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Found 2 results

  1. Looks like we will have one more US standard BB by Christmas - The Tennessee. I am very excited about this ship and the leak gives me hope we might get some better standard BB's than the recently released ships. It is only slightly different from the New Mexico but if you look closely, you can see the modifications. Though not as fast (7 Knots) or as maneuverable as the New Mexico, the Tennessee will have more guns with exceptional short range sigma to offset their 90 second reload. The Tennessee also has an All Over armor scheme, the best turtle-back in the game, as well as a well protected underwater citadel. Supertesters should see it within the next week. After the Kansas and the Oklahoma, I can't wait.
  2. Let's accept the fact WG released a DOA tier 6...erm I mean tier 7 dud. It's done, it's over, it's powercrept outta the gate. Now let's look to the future. Alabama released as a sniper...and I NEVER see them at all. Why? Massachusetts came onto the scene and that was it. Now I can see the similar happening with the thicc sisters here. Tennessee gets released down the line geared for secondaries. Frankly, I'd buy it if the secondaries were buffed to Massachusetts levels. I'd spam HE and when I got close enough I'd throw out the secondary wall of pain. Seriously guys, I think this is our pony to lobby for.