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Found 2 results

  1. I can not get onto the test server i have tried to register and it says they are down? I was registered for the last test server. It does say the test server 7.12 is supose to be open the 29th and at 8:30am well its 9:30 am and its not open or I cant login. I don't know witch one it is? Anyone having a problem?
  2. I'm currently downloading the test server, but I know from past experience in trying to do so that I'll need to make a Russian account in order to actually go on the test server once it's downloaded. The problem here is that I've always been far too worried that if I make a new account, it will mess up my old account in some way or, worst case scenario, replace it entirely. Therefore, I ask you all this: How do I set up my test server account so that it doesn't interfere with my regular account in any way whatsoever? Thank you in advance for any help I may get.