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Found 4 results

  1. My internet dies 30 seconds after the game starts and I'm off line for a day waiting to get it fixed. (100% provider issue) When I get back online and open the game I'm hit with a team kill penalty and inactivity violation. SERIOUS [edited]!!!! If your system is so crude it can't tell the difference between a online player not sending commands and a player no longer in communications with the server you guys need to upgrade and get some basic IT skills training. I'm black-marked for no fault of my own because you don't have proper monitoring software. If one of my engineer's pulled that kind of crap he'd be in big trouble. Upgrade the system functionality instead of wasting time on carrier mechanics that make the game worse. Keep up this kind of sub par performance and I'll take my time and money else where.
  2. So, I've been playing for a good bit and never had ANY problems of accidentally hitting my own team or anything. I decided I wanted to play through Steam, so I had to start from day one, which means rookies. WELL, what I've learned is that there is severe penalties for team damage because people don't know how to not drive into their own team mates torpedoes being aimed at an enemy. I'm being punished for torps I shot no where near a team mate, that they simply drove into. (sailed yeah yeah) ANYWAY. this shouldn't be happening. There needs to be some algorithm for figuring out that I was not AIMING at a FREAKING TEAM MATE!
  3. And yet again, I run into friendly torps... Yes, clearly my fault since I was focused on the two battleships in front of me.... with that stupid sun glare in my face (yeah, THAT map). Potential Damage is the max damage of every shell and torpedo fired at you. You can max this out by going YOLO and beating torpedo soup and dodging a lot of shells before taking a dunk. As I'm trying to rack up that 3 Million in 'Potential Damage'... I'm thinking... WAIT A MINUTE !! We are leaving out a whole bunch of Potential Damage here. Seems Friendly Fire doesn't count. ... So how can we get that number in there?
  4. WOW crashes on my computer which itself is a problem, but after it crashes and I reload the game, I get the team kill penalty for leaving a game early. THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO TO NOT HAVE THIS HAPPEN.