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Found 2 results

  1. I am here to share how I think an italian dd line would go bear in mind the ships wouldnt be as historically accurate with potential torpedo tube increases similar to EU DDs and the Rof on the guns are ahistorical and made up by me . the torpedoes are also the ones from their cruiser counterparts but with range ,damage and speed adjustments Gimmicks High hitpoint pools for their tier HE shells and SAP Standard line Has acess to either exhaust Smoke or Normal smoke Esploratori line Uses emergency engine power instead of engine boost Mostly low detection ranges due to the short lengths of most ships Slow outside of engine boost on most ships and Tier 2: Sella First of the two sella class ships in the tree represents the sella class as completed 1x2 1x1 120mm gun 6 second reload 2x2 533 mm torpedoes Tier 3 :Bettino Ricasoli second of the sella class ships represented represents the modifications done to the sella class same as sella but trades the single mount for another twin mount gun Tier 4 :Sauro gains two triple torpedo tubes instead of twins slight increase in gun Rof to 5.5 seconds Tier 5: Turbine gains more aa,speed and torpedo damage compared to sauro Tier 6 : Folgore gets an increase in gun RoF to 5 seconds and torpedo damage From here it branches off into two distinct lines Similar to German Destroyers. Esploratori Line these destroyers have more guns and higher speed compared to their normal counterparts but suffer from less aa defenses compared to the normal line Tier 7 : Luca Tarigo a Navigatori Class Destroyer that has 3x2 120mm guns gaining an extra turret over folgore RoF slightly increased to 4.8 have the same dpm as Maestrale and Torpedo Damage increased over folgore Tier 8 :Comandante Toscano The first of the Commandanti Medaglie d' Oro Class , She uses 4 5.3 inch guns in single turrets with 6 torpedo launchers 5.3 inch guns have 5 second reload Tier 9 : Comandante Giorgis part of the second group of Commandantis She gains another 5.3 inch gun over Toscano 5.3 inch guns have 5 second reload Tier 10 : Atilio Regolo A Capitani Romani Class esploratori compared to her predecesors she featured increased gun and torpedo armament Similar to paolo emilio but loses a quadruple launcher to have all of them centerline with increased gun Rof to about 7 seconds Standard Line These destroyers can swap between a normal smoke generator and exhaust smoke and have faster firing 120 mm guns Tier 7 : Maestrale RoF on guns goes down to 4.2 seconds same torpedoes as luca tarigo Tier 8 : Oriani Rof goes to 4 seconds and torpedo damage goes up Tier 9 : Artigliere Rof goes to 3.5 seconds and torpedo damage goes up Tier 10 : Carabinere Gains another turret to Artigliere
  2. Hi I was perusing the forum pages when I came across a new article by The URL Guy on the new Russian BB line so I thought to myself instead having a bit of fun and write a humorous post on this new line I will get serious for a change. So went to Wikipedia looked up List Of Russian Battleships to get the low down on there history noticed a few interesting things about Russian Battleships. First I wont be talking about any Russian BB past the Gangut class or I will have to start to pay out on them. So Lets talk about tier 3 and why LESTA chose the design they did. Can anyone from the forum or the DEV team tell me why we don't have a Imperatritsa Mariya class ship at tier 3 a ship class that was indeed built, 3 ships to be exact that all had service time instead we have the Knyaz Suvorov a ship which is in fact a Borodino-class pre-dreadnought battleship which has no resemblance to the tier 3 that will grace the digital High Seas other then the fact its name is the same as the for mentioned Pre Dreadnought class ship. I am trying to keep a straight face here but you have a legit ship that could be put in at tier 3 and yet we get some mythical paper design ship instead. Can anyone answer this question at all with a proper defined view on the legitimacy of the Knyaz Suvorov being the tier 3 ship for the game. Because I can feel a humorous meme coming on. regards