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Found 3 results

  1. World of Warships: Subs Terror of the Deep: Hard difficulty Yesterday, Terror of the Deep, submarine mission came out on hard difficulty. I must say that I am well pleased with the changes WarGaming made. Mostly with the changes in how much damage is inflicted to a sub, by torpedoes, destroyers, battleships, and cruisers. Lest I forget to mention, the depth charge that deals 4500 hp damage to subs. And one good salvo from a battleship deals around 8k if direct hit. Subs catch fire easy to secondary ship guns. Oh and those destroyers will set you a blaze quickly, plus deal a good amount of damage with main guns. This round of Terror of the Deep will pit you against destroyers and cruisers. And this time you have to kill them. Destroyers being the hardest to kill, because they can move quickly side to side. You must have good timing and get in as close as you can to kill the destroyer. If you get hit directly by a ship with HE, you are going to catch fire, and if torpedoes hit your sub don't expect to live long. The damage inflicted by ships to subs is good. I would say damage that subs inflict on enemy ships is fair as well. It takes 1 torpedo to kill a destroyer, and depending on the health pool of the BB or CA, you would need multiple torpedoes. But you can only shoot 1 torpedo at a time. The key to playing a sub in this game is to manage, your air intake. Yes, WG limited the air supply, but I think this is a great idea, especially if subs every came to Random. Subs in the game are like “glass cannons”, they take damage really easy. All in all, I would say that the damage Sub verses Ship, is well balanced. The key to staying alive in this Sub game, is to mange your air supply, and always keep your speed up. Be ready to dive to avoid getting hit by torpedoes, secondaries, and main gun salvos. When you slow down, it takes longer to surface for air, which will kill your air supply quickly. If your sub surfaces at the wrong time, then you will end up dead next to an enemy. The game mechanics for HP damage to subs was noticeably higher, from the easy mode. So avoid shells, torpedoes, and mines, then you will survive to win. But in order to win you must make sure to spot the land gun mounts, and spot the Tower as fast as you can. Then go to town killing dd’s and cruisers. Then kill Rasputin. This is an enjoyable operation to play. It is been a great way to see how subs would interact verses other ships. I really hope that one day subs come to Random games. I know its while off, but maybe we could see subs in Space Ships 2019? It would be a great way to have a round 2 of sub game play, but only allow 1 sub per team. It would be awesome to see how subs would play not only against ships, but verses other subs. Maybe even verses CV’s? Subs worked great in operation, it just needs to be tested “Player vs Player”. Love the subs hope to see them again in the game.
  2. Avenge_December_7

    Halloween OP Help?

    I realized that barracuda seems to be the "average" submarine so to speak, and that the Zipper has only freezing torpedoes while the Gerfalcon has more torpedo tubes, but unfortunately I fail to see what other distinguishing features each one has (including torpedo tube forward/rear orientation), not to mention I'm completely in the dark about Sea Lowe and Killer whale. So I guess my questions are: What makes each submarine different from each other? What role does each one play in the op? I heard one submarine in particular—Zipper, was it?—was good for spotting the Black Lair, but that's about all I'm aware of. What captain skills should each one have?
  3. I already got 5 stars in the operation "Terror of the deep", but the mission still exists in my mission list.