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  1. Skilled Sailors, Team SF’s Kraken Jackers competitive fleet is in need of captains to join our ranks for the upcoming 5th season of Supremacy League. A few members of our current roster are moving on to other hobbies or can no longer make the time commitment necessary to stay at the top of their game. We are looking for 3-4 captains who have excellent individual skill as well as being good team players. RECOMMENDED REQUIREMENTS 1500 WTR or 2000 PR in the past 90 days 55% solo or 60% overall winrate in the past 90 days On the top 200 leaderboard in at least one of the following ships with 15pt captain Shokaku Amagi, North Carolina, Bismarck Kutuzov, Chapayev Benson, Lo Yang If you are close to meeting these requirements, we may still consider your application. TIME COMMITMENT Understand that joining the Kraken Jackers is a significant commitment of time. Season 5 will run several weeks from September to November, and we will be playing matches every Saturday as well as scrimmaging other teams. In addition, we expect you to spend time in divisions with your teammates to get used to their voice and playstyle. If something comes up and you can’t make it one week, it’s understandable, but expect to be there for the majority of the season. HOW TO APPLY Send RHINO_Mk_II a message on the forums or in game with the details of the ships you want to play. I will respond with details on scrims we have lined up for weekends in August where we will substitute in players to try them out. After these scrims, the current team members will hold a vote to determine which candidates are offered a spot. Note that to play on the Kraken Jackers, you will need to be a member of Team Special Forces. No commitment is required to try out, but you must be willing to join the clan if you are offered a place on the team.