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Found 1 result

  1. First, a little backstory: Initially, my plan was to grind out the Puerto Rico the old-fashioned way, but I was warded off that idea when I saw all the threads here saying how much time needed to be spent to get it. As such, to quote Back To The Future, And I shelled out the money necessary to get it outright. Do I regret having done so? Not terribly; I always like getting new ships and I can afford it because my expenses for the foreseeable future are at a minimum. What I am concerned about, however, is what'll happen if I decide to take her out for a match. Given how angry people have gotten over this ship (which I can understand), and having seen on more than one occasion just how toxic some of the people playing this game can be, I'm worried that using it will inspire a tsunami of vitriol to be sent my way in chat and via ingame messages, and even be used to justify griefing and teamkilling. I know it may sound drastic, but I don't put anything past anyone, least of all people on the Internet that I have no reason to trust. I also know that I can blacklist people who do get angry at me, but the hope is that I won't have to go to that trouble. As such, I've decided to ask the rest of you the question posed in the title: If you were to see a Puerto Rico that someone obviously shelled out money for, would it make you angry enough that you'd harass in chat, grief, and/or teamkill them? I know trying to keep this thread entirely civil will be impossible, but I might as well ask so I can know for certain. Thanks in advance to anyone who provides an answer to my question. Sincerely, 1Sherman.