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Found 3 results

  1. I just wanted to share a screenshot taken from a recent game I played, highlight something that a good CV player should be doing every game, and talk a little bit about what effect that can have on the battle: What you're looking at above is a perfect example of good opening carrier play--just over 1 minute into the battle, my team has a complete picture of where every ship on the enemy team (save their CV) is, and where they are heading. As a destroyer player in particular, this can be a godsend--what I know from this early sweep is that the only enemy radar ship (a Seattle) is not going to have any impact on the C cap, allowing me to play the early push much more aggressively than I might have otherwise. Beyond that, it also told our own Seattle that only one BB was even oriented on C (their North Carolina), so that as long as he could hug the islands which shielded him from fire coming from the center of the map westward, he was also okay to aggressively push into C with me, and let the two friendly battleships behind us know that they could relatively safely turn directly into the cap (and not take their guns out of the battle for several minutes while sailing around the islands in C9-10). The result? We were able to quickly capture C, killing their Harugumo in the process, and just as quickly re-orient toward B. The opposing CV, meanwhile, saw our 3-ship push toward A and immediately launched a rocket attack on our GK there--they had no idea where either of our destroyers were until I opened up on the Harugumo while our Harekaze was capping B. Heck, they had no picture of any of our deployments beyond those ships which spawned near A. The resulting fight over B was intense, but with their team already down a destroyer and trailing in points, it put all the pressure on their side to stop the ticks as quickly as possible--they weren't able to, and this became a relatively easy victory. In large part because our carrier played for the team first, then went after his own damage total. It's the same tactic you see at the beginning of every King of the Sea match, and it's just as effective in random battles. Shout out to @SirOverlord for doing things right, and providing a textbook example of what any CV player should be striving toward.
  2. Brand New Clan for active captains. Our requirements are based on player activity. Discord is encouraged but not mandatory. https://discord.gg/8rPQgZK We strongly encourage divisions as your win % can easily increase with organized play. Clan battles and other team-related competitions are the goal of this clan, however we have no tier requirements at this time. Please apply in-game, or stop by discord. We are a brand new clan, discord may be light on players at this time, but that will change as the clan develops.
  3. Francis_Marion_SF

    Looking for a clan

    I'm looking for a clan that believes in teamwork and coordination. I'm retired US Army Special Forces and know the importance of well coordinated attacks. I currently work for the railroad and I have no set schedule so I'm looking for a clan that I can play with at any time of the day or evening (I prefer to sleep at night). Don't expect me to jump through hoops or wait in a partial membership probationary period. This game is also just one of many forms of recreation so no mandatory minimum activity requirements. If you want me, leave a reply. If not, click Next Topic.