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Found 2 results

  1. Capt_Ahab1776

    How to deal with a griever

    Okay, this has probably been covered before. Was in a random game and had a "friendly" DD immediately go to the bottom of the map and not help. Then started spamming with F keys. Everyone called him out on it. Reported by most of the team. Next game, same player was on my team again. He sailed across the screen and started ramming me. I was in a BB. He did it till I turned pink. I was trying to get away but kept getting disciplinary actions till I turned pink. How do you keep from getting disciplinary actions and penalties in this situation? Thanks for any helpful suggestions.
  2. Personally I do no appreciate being dinged hundreds if not thousands of pink point for "firing on your allies" or "damage to your allies" when some ahull deliberately drives his ship stem-to-stern into my ship because he's faster or because it's his "thing". TWICE in one match this guy deliberately scrapes my hull, pushes me broadside the reds. I know you guys are smart enough to write the code on how to determine "who" is at fault in such scenarios. If not, here's the logic: At point of tk/contact with a friendly, query the rudder controls, ship directions and speed. You could always cache a five second slice of that data. Five seconds of movement data will easily indicate who came at who, who turned into who, who rushed in and under the guns of whom... it's not rocket surgery you know (intended pun). It's frustrating as Hades you don't correct this kind of crap but rather bring out additional means of trying to get RL money from us. Want people to open their wallets wide? Fix some of the QoL issues this game has, fine tune it and up the overall gaming experience. Just my 50 doubloons worth. Thanks much. NOTE: I'm still very happy you added [SPACEBAR] to the valid keys for firing main turrets. Thanks much for that.