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Found 3 results

  1. So I just got out of a battle, and wanted to put this up right away. I just had an encounter with an incredibly rare type of player, who deserves recognition for his actions. It was a tier 10 battle, and I had taken in my T8 Bismarck.. Now I just got the Bismarck last week, and it was in no way fully kitted out yet.. I just bought the final upgrades on her after the battle. She has 10 points on her captain, and I put a few flags on her for good measure. We get in, and its a map with an inbound cyclone. Myself, a Kitikaze, an Amagi, and a Kremlin headed for the capture point on the far right side of the map. The kitikaze caps early, and makes a run for point B. The three BB's hold our ground against two trying to push in.. Up shows an enemy Yugumo. While positioning in the islands to keep him from torping us, the amagi comes under heavy fire.. The Kremlin turns and runs, abandoning both of us to die instead of working as a group. In spite of repeated attempts to call him back for support, the Kremlin ignores it. It is now that the Kitikaze sees what is happening. I have now taken two torpedoes for half my health, the Amagi is dead because our Full health Kremlin didnt want to support, and I am moving away from the islands to force the Yugumo to come out.. As soon as the Kitikaze Shows up and says "Im here to help" I turn bow in and go horizontal to where the enemy DD last was, and I fire up my hydro. Kitikaze charges in, and the Yugumo is spotted. I manually target him, starting my secondaries as I open up on him with a broadside of HE.. It is the Kit's second kill of the match.. The cyclone is now in full effect, so we both angle in to where we last saw the two tier 8 battleships last heading. Closing in, I put my spotting plane up just in case it will help and we spot the enemy North Carolina, sailing broadside at full speed. A full salvo of AP grants me a citadel and three penetrations for a massive chunk of damage. I get one more salvo off as he is turning trying to get away from my Secondary guns as the Kitikaze finishes him off. The match ends, and Mr Kitikaze has taken 1st place on the team with 2000 Base XP.. But the most important thing is that his willingness to help out his team mates got him two more kills, kept at least one team member alive to back him up, and got him a positive compliment sent to him... He earned every bit of it. Teamwork can make all the difference in an outcome, and it can turn the fortune of a battle. If more players would learn this the game would be a lot better off. So here is to Mr Kitikaze
  2. Summary: Many aspects of the CV 2.0 Rework have removed many interactions between CVs and surface ships. I think CVs need more ways to support their team outside of doing damage. Controversial opinion, but I love the CV 2.0 Rework on the whole. Despite this, there are aspects of pre CV rework carrier play that I miss and their absence in the post-rework world has definitely pushed away one of my friends from even considering playing this game. Making fighters a consumable drop, removing the ability of planes to spot torpedoes, and making planes RTB after dropping have collectively gutted the CV class' ability to support their team outside of damage. Often times as a division mate I feel very helpless in trying to assist the other ships in my division because I feel strongly penalized for doing so. The main issue is that CVs now have to optimize for damage generation, yet also have abilities that need proper positioning to be effective. Dropping a fighter to stop an enemy CV attack run is more of a "well I'm already here" phenomena than something I can afford to go out of my way to do most of the time. I may stop/shoot down one attack wave, but if I lose the damage race later in the game that move has costed me and my team dearly. When it comes to helping teammates against surface ships, the experience is a mixed bag. I can basically ruin a DD's ability to ambush or farm my teammates by spotting her and forcing her to smoke, but there is very little I feel I can do against a BB or a cruiser aside from trying to sink them. Because of the way spotting works the value generated by me spotting a DD is very different from the value of spotting a BB, yet this is the only non-damage based way for me to interact with surface ships. I honestly think this may be one of the reasons why DDs get hurt so badly by CV play. CVs have very little teamplay outside of keeping a DD permanently spotted, and most carriers can't keep throwing out TBs and DBs to farm damage (which is the way it should be). Inevitably this means that CVs will start sending out their "worst" or most ineffectual squadrons to keep DDs spotted while their other planes replenish. Realistically, there will always be a limit to how much a CV can affect the game without having to drop enemy ships. However, the current state of affairs just is too imbalanced toward damage farming. In particular there needs to be way for CVs to interact with each other that don't involve carrier sniping. Solutions to this issue are tricky. One of the things I would advocate for would be to separate spotting from the fighter consumables. I know that the current system has straightforward simplicity and that was one of the goals of the rework, but I feel that CV play would be a lot more interesting if fighters were more tailored to denying the enemy CV the freedom to operate. Longer duration and larger operating areas as well as potentially the ability to prevent squadrons from "F" keying to RTB could be possible if their ability to spot was removed. To make up for this loss of capability, a new consumable could be added based on the spotting plane consumable. In my mind it would be similar to the current fighter operating area and would last longer at the expense of being much more fragile. This could create an interesting dynamic where the two enemy CVs attempt to use their fighters to keep enemy spotting planes away from their team. Maritime patrol, reconnaissance, and ASW warfare were very important aspects of WW2 naval combat, and I think they can be represented in the game more than they currently are. Another possibility is to give some CVs the ability to drop smoke screens, but I think this is creeping too much into the domain of destroyers.