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Found 15 results

  1. So I was just playing in a Tier 9 match-up and I sent out a swathe of torps perfectly at a 90 to a Minitour and it only did about 50% damage with 6 torp hits. Is it me, or have they completely buffed the surface ships or nerfed torp damage on the Taiho's torp planes? I also directed a beautiful 9 torp strike on a battleship (tier 9), it took only 40% damage. Also, I spotted the entire time, and broke up 3 enemy CV offensive strikes and we still lost the match. Have the CV's been completely nerfed at this level? Or am I just not used to this. I feel my involvement in the game is almost pointless now, other than to do spotting duty.
  2. So after trashing Lexingtons after Lexingtons after Lexingtons, I made it to the Taiho,. And what do you know, you can't trash Essex as easily anymore! So I'm curious to you guys' thoughts on how to play Taiho. I'm currently invested in the 2-3-2 loadout, and it seems like I'm just going to have to play my fighters offensively in escorting strikes since I can't really win the air superiority fight against the Essex. So along that line of thought, should I try divving up the bombers to attack two places at once? Or continue with the strategy of putting all my eggs in one basket in striking a single vulnerable point on the enemy team? Or should I have just gone with the 3-2-2 loadout instead? Basically, what works for IJN CVs t9 up?
  3. I have enough XP and coins to move up from the Lex to the Essex. But after the "rebalance" I wonder if its worth it. I get a few more planes and one more squadron but the planes are still T8. I was really looking forward to owning the Midway but she has been downgraded also. WG has taken away our choice of loads. Maybe, USN CV T8-10 has become just a coop toy?
  4. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  5. Dear Taiho...

    Dear Taiho... A few short battles I have spent with you, But many experiences I have had anew. Shells bouncing off your armored deck, Have had my foes screaming "what the heck!" You showed me the glory of a triple-stacked bomber, When making my enemies think "I'm a goner!" Two-thousand three-hundred hit points strong, Your bombers have yet to do me wrong, As I have no need to err, When I fly straight through American anti-air. There may be lewd pictures of you online, But I will always know you as a lady quite fine. Despite your historical fate, You shall never earn my hate. As you continue to do me right, As I watch my enemies flee in fright, I will ask of you but one line, Will you be my Valentine? (I know I'm not a famous forumite, please don't bite my head off)
  6. I am ready to buy the Tier 9 Taiho but before I do, how long are the average queue times for Tier 9 CVs currently for random battles? I play between 7pm to 10pm CST. Also can upgraded tier 9 planes withstand tier 10 anti aircraft firepower?
  7. In the last 5 minutes of the match, the enemy Benson, Hatsuharu, New Orleans, Iowa, and Taiho were all gunning me down while I desperately retreated from the south end with 30-something thousand HP left at the blisteringly fast speed of 21 knots (ikr?). After missing the New Orleans all game, I finally got a citadel on him and sunk him at 10km, whilst also dodging Benson/Hatsuharu torpedoes and trying to shoot down Taiho dive bombers. I then sunk the Hatsuharu from 9 km with a well-placed salvo, leaving only the Iowa and the Benson vs me with only about 6k HP and 3 health packs left. I then began Crtl+F8'ing a bunch of times in chat, and the unthinkable happened: The friendly CVs actually came and helped me out. While they attacked the Benson, I got off two good salvos on the Iowa from 11km left, citadelling him both times and sinking him. I got down to as low as 1k HP before healing up. I then loaded HE and attacked the Benson from 8 km out. Thankfully, after two failed torpedo salvos, he didn't bother to use a third. The friendly Taiho sunk him with dive bombers. Between this point and the beginning of the engagement, I'd been harried by enemy DBs and escorted by friendly fighters. By this point, I'd used my last health pack. There were two enemy ships left: The NC and the Taiho. I popped my spotter plane to try to get into range, but that was cut short by the arrival of the Taiho's TBs. Due to the Benson and Taiho's HE shells and bombs, I had very little AA guns left. With 30 seconds left, I began turning to avoid a torpedo strike, but I had been baited. While I focused on a single squad of TBs on my left, the other 2 squadrons came in on the right. I was on 12k HP with no health packs left. Just before the torpedoes hit me, the timer ran out. In short, I have never been that lucky before in my life. Shoutout to AKiKaz and Blake_LIN for helping me out, and to Sweet_Vengeance, Magz, Poonany, Grump_Wagon, and ChungZon for making things interesting.
