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Found 3 results

  1. Hi... I'm sure I'm not the only person to find the game's hiding system VERY illogical. It doesn't make any sense that I can see all my allies and I can't see an enemy destroyer 7Km away from me. Please change it! I let the engine display ships that are not blocked by map elements (islands) or smoke. It would be MUCH MORE coherent that way. Take advantage of the fact that the submarines will soon enter the game and remove this mechanic, because the submarines, THIS ONES, will go unnoticed very close, indeed. Yes, I know why I can see all my allies at any distance, I've seen the videos regarding concealment and detection and I know the justification regarding "allied communication". But let's face it, this is a pretty lame excuse to justify the current invisibility and detection mechanism. I'm not here with a question about mechanics, I know how it works! My intention here is to try to show that this mechanic is NOT GOOD, it is not fair and it causes imbalance. To start with, my suggestion is to make ships detected by allies not appear as selectable targets in the game, in case our ship doesn't have the "real" visibility. Such detected ships could only appear on the minimap (such as in a cyclone or storm situation, reduced visibility range). It doesn't make sense that I can lock and fire at a target that's behind a mountain. Visibility and shooting ability should be defined by the range of weapons and the physical characteristic of the ship (height of the watchtower) and attributes applied to the captain or to the ship itself. I know a lot of people love the system as it is because they take advantage of it, but it's not the fact that it benefits people that should be the reason the mechanics aren't improved. I like the game a lot, I think it's well balanced, but this concealment system, as it stands, makes it look more like one of those "fantasy games" than a game that even values the world's naval history. I'm SURE that if this mechanic is adjusted to be less fanciful, there will be an increase in terms of game balance and will cause players to adjust their hiding strategies to something more, say, real, logical and coherent, and not just being 7 km away from us, when our vision range is 10 km or more, for example.
  2. I have an ultra sound quality for the audio applied. The voiceover modifications only list "Standard" as the only option although there should be more such as National Voiceover alongside others. I am running a vanilla client with no mods I have deleted contents within "res_mods" and ran a check using the legacy launcher I'm stumped.
  3. Hello, I want to play my own music in WoWs, and I put it in /res/userMusic. Yes the music is in .mp3 format, etc etc. It's still not working. I checked the box for "play your own music" and restarted. Still not working. Did they break music in WoWs?