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Found 5 results

  1. I used to use Aslain Modpack but switched over to ModStation. WIth Aslain you could upload your clan tag, but I don't see that option with ModStation (although I do see clan tags next to some players username). Anyone know how I could upload our clan logo? Much appreciated! HuGe
  2. kayjay

    Clan Tags

    How do I drop clan tags ? I've looked everywhere on clan page …
  3. Ducc_ducc

    Cv hunting.

    I was wondering what possesses DDs to go ahead and hunt CVs, I see it done very often in my Shoukaku. Very often a DD will split off from the objective game, ignore my team, and try to nuke me. What is the benefit? Is there some reward that could come out of it? It's really easy to kill a DD. If anyone here does it. can you explain why? I'm really curious.
  4. DireDave


    I am wondering when WG is going to Fix WOW. Going from port to other options in port is unbearable. Training room is terrible. And do not even ask me what i mean. If they do not know, then something is really wrong with their technicians. Is a a fix upcoming? Are you even looking into the problem?
  5. At the start of a match when people talk about what they're planning on doing, or just when someone is chatting and you want to look them up on the scoreboard I sometimes have to look at their names twice to remember both their clan tag and name. I can't always find a player immediately because the beginning of their names have a bunch of semi-unreadable [LTTRS] on them and because there might be two players in the same clan I always focus on the player name first but somehow I manage to struggle to even find that at times so I have to look again for the clan tag, use my concentration face, and then I find them. Is this because I just don't pay enough attention or has anyone else had this problem? It seems an easy fix would be to put the clan tag at the end of the name.