  8. Sorry Gurudennis

    At the beginning of the match I remarked that this was my first time playing on this map, this prophetic statement only turns out too true in coming minutes... I start by unloading my TBs. This is standard procedure for a Taiho, though it would've probably be a bit more prudent to unload my fighters first. I didn't want to be overly aggressive with my TBs because I wasn't sure where they would be needed. This map is spread out extremely widely, which makes it kind of difficult to interdict enemy strikes. Knowing this, I could've chosen a more passive approach and unloaded fighters first, but unloading TBs is an established procedure in CVs.The enemy CV surprises me with the speed of her first strike, she had an aggressive and talented captain and it is obvious they're not something to fool around with. I immediately vectored my fighters to your location, but the since the enemy CV made a deadline to your position, my fighters wouldn't be in range for almost another 20 seconds. Another snapshot, my fighters are closing in! Just hang on for a sec! Too late, the TBs have begun their attack run. The first set of torpedoes misses, but there are two more. IMO, now would've been a good time to smoke, the two enemy planes aren't in position to take advantage of your reduced speed when smoking and the enemy CV is focusing on dodging my strafe, but I can see how this isn't obvious to someone without the omniscient bird's-eye view of a CV. Now this is the part I'm sorry about, that was a really fail strafe. I neither did respectable damage to the fighters nor destroyed any TBs, instead the enemy Taiho locks my fighters with hers and I'm impotent until my second squad arrives on the scene. If I had been a bit better with that strafe, then everything might've turned out different, but I wasn't, so... Now here's what you did wrong, I see that the cruiser is behind you, but it is still essential to turn into the torpedoes, even if it means leaving the cover of your smoke. That enemy squad only had two planes left, but that Taiho hit you with both of them. The smoke came too late to save you from the cruiser or the Taiho. And there, those are the two torps that ended you. It was really well done by the enemy Taiho, she hit that spread perfectly. I complimented her after the match. Also, I miss another stafe! But you were dead by the time the strafe started, so I'm not that salty about it. Anyways, after that I go around and nuke things, I understand why you're mad, but trust me, I'm both competent and I try my best :
  9. 1. I'm not sure if the TKing mechanics have been changed since the public test. I still think it's retarded, but I shot down a friendly floatploat without turning pink, which is nice. I might have been a tiny bit alarmist... 2. AA buffs are a drag, I can feel my planes taking more damage from each attack run. However, unless you're a U.S. BB, AA won't save you unless you maneuver. The only things that really reliably stops TBs are quad bofors and defensive AA. A CV doesn't need to have all her TBs squads fully intanct to delete you, all she needs is for you to be out of position. Here is a game where people were bad and got caught and isolated and focused and destroyed. Even though I didn't do a huge amount of damage, I feel my impact on this particular battle was significant. The days of CVs just charging in to nuke battleships are long gone, yet somehow I think that CVs have only gotten stronger. I recently watched some of iChase and Aerroon's old CV videos and how they played just seemed so n00by to me. They didn't scout or interdict any enemy fighters, they just nuked battleships. https://www.youtube.com/user/ichasegaming //iChase https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLOQoJ6G4D04d05fxjfPHPQ //Aerroon Now, CVs are multi-role platforms, where they lost in the high alpha strike they gained through DoT by watching battleships use their DC parties to the HE of friendlies. Where they can no longer fly through AA, they now fly around to take advantages of ships that are alone and weak. CVs have gotten more difficult, but they are still just as capable as before. (Unless you're in a Hiryu, in which case it sucks to suck.)
