircraft prior to them having done their damage to us. Without fail, another squadron would arrive a few seconds later, and lay into us without reprieve. It was death by a thousand cuts, and for all of our flailing, we were incapable of preventing it. This is something that would not have happened against a tier VI carrier prior to this patch. Texas was far from a no fly zone before, but it was a prickly target which could be assured to deal heavy damage to attacking squadrons should they try their luck. This is simply no longer the case. The carrier player would need to intentionally fly back and forth on the focused side of this ship several times, in order to guarantee losing his squadron. Swift rocket and torpedo strikes leave the zone so quickly that they don’t take meaningful damage for the most part. Aside from the fame of her name, Texas was sold on one gimmick: her anti-aircraft firepower. This gimmick no longer exists in the current state of the game, and the fundamental nature of this ship, a premium ship which was purchased with money in one form or the other, has been altered. The CV players were offered a full refund in experience, dubloons, and credits, as compensation for those who did not enjoy the new mechanics. Texas is equally reliant on a mechanic which changed every bit as much as carrier control, yet no refund or rebalance has been offered. To be certain, I am not claiming the aircraft carriers are overpowered in the current state. Far from it. The simple fact is that AA as a mechanic is now extremely random in its effect. Sometimes it works brilliantly, other times it does nothing. There is no randomness in Texas’s current state, the anti-aircraft simply fails to function as advertised. As I see it, there are three options: 1. Balance/alter the current anti-aircraft mechanic functions, to the point where Texas is brought up to roughly the same level in which it existed prior to the patch. This would most likely be done by proxy, over a period of several months where the ship would simply remain screwed. Not good. 2. Balance/alter Texas herself, by increasing the range of her anti-aircraft guns in particular, and decreasing the amount of time needed to refocus the guns to each side. As Texas possesses no heavy anti-aircraft guns, this seems the most logical in my mind. 3. Offer a refund for the ship and her special camouflage, in the same method in which WG has offered refunds for the premium aircraft carriers. Give a period of time where the player has the choice to claim the dubloons equivalent of the ship and whichever special camouflage he/she has purchased. Extend this offer until a later point, by which time WG believes it will have balanced anti-aircraft and carriers to a satisfactory level. I believe this cutoff is 8.1 for the carriers. Seems fair to me. Thats it really. Other ships like Atlanta have retained their other defining features, such as radar or a huge number of guns for HE spamming at a distance (and unlimited AADF). In my opinion, Texas currently suffers the worst hit to it’s main selling point (apart from it’s name), which is why I wrote this. I don’t hate the carrier rework, or the AA rework on a whole. In fact I find them rather hilarious and the randomness has added some interesting flavor to an otherwise boring game. Love it or hate it, this is my opinion on the matter.
  2. This is, to date, the best Texas game I've ever had. I think it might have something to do with all the ZZ Top I've been listening to recently.
  3. Psycodiver

    History of USS Texas

    Heres a good listen about the USS Texas
  4. thanks to WG for the work of the catapult of uss texas, now the boat was much better with his seaplane. the only thing they have to adjust is the plane mounted on the catapult, and put the correct plane An OS2U Kingfisher scout plane is seen before launch atop the middle turret of USS Texas while at Iwo Jima, February 1945 /9 WG= 9/10 POINTS excellent work!
  5. Malarkey_

    Loving the "Mighty T"

    Just another fun match in one of my favorite ships in the game.
  6. Since the Texas was the first ship to launch and carry a plane, why can't we have the option for a plane in the game? Give the Texas a bit more of an advantage?
  7. I took a serious beating in this one! This is one of my favorite defense matches!
  8. I had a plan to go one way in this match, but things took a turn and I pretty much stayed near spawn most of the match chai sniping like a scrub in my Texas, not how I normally play but it payed off. Normally I wouldn't show off a 120k damage Kracken match (not trying to brag but its kinda normal in this ship) but I'm more amused because I played like a chai sniping scrub and took way to little damage. Heres a link to the replay file https://replayswows.com/replay/27431#stats Sorry for the siezure inducing video, my game recorder (FBX) doesn't seem to want to cooperate since the update yesterday
  9. Hi Everyone There is a petition going on to save the Battleship Texas. If you are in the U.S., please sign it so we can save the last dreadnought. The link is below. https://www.comeandsaveit.com/#petition
  10. Has WOWs ever considered having an EBAY like auction for discontinued ships? If they do not want to do it for profit (Which is a great idea IMHO!!) What about Charity auction? WOWs has done things for the Battleship Texas and Vet causes. I would gladly contribute a Nikoli I ….Built with Stalinium and has Russian Bias module plus Halloween Camo....Scare your enemies to death!!! How much would one person pay for a Missouri or some other boat