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Found 4 results

  1. Pretty much the title. I was wondering today (after some especially rough matches) why this isn't already an option. Something we could toggle, to opt-in or out of. Simple as it sounds, turn it on, and it would allow quicker matchmaking via the current method of (up to) +2/-2 tier matches. Again, having the option ON would be for the current matchmaker. Turning the option OFF would allow for even/same tier matches ONLY, but at the cost of a longer wait time. Nothing else would change. This doesn't even have to be a "Oh let's enable this now" type of thing. I think WG could put it in as a test feature, run it for a month or two, and see what the data shows. If it the data shows that players are interested in the feature, then it stays permanently, if not, then it goes away. I see no direct downside to this feature, as it would basically stop the downtier 'seal clubbing' and put players on an even ground.
  2. 3 tier X ships showed up in my port. I've received normal rentals before but these say TEST SHIP and they say they're a COPY of the actual ship. Gearing, Zao and Conquerer. Good for clan battles and ranked battles only. I'm not in a clan yet and there are no tier X ranked battles atm. I read that you get rental ships for clan wars, so I assume that's what these are? But not sure why they say TEST and are only copies. So was wondering if they may be for something else? Looks like I won't be able to play them though if only clan and ranked. I do have some clan invites in port, so maybe that triggered the rental ships? If anyone can confirm this is how the normal clan rentals show up I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Why do we test things? Obviously to make sure that they work. We had a test Clan Battle period that was implemented before this season to see if the cross-server play idea could work. For those of you who dont know, that test went about as well as the Bay of Pigs. Most days it flat out didn't work due to "Technical Reasons" and eventually WG seemed to give up and would try again after the current season. Call me surprised when me and my clan members get on to see the cross-server thing is back and call me un-surprised to see it is once again not working. You test things to see if they are working, if they are not working test more to figure it out. WG had a month of failed tests and never figured it out. Now it is an issue in the actual season. My biggest issue is me and other Clan Members have to make sacrifices to play during these scheduled times including people rearranging their work schedules to accommodate. I am fine with WG testing things but when they dont work, dont let them screw up a CB season.
  4. Hi, I've been trying to organize my clan to gather enough people to play the current test T6 clan battles, but the constant cancellations, unannounced changes and short notices make it a nigh-impossible task. Currently, both Monday and Tuesday have been cancelled on the day itself, and the prime times that were originally announced are no longer the same ones in the ingame schedule (first NA time was four hours, then it was extended, now in the ingame schedule it's four hours again; whereas the asian prime time has been largely extended). So, as it stands, this is what it looks like: https://imgur.com/a/uld9wL2 Do we know if this schedule will stand? Wednesday Asia prime time was not even mentioned in the news update either. Are Saturday and Sunday going to be maintained? Our clan will most likely try to play those two days during EU prime time.