  10. Gavroche's Comprehensive Guide to Captain Skills <<IJN CVs>> Foreword: This guide is intended for players who are progressing up the IJN CV line and who need advice regarding how to set up their captains. I highly recommend using the same captain for the entire CV grind as CVs are affected less by having to retrain captains, and because the same captain skills in the tier IV carrier Hosho are just as relevant in the tier X carrier Hakuryu. Keywords and Abbreviations: Tier 1 skills: Basic Firing Training (BFT) +10% Firing rate to secondaries, + 10% to AA damage Basics of Survivability (BoS) -15% time for repairing flood, fire, and incapacitated modules Situational Awareness (SA) Gives an indicator for when a ship is spotted Tier 2 skills: Torpedo Armament Expertise (TAE) -20% to reload time of Torpedo bombers Tier 3 skills: Torpedo Acceleration (TA) +5 knots to Torpedo speed, but increase Torpedo armingtimes as well Tier 4 skills: Aircraft Servicing expert (ASE) +5% to plane survivability, -15% to plane servicing time Advanced Firing Training (AFT) +20% range to AA guns and secondaries Manual Fire Control for AA (Manual AA) +100% AA damage with long ranged AA Tier 5 skills: Air Supremacy +1 Dive bomber and +1 Fighter per squadron Torpedo Bombers: TBs Dive Bombers: DBs Aircraft Carriers: CVs What skills should I get? Unlike other ships, I see only two viable options for speccing a CV captain. One is for AA, and the other is for increasing plane durability and servicing times. I personally prefer improving my planes, as CVs are generally defined by their planes, not their ships. Improving ship-based AA is futile until the Taiho and Hakuryu, which begin to have good AA, but by the tier VIII CV Shokaku, you have defensive AA, which, combined with your fighters basically negates the possibility of being sniped. Anyways, here is the captain skill tree. The skills you need are colored in BLUE, the skills you would like are colored in GREEN, and the skills you should avoid are colored in RED. Explanations: Starting with the BLUE skills, Situational Awareness: While this might not seem very good, I would argue that this skill is absolutely essential. This skill should be the first skill you get because it lets you know when you're being hunted by an enemy DD, it gives you precious seconds to start moving and/or redirecting your fighters if you realize that you're being targeted in a CV strike, it lets you know when you're pushed too far ahead and that you're tailing the friendly fleet too closely. Torpedo Armament Expertise: This skill decreases the time it takes to service your TBs, since they are you main source of damage, it is important to lavish your captains skills on them. This skill is important because you want to achieve a reload time of 10 seconds, which is about how long it takes to land or take off a squadron. This means that servicing two squads of TBs together only takes 30 seconds from when the first squad touches down to when the last squad takes off, which is 10 seconds faster than servicing two squads individually. Aircraft Servicing Expert: This skill is amazing since it both increases plane survivability while decreasing servicing time. Great skill. Advanced Firing Training: This skill greatly improves the AA of your ship. With defensive AA and the amazing anti-air of the Taiho and Hakuryu, this makes you immune to CV snipes. Air Supremacy: This skill is both better than you realize and not as good as you think at the same time. It's pretty powerful in that it greatly increases the power of your fighters strafe, and it increases the effectiveness of your DBs pretty substantially. However, this skill comes at the price of noticeably depleting your DB and Fighter reserves quicker and increasing the servicing time of both types of planes. Manual AA: Debatable whether this is better than AFT, it's certainly is on Hakuryu, but not on Taiho. I prefer AFT. GREEN skills: Basic Firing Training:Increases AA and secondary DPS by 10%. Not spectacular, but a very decent perk. Basics of Survivabilty: With a premium repair, it's generally better to just insta-repair any fires you have. It's probably safer than letting them burn. Depends on the situation though. Torpedo Acceleration: This skill while on the surface seems amazing, it actually isn't quite so. It increases the torpedo arming distance by almost 17%, but it allows for easier convergent torping and it better "cages" in DDs while in a cross-stroke RED skills: Expert Rear Gunner: This skill's bonus is so situational and so small, that it's just not worth it. BFT, SA, or BoS are much more useful. Your not going to be able to fight off enemy fighter in any scenario. Dogfighting Expert: 10% isn't that big of an advantage, and it's in generally, never a good idea to click-engage fighters of a high tier, strafing is a much more useful choice. Stick with TA or even High Alert. My skill choice: I went: SA -> TAE -> TA -> ASE -> AS -> BFT, going to go into BoS -> ERG with my last two points when I get them. This has worked out very well for me, as long as you are attentive, you won't get CV sniped, but you remain a capable and deadly force on the battlefield. Other option: Forgo ASE for manual AA or AFT. Not as good planes, but significantly better AA, not really my style.
  11. So I'm in a state where I have enough free xp to unlock the Hakuryu. It's at 248k xp and I have 220k on the Taiho and around 42k free xp. Do you guys suggest unlocking it now or waiting to gather all the necessary xp and then using the free xp to upgrade it? Also I would like some suggestions on the Hakuryu's upgrades if anyone has one. Thank you!!!
