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Found 2 results

  1. So I was just playing in a Tier 9 match-up and I sent out a swathe of torps perfectly at a 90 to a Minitour and it only did about 50% damage with 6 torp hits. Is it me, or have they completely buffed the surface ships or nerfed torp damage on the Taiho's torp planes? I also directed a beautiful 9 torp strike on a battleship (tier 9), it took only 40% damage. Also, I spotted the entire time, and broke up 3 enemy CV offensive strikes and we still lost the match. Have the CV's been completely nerfed at this level? Or am I just not used to this. I feel my involvement in the game is almost pointless now, other than to do spotting duty.
  2. So after trashing Lexingtons after Lexingtons after Lexingtons, I made it to the Taiho,. And what do you know, you can't trash Essex as easily anymore! So I'm curious to you guys' thoughts on how to play Taiho. I'm currently invested in the 2-3-2 loadout, and it seems like I'm just going to have to play my fighters offensively in escorting strikes since I can't really win the air superiority fight against the Essex. So along that line of thought, should I try divving up the bombers to attack two places at once? Or continue with the strategy of putting all my eggs in one basket in striking a single vulnerable point on the enemy team? Or should I have just gone with the 3-2-2 loadout instead? Basically, what works for IJN CVs t9 up?