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Found 8 results

  1. Ruzzinyo

    Tashkent is Recruiting!

    Greetings, Captains! The [TASHKENT] Clan Community is currently recruiting sailors! [TASHKENT] is a long-standing NA World of Warships community that offers places for both competitive and non-competitive players in a diverse, welcoming environment. It is composed of two clans that have been able to reach Typhoon: [TASH] represents the competitive aspect of the community, and regularly competes in KoTS and Clan Battles, consistently playing at a Typhoon level since Season 2 while still having a fun atmosphere while still maintaining a mid to high level of Typhoon play. The last King of the Seas (KoTs) we had a good showing with pushing deep into groups almost making it to playoffs; next KoTs our goal is to create a run into the final 16 clan playoff. [KENT] represents the other aspects of the community, offering a place for players to division with friends, as well as opportunities to learn and grow as a player, including Clan Wars. Last season players were able to grow to a high storm and Typhoon level. Clan Stats: [TASH]: https://bit.ly/2xQqheQ [KENT]: https://bit.ly/3ddi5FK Clan Requirements: [TASH]: 3+ T10 CA/CL/DD/CV in addition to either 53% WR & 1400 PR Overall OR 55% WR & 1500 PR Recent [KENT]: 1+ T10 Tech Tree Ship in addition to either 51% WR and 1100 PR Overall OR 52% WR & 1200 PR Recent TASHKENT community requirements: - Speak English conversationally/fluently - Join our Discord, https://discord.gg/BzdWCNp, and follow the rules therein for 3-5 days - Be regularly active in the community The TASHKENT community strives to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere while satisfying the competitive drive of our more dedicated members by constantly improving, adapting, and discussing our play. We encourage teaching, experimentation, and civil debate. Our community values players with an open mind and respect for others. We thank you for your time and hope to see you on the high seas! -TASHKENT Recruitment Team
  2. I have Kiev and am moving up the line. Is the Taskent even worth getting on the way--or just skipping? Everything I've read doesn't sound inspiring and I'm thinking of just skipping the ship. I'd be interested in hearing from those who have owned her what their experience was. Thanks!
  3. ⚒️Tashkent Kantai Collection Voiceover⭐ *Introduction "Hello, I'm the destroyer leader, Tashkent. I've come from afar to meet you. Please look after me, Comrade Admiral." *Trivia Named after the capital of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, Tashkent (now the capital of present-day Uzbekistan). The construction of Tashkent was contracted by the Soviets to the Italian OTO shipyards, which built several ships for the Regia Marina including Pola. She was to be a class of four, however Soviet shipyard practices made it too difficult to replicate Italian designs. Tashkent would serve as a template for a planned class (Project 48) of ten destroyers. However due to the start of hostilities none of the other ships were completed, with only Kiev and Erevan surviving the war but ultimately being scrapped or used as a target postwar due to changing priorities in the navy. Unusually, Tashkent was painted a blue colour, thus she was nicknamed The Blue Cruiser. She was possibly painted sky-blue due to fact that she was named after a Turkic province (Tashkent - Stone city in Turkic) and sky-blue or Turquoise which is a long tradional Turkic color and also used in buildings in Tashkent itself. She took part in assisting Soviet Forces at the Siege of Sevastopol running numerous supply trips through the blockade. During one of her runs she was bombed by a German bomber and started taking water, she managed to reach port but sank on July 2 1942. With a top speed of 43.5 knots, Tashkent was one of the fastest destroyers of the war, beating out Shimakaze's 40.9 knots, second only to the French Le Fantasque class' 45 knots. *Preview Now let's go to the link for the mod The sky-blue cruiser (0.9.x) ✔️ How to Install: Extract and put folder into X:\Games\World_of_Warships_Asia\res_mods\0.x.x.x\banks\Mods All done works are listed below *ART *Another mod that I've been create Tashkent (Kantai Collection) Gotland (Kantai Collection) Amagiri (Kantai Collection) Inazuma (Kantai Collection) Tenryuu (Kantai Collection) Nagato (Kantai Collection) *Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder Haruna (Kantai Collection) Uzuki (Kantai Collection) *please give me cool react if you like it* Good luck and fair seas
  4. Just earned my Tash and Im not sure what upgrades fit best for the post-hotfix game. What builds are you Tashy captains running lately?
  5. Vector03

    Tashkent/Khaba build

    I'm looking for advice on my Tashkent, future Khaba captain. My current build is: https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=1,9,18,20,23,25&ship=Destroyer I'm relatively new to the game, and trying to improve as best I can. Any advice is appreciated.
  6. warheart1992

    My turn to whine.

    I have it as a personal rule to never whine about losing battles if I'm the top XP earner. UNLESS. I happen to hit 2k base on a loss. I had hit a few times 1.7-1.8k but nothing else. Well, the day for my exception came in Ranked . I present to you Tasha's last stand, be warned, graphic violence against BBs. It was a neck to neck battle most of time, with me and the Z-46 rushing a full HP Mo in the final minute of the game. Most of my torps connected but due to damage saturation weren't enough to finish him. The Z-46 botched his torpedo salvo since he didn't get in point blank range. Still, no star lost and I got to fix bayonets for once . /humblebrag mode off
  7. FloridaPanther25

    Tashkent vs Khabarovsk vs. Grozovoi

    With the recent changes to the Tashkent, this ship feels like a new one (not what it was). Guns feels faster, hit harder - but i'm not exactly sure why (latest buff doesn't suggest they are). I've been striving for the Khabi for a while now and have the ship points to do it. I also used to have the Udaloi (sold her) and accumulated 184K on her. So my question is - what would you do, 1) go for Khabaravsk, 2) go for Grozovoi, 3) just keep Tashkent? Ideally, I'd keep Tash anyway, but not sure i'll have cash/captain and if I move up and likely to sell her. Thanks!
  8. anonym_DEfqyfR0NzTG

    My greatest fear has come to life

    So, the Tashkent is just as bad as I assumed it would be. The stock config on the Kiev is better than this crap ship. 10.4 km gun range? Even for a stock config, this is bad. Really bad. Rudder shift is awful as well, so not only do you have to close the distance to fire on enemy ships (some tier 10s) you cant manouevre to avoid hits nearly as well. This ship is rivaling the Ognevoi for worst in the game. I am not excited to grind to the Udaloi in this thing.