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Found 4 results

  1. Battleship captains - what's the most effective formation to take on the enemy fleet? I find battleships that move forward together side-by-side are able to push fairly far into the other team and cause them to scatter. Once ships are scattered, they are easier to chase down and sink. Battling side by side also provides mutual support and the angling avoids fatal broadside hits from main battery guns or even torpedoes. Big guns of the fleet, how do you form up with other battleships or fleet vessels for maximum butt kicking power? "All problems become smaller if you don't dodge them but confront them." - William "Bull" Halsey, US Navy #tacticaltiptuesday #anchorsaweigh
  2. *pictured - USMC TBF Avenger launching from USS Hollandia in support of US Marines on Okinawa on April 3, 1945* How do you get the upper hand during the battle? I always try to seek out and counter the enemy destroyer or cruiser attempting to cap or secure the objective. Eliminating a enemy destroyer limits their ability to detect and engage my team thus giving us an advantage. What's your tip to turn the tide of battle in your favor? "A good leader recognizes good suggestions regardless of rank or billet. To ignore feedback and advice is a demonstration of incompetence." - Kurt Chew-Een Lee, US Marine Corps #tacticaltiptuesday #anchorsaweigh
  3. Which French ship can you rely on for taking care of business? I ground my way up to the Tier VII cruiser Algerie. She's fast, maneuverable, good guns, and has torpedoes for close encounters of the third kind. The premium DeGrasse is also handy for using not only in PvP battles, but useful for Scenario missions and operations. Fast, good firepower, and maneuverable. Allons enfants de la Patrie, which French warship will sail for the Glory of France? "Never relinquish the initiative." - Charles DeGaulle, French Army #tacticaltiptuesday #fetenationale
  4. How do you maneuver your ship to avoid being blown out of the water? For myself, it's important to play the map and use the terrain for cover, to regroup, and set up a potential ambush. Changing speed and course make it difficult for effective return fire to delete you instantly. How do you get out of trouble faster than you get into it? "Our planes and pilots, if properly handled are more than a match for the enemy." - John S. Thach, US Navy #tacticaltiptuesday #anchorsaweigh