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Found 2 results

  1. warheart1992

    My turn to whine.

    I have it as a personal rule to never whine about losing battles if I'm the top XP earner. UNLESS. I happen to hit 2k base on a loss. I had hit a few times 1.7-1.8k but nothing else. Well, the day for my exception came in Ranked . I present to you Tasha's last stand, be warned, graphic violence against BBs. It was a neck to neck battle most of time, with me and the Z-46 rushing a full HP Mo in the final minute of the game. Most of my torps connected but due to damage saturation weren't enough to finish him. The Z-46 botched his torpedo salvo since he didn't get in point blank range. Still, no star lost and I got to fix bayonets for once . /humblebrag mode off
  2. FloridaPanther25

    Tashkent vs Khabarovsk vs. Grozovoi

    With the recent changes to the Tashkent, this ship feels like a new one (not what it was). Guns feels faster, hit harder - but i'm not exactly sure why (latest buff doesn't suggest they are). I've been striving for the Khabi for a while now and have the ship points to do it. I also used to have the Udaloi (sold her) and accumulated 184K on her. So my question is - what would you do, 1) go for Khabaravsk, 2) go for Grozovoi, 3) just keep Tashkent? Ideally, I'd keep Tash anyway, but not sure i'll have cash/captain and if I move up and likely to sell her. Thanks!