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Found 2 results

  1. Sharing some experiences with dealing with inadequate torpedo syndrome DDs. Three ways of torpedo attacks for ships with bad camo and short torps. 1. Torpedo intercept Basically, dropping torpedoes into the intended target's line of travel. Certain map features, such as tips of islands in key areas are ship magnets and torpedoes can be pre fired at these locations. Important things to keep tracking during such maneuver are: self and target's camo values; relative speed and heading; if approaching head on; your own turning radius, acceleration, and TURN RATE; potential float plane/CV plane paths. Minimap is a great tool to judge enemies's headings as well as keeping track of sky cancers, enable target heading option in the minimap setting panel. (Kirov was then finished off with gun fire) 2. The Surprise Using Line of Sight blockers such as islands or smokes to get close with the target without being spotted. Then surprise them from close range. Important informations for the run: potential spotters that can see you en route or about to clear the LoS blocker; target's speed and heading (beg for radar, hydro, float, CV spotting); attacker's torpedo speed and relative speed with target (55 knots torps firing on a DD running away at 40 knots would rarely hit); target's turret facing, rotation, and loading status (obviously turret facing away and guns not loaded is the best, but many BBs or cruisers do not have enough turret rotation speed to follow their turning rate, they can be abused). If the target's is turning away while clearing the LoS obstacle, make sure the attacker's torpedoes can catch the target before she finishes turning. Otherwise the ship's cross section might be too small for the torpedoes to hit. Be aware of ships BEHIND the intended target. There might be unspotted enemy ships also behind the obstacle. Never do the close up run without map info. (Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya remained to be a thorn for the rest of the match) 3. The "Kamikaze A head on approach to close the distance as fast as possible, then launch torpdoes at an undodgable range. This method has to be the easiest and the hardest to pull off. Can easily resulting in death and throw the game as a result. The most difficult part is deciding when to turn broadside for the purpose of firing torpedoes. Using this tactic means accepting the possibility of sinking, never fire torpedoes early or in panic. Make sure to turn at very close range, but start the turn to give yourself enough distance for your ship's turning radius plus minimums torpedo arming distance. Try not to turn too perpendicular to the target, making their cross section small; or turn to their aft, some ships have amazing accelerations. Important things to keep track of: the enemy team's locations (unless your team has a 10 ships lead, never rush enemies with escorts in open water); make sure you have ENOUGH HP left to take a salvo; risk to reward ratio, the potential trade off (you don't want to die and throw the game); make sure to have enough torpedoes, or maximum damage out put to actually sink the target, otherwise things might get awkward; target's turret rotation rate (for example, approaching a Yamato from behind her guns is as safe as approaching an afk ship). Feel free to contribute.
  2. Doomwaffel

    Frustrated Des Moines player

    I played the US and IJN line of cruisers since I began playing and focussed on them, but even after getting close to a Lv19 cap on the Des Moines it just never stops beeing frustrating and somewhat of an unfullfilling gameplay. It just doesnt feel good most of the time, partially because I just dont get the design/ intended idea behind her but also because you always have to be on the defense - You get surprised by something you die. But maybeI just drove myself into a corner and have to look at it in a different way so maybe you guys can give me some feedback and your impressions on this ship. The DM has a rather short range for a T10 ship, but its sayd that the guns make up for it. > This builds the idea of a close combat brawler, so you would expect a ship that excels at close combat. The DM has one of the biggest citadels in the game and is really squishy overall > So NOT a brawler ? The DM has no defensive options or deturrents > No smoke, no torps, It has the radar so it can fight DDs in close combat, IF no other ship is around. Again, the radar gives you the idea that you should go 1st and smoke that DD out, but that usually only leads to a short match and a quick death for you. + Other Cruiser DO have these options and protected cit, so your gun advantage doesnt even do that much unless they show broadside (in which case most of them can shoot torps at you) If you build a Cruiser that is all about guns, you would expect a citadel machine, but overall you get better results with high velocity/accurate guns like the Moskva, which can citadel even BBs across the map. While we are at it, lets compare the DM to the Moskva: the Moskva shoots rather fast as well, has more pen power, is way more accurate, even has pretty good AA. It has 15k HP more, partially better armor AND even the radar though a different one. It also has a giant citadel like the DM, but it can fire effectively from afar. The biggest downside of course is the giant spotting range of the Moskva. So we have a ship that has close to no combat options (boring) dies easily (frustrating) and excels only in 3 things: A) Staying behind a rock/fleet and shoot from cover with short ranged guns that barely hit moving targets anyway past ~13km B) AA - which is cool once you get to use it C) Kill DDs if you get close enough and without any enemys around In combination with the good concealment you only have 2 options: The rock spamming or trying to get close to the flank of a ship and start surprise shooting him and HOPE that you kill him fast enough before he turns onto you. :( With the new upgrades WG had an idea and gave us the option to be more mobile while removing the range upgrade. Which is a good thought, now it needs more tankyness too and you can actually move away from that rock. I will play the DM until the cpt is done but right now I am very frustrated with her. Let me hear your thoughts and impressions. thanks