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Found 2 results

  1. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    So I recently got my first tier 10 ship the Des Moines. Yeaaaa I thought!!!!!! So I started playing and playing and losing money and losing credits and more credits????? Fist I thought its because I'm not a premium player so I went premium. Same results. I did have decent games of 60,000 damage and loosing credits. So is it just me or is this the norm at tier 10. Whats the secret I'm missing, do I need a 100,000 damage every game to get any credits or do you need a premium ship at tier 10 to make any credits.
  2. It feels like there are a lot of players in Tier 10 that are.. well they don't seem to have developed the skills one would anticipate from a Tier 10 player, or that one used to expect when playing T10... it feels now a lot like T5 with people doing the lemming thing or bunching up behind islands, and basically either not filling their ships role or and/or seemingly not using any form of strategy or the appearance of not applying any. Has WG made it too easy to get to Tier 10? Does the game need a farm team system where you have to demonstrate ability?( Not sure how that would freekin work) It is too rare that we find ourselves with capable players in a random.. last week in my Biz I had an Alabama capt who was just spot on, every time I looked he was doing the right things, right along side me... it was glorious.... thoughts/ideas/suggestions/more dessert?