  12. TL;DR I think anyone who captains both CVs at high tiers (VIII-X) will quickly agree with me that high tier American CVs are underpowered. Actually, "underpowered" is not the right word, they're strong independent CVs that'll burn down anyone who takes them lightly, but when compared to IJN CVs.... The best word I can think of is blunt. IJN CVs are like a multi-tool, you need scouting? They've got you covered? Need that DD taken down? That BB? Shokaku, Taiho, Hakuruyu, they're up for it. The Essex though... IMO the Essex is like a hammer. Need a nail pounded in? Great, you've got a hammer. Need to wash those dishes? Great, you've got a hammer. Need to clean your car? Hammer time. What I mean is this: IJN CV Advantages over US CVs: More squads Easier to scout and spot DDs/Torps/etc.. Faster reloading planes (Also faster planes too) (And more maneuverable planes) More agile and maneuverable CVs, with lower detection ranges Allows captains to get closer in thier IJN CVs (if they so chose) Every loadout has a decent fighter complement Escort Strikes F*** up enemy CVs days Guard/spot DDs (This'll win caps) Torpedos instead of bombs More consistent damage Easier to annihilate DDs Cross strokes are undodgable by anything except Lo Yangs, Bensons, and Fletchers (sometimes not even those) Good versus any class IJN CV Disadvantages Planes are paper sometimes (That's about it...) US CV Advantages Strike Package is pure f***ing damage 30k Bomb Damage possible with single wave (Unlikely though) Large, fat tanky squads RNGesus sometimes decides you land 6 hits for 20k damage on that DD (Because reasons) Fighters are large fat and tanky as well, strafing is significantly more effective with U.S. planes US CV Disadvantages Planes are slow and unmaneuverable Forced between having great fighters with terrible damage or great damage with terrible fighters Slow, fat, and extremely visible CVs Having only on squad of TBs means everyone focus fires that to death And no cross strokes RNGesus sometimes decides to punish you I've seriously missed 6/7 bombs on a stationary Iowa - no joke Damage must be done with DoT, otherwise, it's just not enough Planes are slow and cumbersome I've said this before, but it's really true I think that U.S. CVs are only good for one thing, and that's nuking lone battleships. Otherwise, the IJN CVs are just better. The IJN CV can provide support in more ways than a U.S. CV can dream of. For example, in one of my Shokaku games, I started off by destroying a Fubuki, I set one squad of fighters to guard some friendly BBs, sent the other to intercept an enemy wave of planes, then used it to spot a DD, I used one set of bombers to light a Tirpitz on fire, then, when it Damage Controlled, I lit it up again and called out to my team that it's DC was on cooldown. It burned veryyyyy quickly. Mind you, this was in the first few minutes. Granted, this was an exceptionally good game (we won in like 10 minutes), but parts of this plays out in every Shokaku game. In my Essex? Unload planes. Nuke ship. Reload bombers. Try in vain to intercept enemy strike. Repeat. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong (I don't think I am), but the Essex is A: Unfun and B: Not very effective at anything except dealing damage. You just don't have the squads or the fighter power to be able to exert control over anything else. I try, but I usually just end up regretting not having that extra squad when it comes time for my strike. I haven't played the 2/1/2 Midway yet, but for my Essex, this is just life. Here's what I'm talking about visually: That's my highest damage Essex game... In the end, what I'm saying is that it is important to support you team and be useful. U.S. CVs are really only good at damage. The CV that supports her team is far more useful than one that does not. IJN CVs > U.S. CVs, even thought U.S. has better striking power (though that advantage is marginal). I think the best trait in a good CV (and good CV player) is consistency.
  13. So this happened today...

    So I log in today to play a couple of games in my Taiho and I get this! Obviously I was killed (managed to actually down half the HP on the Izumo though) but my point isn't that. I get that we all complain about MM sometimes, but how can this possibly happen? I've seen it happen on a game posted by iChase once more ( ). Is the game literally forcing higher tier CV players to stop playing them? Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone have any ideas if this will ever be addressed in future patches?
  14. This is my video from RU server. Thank you for attention. Enjoy watching. Link on my profile: http://worldofwarships.ru/ru/community/accounts/751163-Tub/!/pvp/overview/
  15. Fragmuvi of random battles (RU server). Enjoy watching. Thank you for attention. Link on my profile: http://worldofwarships.ru/ru/community/accounts/751163-Tub/!/pvp/overview/