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Found 1 result

  1. OK, today I've seen it all in the short period of time I've been in WoWs.... A Missouri and a Khab and a Des Moines spawned near a cap; and, they simply rushed in, hit radar a few K out, killed the 2 IJN DD's immediately whom were in smoke; the Des Monies followed the first radar so there was no break; and, they killed a cruiser (whom was supporting the DD's) and a BB (who couldn't run away fast enough) in less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Game over. Two games later, another use of exactly the same tactic; with the Missouri lighting off his radar with two radar CA's following; sequentially killing 2 DD's and 2 Cruisers in less than 6 minutes: Game Over. So, a few more games later........the red team is capping without opposition with BB's (Missouri's) capping; literally. Entire blue team is 12K away and the Blue BB's backing up out to 20K..... Another massacre. Game over in less than 12 minutes with no blue team caps at all.... I asked what the heck and all I got is: "I'm not going anywhere near that #*&#Q@ cap with a MO (radar)!" The BB's were at the boundaries and the cruisers were behind cover and never moved.... Smoke has no use and there is no remediation to radar so..........them with the Missouri's with radar, whom are really smart enough or don't give a crap are rushing Caps and winning without opposition today for some reason..... Wow. What a day ! This is either brilliant exploit for radar or this game is just that broken.... What say you !?!?! I've never seen this and I'm stuck between applauding or not playing DD's ever again.???? Holy crap !