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Found 2 results

  1. I have a few years in this game now. Pretty cautious when it comes to accidental TKs. When you are grinding for a campaign mission, you are grinding. High rate of turnover. You play cautiously but at an advanced pace because time is XP. I had an incident this morning where a friendly was behind an island. I fired on a red moving behind that island. Unexepectedly, the friendly decided to ram the red. Just a half second or less before he rammed - which he did - one of my shells landed on his ship. Being a Strasbourg HE round, he of course sank, but only due to his ram. IOW he was already gone. Just my shell landing on him got me a disciplinary action. I think it would be downright awesome if the player had been prompted "Ignore the friendly fire?" and could answer either Y or N. If you did not want to you would not have to ignore it. But many of us have been around the world a few times and know friendly fire happens. Please consider adding it as an option. I'm sure you could track incidents of friendly fire so that should it get abused you can lay down the law.
  2. Capt_Ahab1776

    How to deal with a griever

    Okay, this has probably been covered before. Was in a random game and had a "friendly" DD immediately go to the bottom of the map and not help. Then started spamming with F keys. Everyone called him out on it. Reported by most of the team. Next game, same player was on my team again. He sailed across the screen and started ramming me. I was in a BB. He did it till I turned pink. I was trying to get away but kept getting disciplinary actions till I turned pink. How do you keep from getting disciplinary actions and penalties in this situation? Thanks for any helpful suggestions.