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Found 2 results

  1. WOWs Techs and Code Writers: In WWII should a ship encounter ships close up and in smoke or storm they would random fire to see if they would get a hit as a way to locate (especially if they knew the enemy was close and conditions were bad).. Since we can blind fire in storms and smoke with main guns, i would highly encourage you guys to allow the player to manually pick a coordinate for the secondaries to begin firing until you disengage. I understand the current programming is set to fie on the middle part of a ship's bow; however, to make this more realistic and give BBs and Cruisers a little help when being gunned from smoke. Most BBs and cruisers do not have radar so at least this is one option for the CO to use those secondaries. Perhaps performing some tests with manual secondary control to allow the player to choose the target versus the game is worth a try? Love the game thx..
  2. Avenge_December_7

    A Couple Of Questions About Battleship Play

    After having one of my replays reviewed by Lord Zath, I am wondering if anyone could answer the following questions, mainly pertaining to target selection and the concept of flanking: I once read a battleship guide that stated that battleships should always shoot the target that's broadside, meaning ignoring the enemy Montana 7 km away that's bow-on and instead shooting the broadside North Carolina 13 km away. However, Lord Zath stated that I am doing the above (opportunistic broadsides) instead of, to paraphrase him, damaging and killing the ships that help the team win. What exactly does he mean by this, and how can I use this advice to improve my target selection? What exactly distinguishes "flanking" from "sailing uselessly away from the battle"? How can I ascertain when going off by myself to one side of the battle will help the team rather than hinder it? All advice is welcome.