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Found 4 results

  1. So, I've been playing for a good bit and never had ANY problems of accidentally hitting my own team or anything. I decided I wanted to play through Steam, so I had to start from day one, which means rookies. WELL, what I've learned is that there is severe penalties for team damage because people don't know how to not drive into their own team mates torpedoes being aimed at an enemy. I'm being punished for torps I shot no where near a team mate, that they simply drove into. (sailed yeah yeah) ANYWAY. this shouldn't be happening. There needs to be some algorithm for figuring out that I was not AIMING at a FREAKING TEAM MATE!
  2. Just about every player in WoWs will have some instance in which they fire their guns a little too close to a friendly ship or launch an unfortunate torpedo salvo. In these instances, oftentimes the end result is someone turning pink and the unfortunate victim being left rather unamused and oftentimes dead. In this case, the disciplinary system works as intended—a deterrent and a warning against future mistakes: after all, the vast majority of players, even the most potatoes of potatoes, understand that team damage is a bad thing that should be avoided. However, there is also a small minority of players who seem to believe that deliberately attacking teammates is a perfectly acceptable method of retribution for some perceived slight. Usually, such behavior is quite visible and unmistakable to other players—a destroyer that fires his/her torpedoes off at an area where there is nothing but allied ships or a battleship that is firing at a friendly aircraft carrier 12 km away. While the disciplinary system punishes both cases, should there be a different punishment imposed for purposeful damage, rather than accidental damage? Is that even possible? I'm just fishing for opinions and suggestions here, feel free to respond however you like.
  3. DrHolmes52

    Game display question

    I received a team damage penalty for torpedoing someone (no kill), but I showed no torpedo hits on the end result. The last time I did that, I showed the torpedo hit. I don't have a problem with the penalty. If I did it, I did it. I am just wondering about if it will show up under that circumstance. I did send in a ticket with screenshots. Time to stay away from destroyers for a while.
  4. So Wargaming just recently announced a new policy for rules violation reporting. Basically, in a nutshell, they put the whole thing on their in-game system only. They don't differentiate between this game and WoT or WoWP. It's a company wide policy announced on their North American page at the following url... In-Game Reporting System Following their link will call up a detailed page showing the various in game reporting options, but it basically boils down to an in-game client system where you can right-click on a user's name and submit a report using one of several options. Here's where the disconnect comes. In World of Tanks (the example they use) you get the following menu to work with... All sorts of handy options to use. Here is what we have in our now-released World of Warships... And, AFAIK, the only automated part of this system is that if a player gets 10 reports in a certain period of time, they get a 3 hour chat ban. That's it. There's a very incomplete team Killing system that turns your ship purple but I have yet to actually see anyone banned for it. And that's after seeing several ships go on a rampage and TK multiple ships in a battle. If you try and submit a ticket when the TK/TD is very obvious, the support reps demand a replay! Something that hasn't been enabled yet in this game! OK, Wargaming... the "this is still in Beta" excuse is now off the table. Can we please see the options that should have already been in the game now? Proper reporting system, proper communication options, a CHAT FILTER...?? All the premium cash sinks in the world won't save this game if the game platform has become so toxic that anyone can operate with impunity to destroy other players enjoyment. This is Game Design 101 stuff here.